Why marked for death with slowball?

Demon Hunter
I've been trying out slow lightning ball build a bit and enjoying it a lot, but I'm curious about one thing. Most of the top DHs I've seen use Marked for Death with it. Why is that better than equipping another hatred spender, such as Cluster Arrow?

Marked for Death costs discipline and takes time to spread to a group of mobs, whereas cluster arrow is free and gives the option of a 1.5s stun with the lightning rune, or a ton more damage with shooting stars.

Adding one of those in really wouldn't be close to a 20% dps boost?
MFD: Mortal Enemy so they can regen some hatred while shooting. The slo-ball build requires self-casting to some extent, at least in higher grifts, to generate discipline through crit hits while using Nightstalker. If you don't have MFD: Mortal Enemy, you drain your hatred too fast apparently.
For hatred regen and 20% dmg increase, but mainly for the hatred as the lightning build requires a lot of your of you shooting.
Remeber to check not only skill but also rune next time :P It wouldnt even be a question.
It is a hatred disc loop. Spend disc for MFD, generate hatred from MFD:ME, use hatred to spam self casts which triggers NS to regen disc.

Not only does the slowball build require self casts for Helltrapper procs, it also needs to self cast to trigger NS for high smokescreen uptime.

The build simply doesn't work unless you can self cast consistently and MFD:ME allows you to do that. Resource reduction and even some hatred regen helps too.
Also - they use helltrapper, which requires self casts to proc the additional sentry drops.

MFD-ME drops the effective cost of ball lightning down to 6 hatred, assuming no points into RCR. Adding 20% damage and potentially dropping 2 more sentries for added damage sources.

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