Be so kind and rate the wizard above ye plz

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Your gear is really solid. You could stand to find a different RoRG with CHD & socket. A good SOJ with Fire Dmg would be nice too; the Unity is excellent in group play when others have it obviously. The gloves without the CHD is disheartening. Keep rolling for Dmg% on that Serpent.
Got a few nice pieces, Rexob. Where's my cindercoat?

doin solid im sure your still on the lookout for soj/unity but i like the set up 8/10

I'm assuming you're doing some testing but, nonetheless, very good hydra setup with good glove and ss rolls. And that Tal Rasha's necklace is to die for.
yea my gear is a bit spread out but that hydra/dis will spike past 2bil ticks

Nice Furnace. Need better rolls on pants and Boots. Also need CC or CHD on you SoJ, but overall not bad. 7.5/10

Lets do this piece by piece

Helm - a solid one, almost perfect IMO
Shoulder - a good one but i'd prefer armor over life% in there
Chest - good but I'd prefer armor over AR (int = AR and we have an unlimited source of int thru paragon, but we have a limited source of armor)
Gloves - you need to find a better one, youre losing 750vit there over a pretty useless IAS
Bracer - almost perfect
Belt - wh is good, could be better if you can find one where you can reroll the IAS
Pants - good
Boots - good
Ring - your SOJ is good but could be better if you can find one where you can reroll the main stat to CHD, same goes with unity, but its not bad, its still usable
Amulet - its good but you need to find a immunity amulet or elich
Weapon - well i guess this goes without saying, you need a better one

7.5/10 will rate higher if you get that elusive weapon
@ bry

Nice build. That furnace is pretty sweet. Not much to really complain about, looks pretty well set up.

Not bad at all ~~ you just need some improvements all around. Nice SS!



Note: My main Wiz these days is DeadDarkYin.

you have some absolutely amazing gear, but i can't help but feel that 38% fire skills damage is a bit too low, even for a furnace build.

aside from that, luck seems to have worked in your favor to have all that by paragon 511.

9/10. get your fire% to 55% or higher, and you'll get a 10/10 from me.

Such an awesome build, I <3 it! 9.5/10 other than going for perfect rolls in some spots or maybe a stronger RoRG with socket, you're solid and it's refreshing to see something different! I bet that's fun to watch all of the sparks flying around the screen. That Odyn

I know my gear is lacking atm, I just started playing it heavily last weekend =P
@Rexob 7.5/10

Looks like you are well on your way to standard FB6. I'd go for the FB pants and a RoRG first. Then replace Sparkflint with Apocalypse. It looks like your stat choices are pretty well in line with the ideal. Keep on plugging away! And have fun!

Love the build change - I get bored spamming the same thing over and over, miss lighting and the frost turn has me saving gear to give it a shot!..
good to see something other than FB. wish i could find more pieces to other things. really want a cold build.

So I died and decided to go all out since that for my solo set ^^ If anyone could rate and tell me what they think and change ideas on wizard as well as follower it'd be nice!

edit: totally forgot to rate, so he re goes raistlin ^^ 8/10, the items and direction is fine but some pieces missing and possible enchants ^^; %life on ring should go into something useful, also replace krelms asap and finally gem in head shouldnt be % life.. Rest is quite fancy, i <3 ur furnace btw ^^
@MindBJ 8/10

My Wiz that I play currently is Picante (S) and have not played NS in a while.
I don't really know what the best criteria is as far as rating Wizards go, so I won't rate because I feel I'd give poor advice.

Could you fine people please take a look at my Wizard and let me know your thoughts? Be as brutal as need be.

I know I'm looking for a new ring, amulet, boots (unknown what type) and weapon (Devastator or Sun Keeper?).

Should I craft Captain Crimson's boots and belt so I hit the 3 piece with my RORG or should I go for Firebird's boots and then mix in Aughild?

you seem to be stacking too many toughness stats at the cost of some very import dps stats.

mainly your helm and orb should have crit chance rolled instead of vit.


Don't know which wizard I should be looking at.
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Thanks for skipping me. Now Jaetch is above me. I will give him a 9 because nobody is perfect. He gives good advice so I will give that a 10.

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