Aether walker + wormhole AP bug

Bug Report
Easy enough to reproduce: equip Aether Walker wand (, use Wormhole rune, waste all your AP on anything, then cast teleport as soon as you have enough for it.

Expected: you can teleport for a second time immediately
Got: can't teleport again until you have 25 more AP, even though it is not consumed after second teleport
Sadly we still have this bug. The second teleport on wormhole is free, but if you do not have 25 AP you cannot cast it, even though once you do get 25 AP it costs nothing.

Like you said, easy to replicate. Just put aether walker on and spam wormhole.
Also remove the remaining cooldown. Dashing Strike doesn't have it and the wand clearly states "removes cooldown of teleport".

Can't even keep up with monks anymore.

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