Could use some friends for gifts---PS 4.

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Hey peeps...could use a few friends for gifts..I am a legit player, my handle on ps4 is NoLootzMagoo. send me a FR please for gifts/nemesis..but please do not join my games, I won't join yours either. :) I'm pretty much a solo/play with the fam only player. Thanks. :)
Help me out folks. Sending a ton of FR's but so far no one is accepting. Gift it forward! :)
My PSN is corrosivem0nkies (with a zero). Add meh! My ps4 friends don't play much and id rather find gifts for people who give a crap. Haha
Add me Avin1973, my wife Potchoka and our daughter Nikafiedoruk for gifts and nemesis.
PS4: Striker4Glory

Feel free to add me for gifts and nemesis!
PS4: Kevnl86

My Lady's PSN: KLAMarie88

Add us both for gifts/nemesis!
PSN: Ryan_Shevaun
PSN: ShevaunDown
My Wife and I both play during the evenings. Feel free to add us, will be online tonight.
Ps4: whitemt
I send every gift... I play a bunch.
PSN: davmen05

I send ALL Gifts
Anyone can add me

PSN: GloriousDeath
add for gifts/nemesis.

Add me for gifts/nemesis.


Ill send some nemesis your way far too often!
PSN: rvann77

70(75) Wizard main running T1 comfortably, working up the ladder.

Play daily/every other day.

Add me for gifts/Nemesis/occasional run.
PSN: thor777

Please specify "D3 legit" in request so I will add you.
throw me into the mix and I'll add some of you guys as well
can't seem to find decent people to play with nobody uses mics.....

Rocket9187 PS4
Feel free to add me for gifts/nemesis:

PSN trevorjhart
Add it
I play daily, mostly in the afternoon.


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