Be so kind and rate the wizard above ye plz

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Rate the wizard above ye!
6/10 but only because that is a really sweet cindercoat.

EDIT: 7/10 because of the amulet
I want your belt, how/where did you find it?
I gambled 100k shards with nothing coming up and then one day a grift boss dropped it
^ 8/10 with the hydra build i think its a fun build but i cant see it doing anything above 38 :( but its a fun and cool build i guess

PS: please dont mind my gems and skills, im experimenting on something before i logged out
I want your rings!
Your firebird pieces are very nice.
Nice furnace even if a better one should please you.

You maybe miss a bit %fire damages.

8/10 : because 9/10 is too close to perfection, and perfection does not exist :)
@ Orwell

7.5/10. Some fine tuning is all that needed now.
New to playing wizz any help/tips would be great
10/24/2014 03:02 AMPosted by Tryana
New to playing wizz any help/tips would be great


would rather see blackthornes belt than harringtons, as it does nothing in GR. I also think wave of force is garbage, but to each his own.
downgraded to a 7/10 for not rating the wiz above you.


pretty solid if boring old firebirds build. if you use RoRG instead of that haunt ring you can use magefists instead of FB gloves. is the main wiz I play, but you can rate the other 2 if you want XD


It looks like it isn't your everyday gear, but might be?

If so,

Fire without Firebirds. Don't understand
Why Gogok gem?
Strongarm bracers?
Why so much IAS?


For next rater;

Very solid build, nice compass rose,soon as u find good travlers pledge get rid of blackthorns.
Im almost lvl 600 and have not seen a furnace. 9/10
@ XlegionX - char GoldenArms

9.5/10 nice Tnt first look, nice... everything else @ a closer.

To be picky, even a GG ss like that doesnt quite stand vs gg sunkeeper/ furnace, imo

Oh 8.5 % crit chance on fatubrds offhand. whew. Also i want your WH thiiiis much (holds arms wide).
@Abijiouguo - kianiuljolf

nice SK and nice choice of skills, like your build.

+2 for not a firebird build. hahaha


not a bad setup for a para 221, but quite lacking in the ele% and elite% categories. i would probably switch out a couple of skills (cascade to static discharge, elemental elation, arcanot, etc), and look for a good thunderfury or odyn son, but overall some pretty awesome rolls on generic gear.

@ Ryoko


Very good gear, love the string of ears. Quite perfect :)
Is armor in helm better than socket with life% ?
If your using fore armor, chane the 15% life on shoulder to cooldown % or blizzard%.


Gear is all good and stuff, still need a better SoJ....but I'm confused as to why you're using a compass rose without the traveler's pledge. It could just be a weird log-out error where you forgot ot switch it or something.

Because otherwise you'd want to use a Ring of Royal Grandure + Cindercoat or Magefist instead.

8.25/10 well above average.


Your gear is well above average. Few missing CHD% but you are setting example how to gear for T6 speed farming.

Very solid. 9.3/10. (i'm jelli for that WH!)

Do you have another Unity somewhere?
I'd give ya the 8-9/10

unless you're just not using a WH.

I don't have my 19%fire/5.5chc/29%elite/OS SoJ on my wiz atm.

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