Blizz please redesign SWK Shine (amulet)


Change the defined IAS roll to crit chance or crit damage... so we can try to get a perfect ammulet.. by now u can choose between 2 of socket/cd/cc/holy + dex + 2 secondaries... We can't get a perfect one :(
A fixed Holy affix would make the most sense. Even opening up the IAS to random rolls would be better.
I agree, a good SWK amulet opens up so many choices, yet i've only seen one useable SWK amulet getting looted, sadly not by me =/
Agreed, i've looted 10+ and they have all been unusable, an ideal amulet would be Crit, Crit hit damage 20% holy and socket, sunwuko can never get these stats as it always rolls with 2 props that arn't ideal.

I'd like to see it be made into a 5 prop neck with 20-40% holy damage as a guaranteed bonus roll, this would make up for the fact we have a neck in our set.
Redeign the monk only Holy beacon to be something else useful.
better yet make it so the cool down on breath of heaven is not complety reliant on haveing the helm slot used up. so we have more options for neck and helm
This ship has sailed

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