Who in your opinion is the hardest rift guardian?

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My vote goes towards Saxtris.

btw correct answer varies by class.
if melee class, Orlash.
Hm. The hardest Rift guardian.

I'd say #1 is Perdition. The teleport and instantly kill you attack is kinda annoying.

Other honorable mentions include Bloodclaw, Erethon, and Rime.
Perdition on my DH, Ember on my WD.
ghom looking dude
The one that summons endless minions. Needs to be longer Cool Down on it or something.
The Lord of Bells - haven't beaten him yet
In high level GRifts, for wizards, it is Orlash because when he vanishes the dot drops.
Blackhole owns Saxtris summons, so I'd have to say Bloodmaw, who gets Bloodmaw on G-rift 35+ and isn't bummed out, he has to have largest lifepool being the only God-Tier'd RG
Perdition is definitely the most annoying. Having him teleport 1-shot when you're just trying to find him is pretty lame.
I'm still in GR 10-14 range and it looks like Perdition will get very hard very fast.
Rime, for sure.
+1 perdition.
saxtris is just depressing if you are soloing as a DH. all the adds are bad enough (since the sentries will inevitably fire on the lowest hp mob), but then you tack in the endless sand tornados and the great likelihood of being stuck in a cramped space due to the lack of map diversity in GRs and she's just a total bummer.

surprisingly, i find bloodmaw to be rather more likeable in GRs. i mean, he's no stonesinger, but if you can dance around his occasional jumps and roof collapses, he's fairly manageable.

perdition...yeah, he's no fun for any class, imo. on my crusader, if i don't have steelskin going, he can handily one-shot me from full life with 53k armor and 50% damage reduction. and if you somehow don't stun/blind/whatever him as he raises or lowers his blades to do his super-moves, he'll terminate your ranged dps with extreme prejudice. ugh.
If you have Sentry problems with Saxtris then you should probably work on your positional deployment capabilities.
Yeah Rime is also my biggest issue. Especially in narrow places.
3 or 4 of those ice aoe's outdoes my lifetap/hot unlike any of the other bosses.
It depends on what I'm playing.

I most often die to Blighter but Perdition and Bloodmaw can be equally as annoying.

I know that Saxtris used to be a huge problem for me as well.

To me, they all seem pretty equally balanced except some classes / specs definitely have their weaknesses. For example, as a Stampede Crusader Waller elites pose a huge threat to me when Waller is mostly trivial for everyone else.

As melee wearing Roland's, I always dreaded Bloodmaw and Stonesinger.

It really depends on how you're playing the game and how well the boss hard counters your specific strategy.
none of them, just dodge their attacks...

and if cold snap pops up, youd better have a good amount of crowd control reduction to be able to quickly deal with that bastard.

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