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Nope, no whining here, just a little QoL proposition :

What if instead of a 500 BS hard cap we had somekind of a soft cap ?

It would go something like that :

You can now pick up a stack of BS that would put you above the 500 cap, you can no longer pick up anymore BS until you've gone back under the cap

This eliminate the very cumbersome experience of getting into a high Grift with 400+ BS and having to go back and forth between town and the BS stack once you realise you can't pick it all up

Any thoughts ?

note : in this scenario, BS means bloodshards ...
sounds reasonable, the purpose of a cap would still be intact, and we'd run into less instances like you mentioned.
No one else ? I thought it would be a nice feature to have but all right
I actually posted something similar funny enough @

I really hope they make this QoL change. It would be awesome!
That would be better than we have right now but the cap should still be at least 1000 and ideally 2000
i think they just need to drop the amount of the items, since i,m not getting anything from that expensive hag kadala anyway, and i doubt its just me, also take off boa, since i cant get gear,,its only fair.since its not dropping , and kadalas too cheap, its giving other players a big disadvantage over me, its all about game balance, and right now its defin not balanced.
10/01/2014 12:03 AMPosted by BigGuns
That would be better than we have right now but the cap should still be at least 1000 and ideally 2000

Ideally it would be the same cap as the cap for gold. 2^31 or something you can never reach. I find it ridiculous to force the spending of an earnable currency by putting a cap to it. Ridiculous!!
no. just remove the cap, it does not make sense I can just buy 5 yellow necks with the maximum amount of shards.
REMOVE the bloodshard cap. Raising it doesn't eliminate the problem. It's a 100% useless mechanic, dev's are thinking in the wrong direction if they think it serves a purpose.
Sounds great. Something around 10000 sounds even better though.

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