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I spose my biggest gripe would be that WH doesn't roll main stat. lol
Would be nice if TnT rolled crit.
10/08/2014 08:05 AMPosted by Sardonnicus
Kadala narrows the odds of targeting a specific, but she is still subject to RNG. Just because you spend shards on her gloves, does not mean you are guaranteed to get a TnT. The odds of never getting one are .low, but still exist in the game. So how is that farming

Well, as far as i know, to get shards you must farm in rift, no ? I don't buy shards to any pnj. So, if we consider that farming is only in rifts/bounties, well i never droped any T&T by pure traditional farming.

600h+ playing. Not even once. Ok. That's the game, but if one day i drop one, i want it to be rewardable, not to go trash it in 2 second like a yellow one. Pure logical.

i play since d3 vanilla, so i know what is farming for nothing, but at least, in the old time we had the AH to be rewarded by ourselves, nowadays, nothing to give you motivation to play after that time of farming for nothing.

Figured I'd add my thread because it is EXACTLY this reason why I'm done with this game until they fix this problem.

+1 to the OP.
10/08/2014 07:55 AMPosted by Aspirine
10/08/2014 07:53 AMPosted by Lisey

yes really rare items should have the reward in proportion.
Indeed, stuff like SMK, furnace, shard of hate. All should roll great. So when it finally drops you are not screwed by RNG, like some of us.

RG dropped a Furnace and I was so excited. Unfortunately it had the WORST ROLL EVER. Talk about disappointing. To top it off I ended up making the wrong choice on what to reroll. (My fault.) Now it just sits in my stash, unused. It's depressing to look at.
I got the Furnace with the worst roll ever today. Was so happy for an upgrade, immediately after I saw the weapon model lying there on the ground, and it rolled way worse than even my already mediocre current Furnace. It cannot even be saved because I was immediately horrified after identifying it, when I saw it rolled a !@#$ing socket.
To Blizzard every item that drops IS a good roll.
I made a similar post about this earlier and I totally agree with this.

I found about 15 pairs of T&T before I found 1 that I could use.

I mean Gladiator Gauntlets roll better then T&T!
10/08/2014 08:16 AMPosted by Sardonnicus

The RNG based item stats is the proverbial "carrot" being dangled in front of us to keep us playing.
I am not sure how it got to this, but I think it went something like this.....

Devs: Here are some legendary items with godly stats. Good luck ever finding them.
Players: The godly items are required and are too hard to find. We want them now!!!
Devs: Ok. here are the godly items, but to balance it all out, we RNG'd the stats.
Players: Ok. We have the godly items now, but the stats are terrible and they are useless.
Devs: Buy our new expansion pack!!!!!!

The official Diablo 3 song.

Yes, I remember finding my Grandfathers in D2. I remember I had a pre 1.08 Doombringer sword - the one with like +50% health on it. I remember looking for specific items because they had the stats you needed. Finally finding that item was so rewarding.

The dev's know this. But they are more concerned with player retention. Why offer legendary items with fixed stats when they can make them all subject to multiple layers of RNG. Sure, you can find a grandfather, but 9 out of 10 will have terrible stats. This will keep players playing... because it takes time to get that rare item with great stats.

I know people that still play D2. Make a game good first, and you won't have problems with retention.
10/08/2014 07:38 AMPosted by Lisey
Well, my opinion is that standardized rolls can not be applied on non-standard items...

On the really special items they could tighten the best/worst ranges though by putting a higher floor on the minimum piece of the roll. I'm actually with those that think that standardized rolls make more sense on the very best legendary items.

On top of that I think the paragon system should be widened to enable you to "enchant" your gear in the way you like. Get rid of enchanting altogether. I can also imagine a way to change attributes, add sockets and arrange the stats on your gear through obtaining limited use recipes ("This recipe allows you to change Elemental Damage from X to Y. Contains 2 charges") and lots of crafting materials.

What is frustrating is that these things weren't designed in from the start so that players would have an investment in building their gear. If they don't really allow us to build our characters why not create a small version of a skill tree for gear attributes and then let us work on our gear through that?
or maybe they could buff the bad stats into good ones.

they are seriously scared that someone will actually stack enough life on hit/life regeneration to become god... so they keep these stats in an unusable state on purpose. why not just remove them from the game completely?
Maybe they need a new "type" of loot.. something above set and legendary... just a thought.
I think the really rare items should always roll set stats, so tasker always rolls trifecta, how good the trifecta roll is should be the rng, it feels kind of retarded but i've seen like 4 pairs after my current set roll unusable stats, same for witching hour.
D2 itemization was great because of this.

