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Add Knais and KnaisWife.

I have a friends list of 175 players who are all legit and mostly active on a daily or at minimum weekly basis.
legit player here xangrymushroomx didnt know people were cheating so bad. i really wanna play with a good group of people so add me so we can destroy some face!!!
Game tag: roychenk

Lv 70 DH/MNK
Hardcore only player looking for some friends to grift and have fun with no mods no cheats please this games no fun with them.
Gt. Dafuryway
ill start tomorrow! LEGIT HC ONLY

feel free to add!

GT: hdmxz
GT: ChaoticRegent93

761 Paragon Crusader. Legit items used only. Can tank and solo T6 pretty well, but kind of slow at killing stuff, would like a group of friends who play consistently. Looking for legendary plans and some set items(Rolands, etc). Willing to play any mode - campaign, rifts, grifts, ubers, etc. Just looking to have some fun. Frequent player. Prefer T4-T6 gameplay.

I don't have a mic and won't be able to get one for a while. Know how to communicate though. So just invite me to a game and let me know what you want to do - trade, kill !@#$, and we'll do it.
I am a legit player with 3 chars lvl 70. I will play almost everyday until 2015.01.12. After that, I will be back from my vocation time and I will be able only to play on weekends

Wizard (best damage), Crusader and DH. Paragon 152.

Add Me -> LHBr
Xbox1 gt: ThatGuyFrom916

I'll add everyone as well in a sec...
GT: HiImZed

Have a fresh lvl 70 wd (ungeared yet)

Sadly as i picked up the Game since a long time i didnt knew about the hakers, so my paragon is now over 1300.But i didnt spend any of these points! So i guess u can say im still legit in some ways lol.

Im willing to play everything (adventure mode, rifts, campaign, sc, hc, etc.), i speak german / english

Coming back to Xbox so will be new play throughs....With Mic, evening playing times....CST...
Add Ilswisherli i run shield bash sader, support sadrr, and im building a slow time wizard we have good group always looking for more especially zdps characters
Bladerunne2. 2 of every class. Some good, some bad ;)
GT: Rainmaykr

400+ Paragon Crusader. Open for just about anything.
I'm looking for legit HC players. Just made the switch from the computer version and want to avoid all the duping and modding crap. Message me on xbox, mentioning diablo legit hc. GT: grendelpoots.
ryujinjakka74 CST late afternoon evening player. Not max lvl yet casual player.
Ibage0508. EST player mainly playing at night. I'm legit and I plan on keeping it that way. Mostly playing on console to relax. I have the PC version as well but the controller makes it so much more fun. Hit me up if you want to play

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