Is Sentry a Pet?

Demon Hunter
Specifically does the gem that increases pet damage boost your sentry damage also? Thanks in advance.
yes, Sentries are pets

dont tell us you dont have the urge to cuddle them once in a while like you have it with the Boar, Wold and Spider??
I usually run with 4 sentries.

Sentry #1 is named Shooter.
Sentry #2 is named Striker.
Sentry #3 is named Smasher.
Sentry #4 is named Fluffy.

Poor Fluffy doesn't get to play much since his older brothers kill everything before he gets to the party.
It's mostly a pet. Doesn't gain the strongarm buff that other pets got in the last patch notes, but seems to have the other pet benefits.
It boosts sentry damage yeah, but oddly it doesn't increase the damage of the rockets from spitfire rune.
10/06/2014 09:21 PMPosted by TianZi
Doesn't gain the strongarm buff


Sentries DO benefit from the Strongarm % added damage when applied using a Winforce or Ess of Johan on player.

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