Take our famous "shako" for example.

Every stat rolled the exact same except for defense. Now you do not have to go that high, but look at something like crown of ages. You could get 1-2 sockets, xx-xx res and xx-xx damage reduction. BUT event he lowest rolled possible was still a GREAT item if you did not have it.

97 shako vs 141 shako, is 141 better, of course but 97 shako still had all the same stuff on it

Not only did this make you excited when you found the item REGARDLESS of what it rolled when it was identified, but it also let you search for perfects and close to perfect items. Like o I found a 99 shako, im super happy even though its a super low one. Then you find another that's 117 defense and your happy yet again because it is better than what you had before. You can constantly upgrade your items until you have perfect stats = FUN

In diablo 3 I just had a friend and clannie last night who found his first pair of lacunis and he was excited as all hell in chat. Something like 1% drop rate hard as hell to find and he ID it and you know what he get? Something like:

- % physical
- regen life
- armor
- 5 cc
- 10 move speed

And no physical is not an element that was used at all... so he finds a super rare item that took him months to find and it rolls worse than a rare yellow bracers. That is terrible game design right there.

Which is why yet again I cannot wait for this upcoming diablo 2 ladder reset (should be end of November) Especially now that server crash issues with dclone have been fixed, and 98% of all the duping has been taken care of.

Long live diablo 2 which will always be 1000x greater than diablo 3
I'm not sure this is really a good idea. Rare drops are not that rare, and often even a bad roll is still great to use. Play the game on T6 with friends, stick to rifts and greater rifts.

I found 3 tnt so far 2 bad ones that I still used and still got a substantial increase in power from then a 3rd which was truly op :)

Same goes for WOH, FD or Furnace etc. these items would have truly awful rolls for them to be not worth using.
I agree. 1% items should have fantastic rolls on them.

First comes the "meh" feeling of seeing a gold star because you know that odds are, it's just a Forgotten Soul. Then you get excited when you see the legendary on the ground is in the shape of an uncommon legendary. Then you're really excited because when you open your stash, you see it's a 1% drop like Calamity, The Furnace, Calamity, etc. It's at this point most players' prior crushed wishes start to surface and our excitement starts to dwindle fast because now we know it's up to RNG to roll the item. Then you basically cross your fingers and ID it. None of this should be a feeling with a 1% drop. In D2, you know even a "poor" 1% drop was going to be an awesome upgrade. In D3 you know that 1% can easily just be a very, very rare Forgotten Soul.

tl;dr - one should never see a Calamity, Starmetal Kukri, Kridershot, The Furnace, etc. unidentified and then be destroyed when they do identify it because it rolls with absolute trash stats.
good to see that old problems still exist even in the new expansion. We told Blizzard to get items be more like in D2 with guaranted stats and rolls since the release of D3. I guess they will never ever abandon their extreme RNG.
10/08/2014 03:04 PMPosted by Cakes
I'm not sure this is really a good idea. Rare drops are not that rare, and often even a bad roll is still great to use. Play the game on T6 with friends, stick to rifts and greater rifts

I agree on the fact that even if a bad roll it could be an upgrade, but not the upgrade you deserve for farming xxx hours.

I desagree, rarest items are really rare : in 600h+ on ros i dropped only 2 T&T (@kadala, not by farming) and one krider for exemple, and still not even one calamity, so yeah, those items for exemple are truly really rare.

I'm sure per advance that the day i drop a calamity the roll will be in relation with the name of the item. RNG roll kills motivation, and no motivation = quit the game. that's not really a positive way to keep the players playing the game for a long time.

There must be really something big behind this problem that blizzard don't resolve... 90% of the players agreed on the fact that rarest items must be rolled good, and Blizz do nothing about it. something strange must hide behind that, really.
10/08/2014 02:53 PMPosted by Drizzt
- % physical
- regen life
- armor
- 5 cc
- 10 move speed

You forgot attack speed because they all come with it.
10/08/2014 07:38 AMPosted by Lisey
10/08/2014 07:35 AMPosted by TheCondemned
All items should come with standardized rolls. All. Items.

Well, my opinion is that standardized rolls can not be applied on non-standard items...

What I meant was, if it's a legendary item, that legendary (mempo of twilight for example) should always roll the same primary stats.

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