does my helltrapper deserves a ram?

Demon Hunter
2756 damage
10% damage
749 dex
7% ias (enchant)

If you had more than one, yeah i'd do that. I used a gift on my bow, it's almost identical. What's your proc chance and does it have disc?
10% proc chance but no disc...
If the ram doesn't work out try a yew
10/09/2014 03:04 AMPosted by JohnnyDingo
If the ram doesn't work out try a yew

He wants a socket not a baaaaa-cket! *rimshot*
Also its ewe.

Unless you meant a tree.
LOL, yep ewe it is

That's what you get for typing in a hurry, look foolish in forums, lol.

Anyway, was just kidding.

Of course your Helltrapper deserves a socket even if it just lets you see the difference.

There will be more Rama's dropping as you play, although I seem to get more goblin vaults than Ramaladni's gift.

Good luck
Play a bit more and ramaldis gifts are all over the floor, lol. Then you need to go figure where to get stash space to store them.

I played like maybe 200-250 hours after 2.1 and already had 10+ of them. ~_~
I've gifted two 2890+ dps Helltrappers and I haven't even done very many A5 bounties. You can probably find a better one if you do another 20-30 bounties. It's worth a gift though, the 10% proc and decent other stats make it worth it, too bad no disc. Just kind of depends on how many gifts you've gotten. In well over 100 paragon I've only seen 4.

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