How much gold have you hoarded?

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Actually I made more gold when we still had the AH, than my accumulated gold. Somehow I manage to blew away 7 billion rerolling and gem making, now down to 300 million.

Farm act 3 bounty for the and gold will just get sucked up around you. There is no need to stop.

Erm idk, what are the chances of getting a good one of those? lol
Is act 3 any good for EXP?
I've been doing act 5 for the hell trapper and it sucks. lol
Still as I say all that gold is blinding bright.
I guess I could use it in public, at the moment I'm using signet and bane of powerful for public rifting though.
I think I would rather have the extra dps and xp bonus.
10/08/2014 12:00 AMPosted by Splunge
2 beez....

haha... someone remembers! that guy was hilarious!

for those of you who missed it the 2 beez, 2 BEEZ!!
Have about 1.5b right now. I def take more in than I can spend. The problem isn't the gold anymore (obviously)... it's the Souls and other crafting mats that I run out of first. I am literally picking up ONLY blues now. Incredible how fast you can burn through those.
Just hit 50mil today with my HC DH :)

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