[BUG] PS4 ALL items gone from ALL followers

Console Bug Report
Logged in after work in my PS4 and all my follower items are gone. I lost 2 legendary follower items along with a legendary weapon for my templar (all level 70 items).

Found similar issues dated months ago in this forum, so I guess this issue is a long time unresolved one. Mods please give some updates if you're working on this issue?
I have had the same issue a few times on PS3
Do you backup your save file?

I backup mine to both USB and the cloud. Never seen this missing items issue, but if I do, it's fixed with just a simple restore of the save file.
Same issue here
Quick question for all of you: Had it been more than a few weeks since you had last played Diablo III in a single player game at the time you noticed you were missing follower items?

At one time, we had a bug that very rarely caused follower items to be lost upon exiting a game. However, we deployed a minor game update several weeks ago that should have resolved this issue. It's possible that you could have been affected by this from issue before that update was applied and hadn't noticed, either because you hadn't played since this occurred, or you had only been playing in multiplayer without followers.

If you are 100% positive that your followers had items and then lost them very recently (within the past 2 weeks), please go ahead and reply and let us know what the last thing you remember doing in-game before this happened.
If i remember correctly , between last minor patch and 2.1 i did add some legendary items to my fallowers. Most of the time i play in party, local, with another player who has on a local account (no psn attched to his local). My local account has a psn attached to it and its also linked in my battle.net account. ( also im on eu battle.net, posted here becouse of a fail redirect to eu forum, and i nitice after i posted)
And the other character on the other local account has all items on his fallowers.
My husband and I had the problem several weeks ago on PS4, Reaper of Souls. It only happened when we played a game together and it only seemed to affect player 2.

Since we noticed it we make sure to de-equip our followers before starting a game. I'm not so anxious to test it out again unless I get confirmation that this bug was fixed. We also managed to lose several level 70 legendary items.
PS4 here. The issue still exists. My game crashed 2 days ago when opening a gift. When I reopened the game, all followers' skills were unassigned and all the items (on all characters' followers) were gone.

I know the issue can be mitigated to great extent when closing the game properly (hit the Options button > Close the app). There is nothing that safeguards us from occasional game crashes though.

Just curious... this issue has been present on PS3 before, but was fixed eventually. Has the bug been reintroduced to PS4 somehow? Whatever it is, hope to see a permanent fix soon. It is really annoying. I can live through the loss of follower's legendary token as they are fairly easy to come by, but my Unity, Hellfire Ring or Sunkeeper are much harder to get through RNG.
Around Octiber 4th my enchanting favor disappeared. I kogged out one night and back in the next and it was gone.
This is especially painful since as a barb I need that item.
Bug is still running wild - Today is 09/12/2014

I logged onto a single player game after playing with my girlfriend a few days ago, and all my items on my follower had vanished into thin air.

This NEEDS to be sorted out!
I've had a similar problem on PS4 but the items were not follower items. I recently purchased the digital version when it was on sale and traded in my disc for same cost. Well I had to delete the disc install and download the game in order to play. Once I did that I was able to play. I loaded the game and I had 4 mail items. I put them in my inventory, look to see what they were and then play for a few minutes. Then exited out of the game as usual and turned off my PS4. Today, about 10 days later, I started to play and all 4 of those level 57 legendary items were gone.
I have just had the same issue on my PS3, I played Diablo III: RoS (my lvl 70 wizard) just last night with my fiancee and everything was fine. We did a bunch of bounties and then he had to go to work and after that i played as my demon hunter for a bit and headed off to bed. When I went to play today I played as my demon hunter, once I was done with her I decided to play as my wizard, I went out into battle and noticed that my enchantress kept getting killed very quickly and I also was taking a lot of damage. So I decided to look at her equipment and it was all gone, when I went back to the stronghold I checked the rest of the followers as well and all their equipment was gone.
My follower (Enchantress) just lost all her items, I believe after I had someone join in while I was running a bounty in the Halls of Agony, level 2 or 3 i think. We completed the bounty runs in New Tristram and the other player dropped out after opening Horadric caches, when my follower came back she was empty.

She had all legendary gear - two handed staff, a nagel ring, a hand of the prophet (I think, looked like an eyeball) with the all skills available power, an amulet, another ring and a couple of legendary gems but I don't remember which what exactly those pieces are.
I just lost all my followers everything. I have a set on that allows all the followers to come to my aid so I had legendary everything on all them even legendary follower items that I haven't been able to find since. I did a lot of work and spent a lot of money just to have all this disappear in a matter of seconds. Please help me.
Just last night, i lost all the items from my main character's follower (enchantress). I had just finished cubing 16 items from a complete bounty run today and changed some of my cube passive. I then started a regular rift and when i spawned inside, i was missing my follower. I completed the rift and when i returned to camp i noticed all 3 followers in a circle. Selecting the enchantress i found that she was missing ALL of her items. I checked the other two and they appeared to be fine (nothing missing).

this is the ONLY time i've encountered this problem since i started playing UUE on the PS4.

I don't remember what the network setting was, typically i run on "invite" but it may have been "local", since i had paused the game so that i wouldn't lose my bountry progress.

this is EXTREMELY frustrating, i had all my best follower gear on that enchantress....

This bug is clearly still active.

  • PS4 UUE digital release
  • i have all classes at lv70, p355
  • my main is a wizard (t8 highest completed)
My templar just lost all his gear, can we please get a blue post to address this issue
Same thing happened to me : templar lost all gear, including some nice legendaries...

Please fix this Blizzard.
This embarrassment of a glitch is still happening after two years.
Aaaand it just happened again.

Slow clap for Blizzard, everybody. Keeps their games updated for years -- just not the stuff that matters.

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