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Crafting Materials
Issue: The changes to Kadala in 2.1.1 removed our primary source of crafting materials and the increase of crafting materials dropped by Rift Guardians is not enough to sustain the cost of enchanting.

1) Dramatically increase the amount of crafting materials dropped by Rift Guardians AND make them automatically pickup when the player walks over them. While it is not ideal to have items that take up inventory space automatically pickup, it is still preferable to having to individually click on each and every one. Ideally in the future you'll adjust crafting material to be tracked in the UI and not in our inventory space.


2) Significantly reduce the cost of crafting materials for crafting and enchanting.

Health Potions
Issue: They're auto-pickup, clutter inventory space, and are useless to veteran players.

1) Make them not auto-pickup.


2) Make them bottomless and default. That is to say, treat them exactly like legendary bottom-less potions, only instead of having additional abilities when used they just heal you. They would be default if no legendary potion is equipped.

Keystones of Trials
Issue: Keystones of Trial clutter your inventory, have to be transferred from character to character, and annoy players when farted out of Rift Guardians instead of actual Legendaries. Additionally the requirement for everyone to have one is restrictive for players trying to play together.

Solution: Remove the Keystone of Trials entirely. If players want to do a Trial they talk to Orek and are given the option to begin a trial. When a play begins a trail everyone in the game is given the option to join.

The Trial Rifts
Issue: It's frustrating to have to do a trial rift every time you want to do a Greater Rift. Additionally many builds don't do so well in trial rifts even though they do perfectly fine in the Greater Rifts themselves.

Solution: Orek provides the player the ability to select the Greater Rift level up to the highest Greater Rift Level the player has unlocked. Ideally this selection would indicate the highest level of Greater Rift available to all players in the group so that it's easy for the Group Leader to select a Rift appropriate for everyone. If the player doesn't want to start on their highest completed Greater Rift then they can speak to Orek to start a trial and see if they can make it farther.

Anyhow... just a few things that i find needlessly awkward or frustrating along with some suggestions that I believe would make playing Diablo 3 a more enjoyable experience. Cheers.

I agree with everything you said. Trials need to be removed and guardians need to drop more mats.
In regards to Keystone of Trials and Trial Rifts, I understand that the Developers value the idea of "ceremony", but I think there should be a balance between ceremony and repetition. Currently the repetition of Keystone of Trial drops and the use of Trial Rifts diminishes the ceremony, just making it frustrating for everyone involved.

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