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How do you hunt RNG?

Suggestion: Make build changing legendaries hunt-able in some way. Not talking about legendaries that would just make builds better, but would be legendaries with unique affixes that alter skills. Like SMK, RORG (which is hunt-able), Woh, FotF, practically any crusader shield, etc.

non build changing items should still be RNG drops. Like Furnace, TF, Ice Climbers, etc.

the thought being that if you wanted to try out a build, like the exploding wizard build, you could farm the WOH and try it. Things like Furnace, Unity, TF, etc arent really build changing, they just enable face-rolling of higher content and should remain RNG.

Edit: Inb4 its called whining. the only think im really looking for now is a Furnace anyway. so this really wouldnt apply to me. im just thinking of a QOL change that would help out newer players who hear about cool builds but will never get the RNG luck to play them.
i would like that.

maybe add some quest chains for players to acquire those items (including sets). the game would be more varied (instead of just rift after rift after rift) nothing loot-based, of course.

hellfire machine is a great concept, but the drop rates kill all the fun of it.
hot to fix this is simple:t6 only should drop last and best sets in the game and leg rings/amu/good rolls.done

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