blood shard increase !?!?!

Items and Crafting
what is up with the increase in blood shards needed for items? from 5 to 25? 15 to 75?
Where? whatttttttttttt
Obvious troll
My god. You're not kidding. 100 shards for an amulet.
prices went up like crazy! and our limit of holding did not.
the !@#$ 100 shards for an amulet?
this made me lol
Oh no, these forums. They are about to explode.
Since they increased shard price, does that mean the chance at a leg went up too?
really? lol
maybe kadala will be more generous.

but what i'm really worried is, them yellows! i need them!
weapons 75, offhands 25, armor 25, rings 50 necklas 100

Maybe...higher % of getting a leg.
No troll, its true. Just logged in.
she better drop lags like the blues she dropped this is crazy
Yup..Just found this out.
LOL BLIZZARD STRIKES AGAIN lets !@#$ %^-* up for them
If it's true and the legendary chance hasnt been drastically raised, this majorly blows.

In all my time spending thousands upon thousands of blood shards on kadala's stuff, I've only gotten I think 2 legendary items, and neither one was good for anything more than conversion to a forgotten soul.

The entire blood shard system became, to me, an easy way to get extra blue/yellow salvaging materials to craft with. This change does away with that, so kadala is 100% worthless now.
wtf dude for real?
A notice on patch notes would have been nice....

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