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Ok I have a paragon on 352 and I have not come across one Star Metal Kunai. Now I understand items being rare but this rare... I mean I haven't seen a witching hour either. Now I am not saying make it so I open a chest and it explodes with everything I need. However some drop rate adjustment is required in my opinion after getting 15 Jade harvester gauntlets... mixed in with a few gladiator gloves. It just flat out is not fun grinding for hundreds of hours and I don't say this with exaggeration, literally hundreds of hours.
I have the same problem with Tasker and Theo... does that item even exist?? Oh well, better go grind rifts like there is no tomorrow, maybe the gloves will drop sometime.. maybe now.

I agree with Nuna, take a break. Drop rates are fine as they are. Some items have to be super rare!
There are ways to improve the grinding experience. For example if blizz was to say make certain items have a greater chance of dropping off of certain enemies we would know, Ok this guys has a 5% more chance of dropping what I need... Hell even make it challenging. As in the difficulty has to be T5 plus for the bonus to apply. that way people can't just insta get what they need and experienced players have it a bit easier.
Oh man...................530 Paragon for me and have still yet to see an SMK, Furnace, Witching and got my first TnT at p509 from Kadala after 64,000 straight shards of Gloves. So you have a long way to go before saying drop rates are bad. Goodluck, but I think its gonna be a lot longer before you get what you want. Just sayin dont hold your breath
im at 677 now still havent found 1. the one i have on my WD was a gift from my friend. he found 3 SMK so far. I believe ill find one soon. who knows.
Haha, That is Brutal... It is Stupid rare it seems...
But...this is a grinding game. o.o..literally. If its not fun anymore you should probably take a break. Blizz won't change drop rates.

All these threads that essentially say "please make this game worse for people that actually play it".

It's a gear grind game, please let me grind for gear. As it stands, my barb is gear capped on 3 different builds. I could get a better TNT that would up my dps by about 5%, and a slightly better HS/furnace that would up by DPS by ~5-10% dps. That's it across 3 builds, boring.

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