What if I lost legendary gem?

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I did not pay attention to it until yesterday.
But it seems that I don't have the lightning legendary gem in my stash anymore.
Well ... what happened? salvaged it (is that even possible?) ? sold it (is that even possible)?
My best guess is that I dropped it somewhere and I quit the game :-)
It seems that going back to Grift does not help me. Or do legendray gems become as any other legendary item? meaning subject to RNG?

If not ... this is maybe something that should be looked @blizz.
They should take into account dumb guys like me :-)
If you don't have a gem on your char or inventory that gem should drop I suggest rechecking your storage. When I pass leg gems from my main to my other chars those gems drops on my main until I get all gems again.
check storage and followers

I once had swapped a ring with a leg gem on my follower and couldnt find it.

If you dropped it and left game, you should be able to get one from the grift.

You can actually drop them all to a mule and recollect them.
If you're missing a gem on a character and it's not in the stash, kill a RG in a Greater Rift and it'll drop once again.
10/01/2014 12:22 AMPosted by Kingpolo
If you're missing a gem on a character and it's not in the stash, kill a RG in a Greater Rift and it'll drop once again.

This. Also, make sure to check your other characters' inventories, including what they are wearing as you might have shifted the gem between characters. Worst case scenario, you find another gem via the RG (just fail a rift trial and finish a LV 1 GR super fast for quick and easy gem replacements). The annoying part will be rebuilding the gem's ranks if you had previously done that with the gem you think you have lost.
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I like the name of your WD, OP. Very descriptive and on point.

Oh and the gem is on your DH's Templar.
Thanks :-)

Yeah I noticed it was on my templar.
Stupid me.

Sorry for this useless post.
Actually this is a valuable post... If your gem is on a follower, you do NOT have the ability to upgrade it when you complete a GR. This seems to be a bug.

This same thing happened to m, I thought I lost the gem as I couldnt find it in my inv and I noticed when I would complete a GR and try to upgrade gems it wouldnt even show the gem so I assumed I lost it.
I agree, i checked my templar and BAM! It was there.

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