PS4 Fire Wiz: Sankis or Sunkeeper?

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Hey guys, looking for a bit of wisdom regarding my Fire Wizard build. I have two great weapons here and I'm torn between which would benefit me the most. They are both very close stats wise 'See Below' The proc on the Sankis is nice and with the added fire damage puts me at an even 100% fire dmg on my arcane torrent wiz. The Sunkeeper on the other hand will put me at 73% dmg to Elites with the maxed out BoTP gem/SoJ.

Any advice?
Off the top of my head, you'll probably get more damage where it matters from the Sunkeeper. You already have 80ish bonus fire damage so another 18 won't improve your actual dps by much, but the extra 29% elite bonus tacked on from the 40s should see a bigger increase in dps.

In the end, you might as well try them both, see which one you like better.
I think It greatly depends on the elite dmg on the Sun Keeper. I mean, if you're pure fire, and you have a +20% FireDmg Sankis, why should you use, let's say, a +23% Sunkeeper, if the basic DPS of the two weapon is very similar? You loose a 20% damage against trash for a +3% damage against elites. Not worth imho. If your Sankis, instead, is low on fire damage while the Sun Keeper is high in Elite Damage, then you should choose the latter.

Another discriminant is what are you going to farm: if you farm grifts, dense of elites, and you see you have hard time in killing elites packs, as they last too much time, while trash goes down quickly, you should probably go for the Sun Keeper.

Edit: I just saw both your weapons, and I think Sun Keeper is overall better, as it have enough Intelligence to compare the 8% bonus. I personally prefer going pure elemental damage (as it seems to not have diminish return). In your specific case, you'll end up with a +10% dmg to elites vs a -18% dmg vs trash.

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Thank you guys! I appreciate the intelligent feedback. I personally enjoy the sunkeeper more so I'll stick with that and my 82% Fire dmg and 73% overall dmg to Elite's. That coupled with my 30% arcane torrent dmg and I can comfortably do lvl 25/26 Grifts.

Unfortunately my build is rather limited in Grifts higher than those numbers. T6 farming is pretty comfortable though so I'll probably keep this build for a while until I find something better.

EDIT: Should I re-roll the fire damage on the SK or keep it where it is?
I've been using a fire wand called serpents sparker because it gives me a second hydra, it is not the best roll though.

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