LF Shard of Hate Xbox 1

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Looking for Shard of Hate (Dex rolls or something close that will allow it to be dex viable) or possibly intellect roll.

Can trade anything required for a shotgun crusader, have a 99% perfect FoTF, perfect str, 100 off in dmg, 3 points off vitality perfect +wrath, socket and I believe it has CD thats perfect but cannot recallHave a tals ammy, mask of jeram SMK.

Let me know if intrested in anything have a TF with main stat that can be rerolled to anything str/dex/int (has vitality on it as well.

GT is PersonalRevenge
I have an int SoH. If you can wait til I get done work, I can trade with you. Definitely interested in the FotF. Gamertag is Jerevicious. I won't be home for 5 hours or so

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