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Over the past week I've added friends and given out over 2 dozen gifts that I found while doing my Master Act 1 - 5 run.

So, why is it I've given out, but received none in return?

Anyway, rant over, you all have been unfriended. Friends don't reciprocate the effort...Specially the one who I added and then hasn't been on in a week.

Players wanting any gifts I find, and will send gifts back, add:

Ps3: Kenny Koerperich

See you in game!

You do realise you cannot control who you get gifts for? I have 30 PSN friends on my list playing D3 UEE and I get gifts for some but not others, in fact one PSN friend has received from me 4 gifts in 2 days whilst others get nothing.

It's not their fault and not my fault...if you were my only UEE friend then every gift I get would go to you but if I had 50 then chances are slim that you would get a gift from me.

If you really want a gift then let a white enemy kill you, then they become a Nemesis and when one of your friends slays it you will get a gift.

But you can't unfriend those just because they are not getting gifts for you as players don't control that!
I have been giftless over the last 2 days also. Must be on the naught list ;)
LOL homer, if I've gotten over 30 gifts while running in game w/ less than 2 hours a day played and that was at least 1 per person...yea yea a couple of guys got multiples, with out even trying, and sent them, then peepz who play more than I do should be getting and giving gifts also...

But yet, I haven't gotten squat since adding all these "friends"....

If I can get gifts dropping constantly in game to send, others should be getting/sending at least 1 or 2 back....

But, yet again, NADA, ZILCH, ZERO, NOTHING......

SO, as I said, they have been unfriended, including the guy I added and hasn't logged in for 6 days now.....

You get what you give....and I gave plenty and got nothing cheerio...your no longer a friend..
Also, you should look to see what mode some of your friends are playing. I've accepted quite a few friend requests, and even though I always post HC only, people that play SC will request me as a friend. When this happens, I'm finding gifts for them that they will never see unless they make a HC character and gifts they find for me go to my SC character that I never play. Periodically, I will log into a SC to see what gifts are there and then I check the accounts of the senders to see if they are even playing HC at all (I check the achievements to see if they at least unlocked Kill Diablo in HC) and then I remove them if they aren't. Try to keep your friends list smaller and include the ones you see online with you often.
Another consideration I've noticed is levels. I only have a few friends on my list but a significant number of the gifts I find consistently go to players that are generally lower level, almost as if the game decides which friends "need" gifts more. My observations are from a very small sample size though, so I cannot confirm it's not an anomaly.
It is based off of you dying. If you do not die - they will not even have the opportunity to kill your nem.

A friend of mine was complaining about the same thing - he was running modded gear and hadnt died in... weeks? He was furious that no one was sending him gifts - wasnt until I told him he needed to die - so, he started dying and in that VERY rift we saw his nem lol. Since then, he dies on purpose about 10 times a night.
If you have (let's say) 50 friends, and each of them have 50 friends, there's going to be dry spells that last for a WHILE where you might not see something. I've added like 50-60 people myself (all from the D3 forum) and only a fraction of them actually gift me anything. Likewise, I only end up sending gifts to a fraction of them, because the Random Number Gods deemed it so.
Im on Xb1 and I felt that way I gave out like 5-5 treasures I found got nothing but It balances out,

I got 3 this week from friends. Just got to be Patient. What goes around comes around.
Some days I log in and have 5-10 gifts in my mailbox. Sometimes I can play for a couple days and get none at all. It's all random, and also has to do with how many D3 friends you have.

I just picked up a gift for my girlfriend's account, and she has never even played Diablo 3. Only been logged in while I was playing on the same console.
I play on x1 so cant help you by adding you. But it seems that people that die more, may get more gifts bc of the nemesis system often drops them. Also keep in mind that its out of our control, bc we cannot choose who to send gifts to. I have at times gone days without finding a gift, then will suddenly find like 2-3 in a session maybe. I really wish they were more consistent in the way they drop.
10/09/2014 08:17 AMPosted by MikeJuggles
just picked up a gift for my girlfriend's account, and she has never even played Diablo 3. Only been logged in while I was playing on the same console.

Sounds like you better get her playing! Entice her with phat lewts.
Remember that these gifts go to a random friend. If your friends all have 100 friends that have played Diablo 3 UEE at some point, you'll probably not get many gifts. If you're the only friend of theirs that's played, you'll get them all of the time.

When I play, I have 4 friends that have played. 2 of the friends get the majority of the gifts I find while the other 2 get to split the what's left. My girlfriend has gotten 2 of the last 15-20 gifts that I have found while being 1 of the 4 people on my friend's list. My buddy and his wife, who rarely play, got about 7-8 each with her generally getting more.

I have received 1 gift in the last 2 weeks and that was last night when my girlfriend was actually in the game with me. All of her gifts generally go to our married friends because she only has 3 people on her friends list.
Yeah, it's just the way it is. I added about 30 people from the forums here. Sometimes I get 0 gifts when I play, sometimes i get 4-6. I send out every gift box I get for legendaries. I sent the same guy 3 in one rift before o_O It's all random.
Errr, I'm not sure I care for the whole gifting idea to be honest. I send people good stuff all the time like end game set pieces, top legendarys, modded gear, modded gems and all I get in return is a mailbox full duped junk rare items!
ROFL, OP must be trolling!!

I refuse to believe that the logic being displayed here is actually a real thought process!

This is absolutely hilarious...

wait... wait....

i've got like 200+ friends on psn so any one person's chance are diluted quite a bit

don't think peeps aren't returning gifts dude, its just random and it has to roll for your name in their friend's list of peeps that have D3.

I prolly give away 2-5 gifts per play session dude. I rarely see the same name twice. I have one friend who only has me on his friends list, I get every single one from him lmao.
giftless for ovr 2 weeks now 20+ friends. i had a break for destiny came back to 5 gifts then had another break for destiny again an have came back 2 weeks later once hte patch hit an not a single gift. im often sending gifts but i do notice i am sending them more often to one player more.

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