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09/23/2014 06:59 PMPosted by Tingal
so kadala is about yellow, not about legendary.

Now I know. Next patch Blizzard shud just make everything kadala sell cost much lesser shards, and 0% chance of legendary

but for endgame it had both functions - whats so hard to understand about that?

while a 1/3% increased chance for a soul is okish, a lose of 80% crystal veils is not fine with RG drop 1-2 extra ones...is that really that hard to udnerstand?
The more cost for gear is freakin retard. Just spent 500 shards on Helm 0.0000 Legs. Whoever tho this from blizzard should be fired. D3 is slowly getting to be a joke game. You have to spend 8+ hrs a day to get any kind of GG gear.
The patch benefits the legendary drop rate from Kadala.

The only problem is the blood shard limit of 500.
i keep spending and get nothing , so i can tell you they need to drop the shard price back down
The legendary drop rate increase is cool and all, except now I don't have enough mats to enchant the gear I got. Guess it's back to picking up all the yellows, oh wait, no one waits long enough to do that.....
09/23/2014 06:33 PMPosted by WhoopinOnYou
Overall is going to benefit you from what I'm seeing...but everyone has different luck.

So far I've used 400 shards (16 rolls on armor) and got 4 legendaries. Before the patch I bet those would have all been yellows/blues. Maybe one legendary in there.

I think the prices went up a little too high...but I like the drop rate so far.

See, here's the problem. I'm at 45k spent shards, 40k on gloves to drop T&T, still no T&T on my hero. I'm not really looking forward to spending even more shards on less items. Let's take a wild guess how much I will love that I will have to spend even more shards with same amount of luck cause "greatly increased legs drop" means only that I will get more useless magefist, natalaya's, gladiator and marauder gloves since their drop chance is even higher (if we change magefist drop rate from 5% to 10% and T&T from 0.1% to 0.2% let's make a guess which one will drop more). That's my issue with the patch, people see greatly increased, but it means it's increased even for the bad ones who already had big drop chance in perspective to good legs.
09/23/2014 06:33 PMPosted by WhoopinOnYou
So far I've used 400 shards (16 rolls on armor) and got 4 legendaries. Before the patch I bet those would have all been yellows/blues. Maybe one legendary in there.

I got on average 2 per 500, sometimes up to 6.
09/23/2014 06:41 PMPosted by Browntown3
I make just as many mats if not more by simply killing stuff n salvaging.

great that's probably a lot of fun. can't test, i stopped picking useless crap when i decided to do rifts in <3 minutes. btw, u sure u dont need 70+% cdr for black hole no teleport on ur wiz? oO

and no, i will not stop complaining. the drop rates were FINE. kadala felt rewarding even though she was not. i only wear shoulders and boots from kadala. and my shoulders are the only item with a stat i don't want (cost reduction). all my other gear comes from drops, and most of it is so good it can be considered perfect.
but kadala is good to gear alts, and for them, the change is annoying. before, i sometimes able to farm 5 rifts instead of 4 before i had to switch. now, instead of 0-4 shards remaining, i have 0-24 shards remaining. reducing the chance i dont get enough shards to go over 400=50% chance to not having to waste shards.
furthermore, kadala supplied a steady income of crystals and arcane dust. common brimstones or whatever its called are only used in crafting, and hell i really really really really dont need to craft anything. all the crafts i needed have already been perfectionized.

Fixed Changelog:
1. kadala drops nearly no more crafting materials anymore. kadala legendary drop chances have been buffed by a whole f***ing lot.
2. to compensate, you can pick more crap from rifts you decided not to pick because it wasn't fun and slowed you down.
3. greater rift keys now are unobtainable. this change was required because we like the guys who are topping the leaderboards right now.
4. hoarder gem+goldwrap now requires slightly more skill. very good change.
5. we felt like it, so we reduced the gem level required to reroll jewelry. if you were stupid enough not to predict this in several ways gratuitous grant and already upped your gems to flawless imperial, hahahahahahahahahaha.
6. greater rifts: they are awesome the way they are. so nothing changed here, same amount of conduits, no progress mobs, high progress zombie packs. we prevented RNG spam, without changing anything else apart from removing rockworms....

Rockworm elites were finally removed. everything's awesome!
Kadala change great for ppl who like to pick blue&yellow crap.
I am one to never really complain about changes (except the usual RNG rant) that Blizzard does but I have to say this is by far the stupidest thing I've seen them do. I've been farming for a TnT for my DH for a few weeks and still no luck. I would do my routine rift runs for shards, save up to 500, and spend. Sucks that I haven't gotten a pair yet since I've spent close to 20k shards but oh well I'll keep grinding it out. Now though. 25 shards to gamble 1 glove. I know they increased the chances of legendaries but seriously 25 shards? It's bad enough that the drop rates for TnT is extremely rare but now you want me to spend a 40mins-1hr to save up and get a lousy 20 pairs of gloves from Kadala with a high chance of being crap.

Wake me up when September ends.. or when this BS is back to normal.

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