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NOTE:Submissions are now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Greetings, nephalem!

During the “Evolving Reaper of Souls” panel at BlizzCon this year, our developers will be analyzing how their loot and item design philosophies have changed over time and what new items are in development.

In addition, they'll be hosting a Legendary Workshop on the side where a few lucky BlizzCon attendees will join us on stage to design a brand new Legendary power. Together, they'll review ideas submitted in advance by you, our community, and brainstorm new ideas on the spot!

Want to submit your Legendary item idea for the Legendary Workshop? Awesome! Here’s how the process will work:

  • We’ll begin accepting submissions on Friday, November 7 at 7:00 a.m. PST (10:00 a.m. EST). Ideas submitted before this point will not be considered.

  • At that time, you can submit your idea one of three ways:
    • Right here in our dedicated thread.
    • On Twitter, using the #LegendaryWorkshop hashtag.
    • At the Community Corner, located between Halls B and C of the Anaheim Convention Center.

  • You will have until Saturday, November 8 at 11:00 a.m. PST (2:00 p.m. EST) to submit your ideas. Ideas submitted after this deadline will not be considered.

If you’re interested in being an on-stage participant, please visit the Community Corner for more information. Participants will be selected via random drawing.

It’s time to show the whole world what you’re capable of creating, nephalem! Get your creative juices fired up, start drafting those ideas, and get ready to share your ideas starting November 7. BlizzCon will be here before you know it!
New Legendary Items

  • Unavoidable damage now ramps up over [3] seconds (thunderstorm/jailer)
  • Your [follower] is now always at your aid in multiplayer games (can roll as templar, enchantress, or scoundrel)
  • [10%] chance upon killing an elite that its 'ghost' will be tethered to you for 60 seconds any affixes they produce is instead directed at other monsters.
  • All monsters within [100] yards are now located on mini-map
  • Hellfire Ring now gains the effect of a [passive] from any class (subset the list to those that lend themselves to any class)
  • Keywarden has a [20-30%] increased chance to drop a key
  • Keywarden has a [15-25%] increased chance to drop SECOND key
  • Increases Gold and Health Pickup by [25] Yards
  • Follower Item - decreases all follower cooldowns by [50%] and increases skill effectiveness by [100%]

  • New Legendary Gifts

  • Lady's Gift - Use this item and create one additional stash tab. This item stacks 100 times and is consumed in the process.
  • Buff's Gift - Use this item and select an unsocketed ARMOR item to add a socket. This item is consumed in the process. (note: shoulders/gloves/bracers/boots/belt)
  • Sir's Gift - Use this item on an UNIDENTIFIED item and decrease the roll range to its top 10% of possible rolls. This item is consumed in the process. (great for ensuring great rolls on hard to find pieces)
  • Headrig's Gift - Use this item on Haedrig now has a permanent 5% chance to craft a double item for free. This item stacks 20 times and is consumed in the process.
  • Shen's Gift - Use this item and gem production time is decreased permanently by 50%. This item stacks and is consumed in the process.
  • Myriam's Gift - Use this item and Myriam has a permanent 5% chance to not increase gold cost upon enchanting. This item stacks and is consumed in the process.
  • Kadala's Gift - Use this item and the next [3-5] items from Kadala will be legendaries. This item is consumed in the process.
  • Urshi's Gift - Use this item and the next 3 legendary gem upgrades are at 100%. This item is consumed in the process

  • Legendary Banners!

  • Plant your banner (G) and freeze all enemies and ground in 50 yard radius for 3 seconds.
  • Plant your banner (G) and cause an explosion of a dozen chickens running in multiple directions running interferrence and confusion in 50 yard radius
  • Plant your banner (G) and instantly open a portal to Sanctuary Home that can be used with no timer restrictions.
  • Plant your banner (G) and the nearest monster becomes a magnetic-type attractor to all other monsters in a 50 yard radius.
  • Plant your banner (G) and all enemies in a 50 yard radius take [xxx%] weapon damage.
  • Plant your banner (G) and the current level layout is uncovered on the map.

  • Class Specific Legendary Items

  • When receiving fatal damage Barb's instead automatically cast Ignore Pain and are healed to 100% Life. This effect may occur once every 60 seconds. (counteracts not having second life)
  • Vengeance Set - now gains the effect of all runes (4 set bonus)
  • Vengeance now has cooldown reduced by 50% (6 set bonus)

  • New Legendary Gems

  • primary - keywarden has a [1%] increased chance of dropping a key.
    secondary - keywarden has a 25% increased chance of dropping a SECOND key.
  • primary - increases gold and health pickup radius by [1] yard.
    secondary - Resource cost reduction decreased by 20%.
  • primary - increases chance of a second gem dropping by [x%] secondary - A gem drops for every [deathsbreath, heathglobe, and nephalem glory] .

  • Outside the Box - The Double Affix Legendary

  • This new legendary has 2 blank secondary affixes that can house existing legendary affixes. Simply drag 2 separate items of the same armor type onto this new legendary to add their existing legendary affixes to it. The 2 existing items that transferred their legendary affix are destroyed in the process and the new one exists with 2 legendary affixes.
  • (example: This new legendary drops, boot version, with regular primary rng rolls and 2 'blank' spots for its secondary affixes. Simply drag any 2 existing boots (say illusory and firewalkers) on top of this new one to 'transfer' their legendary affixes to it. This destroys the 2 old items (illusory and firewalker) and the new one now has those 2 legendary affixes.)

    Good luck at Blizzcon and thanks for reading!

    New items: Whirlwind set - Dune Dervish Caller
    2pc set bonus: Whirlwind deals 40% more damage for every second that you channel. Stacks up to 4 times
    4pc set bonus: allow all runes for Whirlwind.
    6pc set bonus: summon 3 ghostly Dune Dervish that follow you around and damage nearby enemy with whirlwind

    I always love the run like wind build pre ROS. These items will make the DPS up to bar. I think the ghostly Dune Dervish that whirlwind with you is just epic.


    Blessed Hammer set – Whirlpool of Hammers:
    2pc set bonus: allow all runes for Blessed Hammer
    3pc set bonus: Blessed Hammer now cast twice
    4pc set bonus: Blessed Hammer follow you for 20 sec

    When ROS came out I have a Hammersader, I just love the game play of Hammerdin. It would be nice to revive this build. It give u a hammerfield that move around with the character.

    Demon hunter:

    Hungering arrow set - Infinite Hunger:
    2pc set bonus: give Hungering Arrow an 20% additional chance to pierce
    4pc set bonus: shoot 3 Hungering Arrow per cast
    6pc set bonus: allow all runes for Hungering Arrow

    I love infinite Guiding Arrow Amazon in Diablo 2 1.09. This will create build that that similar to it. Couple with Depth Diggers, Buriza-Do Kyanon, The Ninth Cirri Satchel
    and Simplicity's Strength, it makes M6 look like toy.
    Detail break down in: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/14609691176


    Exploding Palm set - Halo of the Heart Breaker(inspire by KaizerSauze):
    2pc set bonus: Exploding Palm last 2 times longer
    4pc set bonus: Exploding Palm death explosion also cast Cyclone Strike
    6pc set bonus: trigger Exploding Palm explosion effect after using Blinding Flash

    Exploding palm is amazing for kill minion, but it is useless against single target. Triggering the explosion after using Blinding Flash enables reliable DPS against single target

    Wave of Light and Inner Sanctuary set - Echo of the Sanctuary(inspire by Khronos in #144):
    2pc set bonus: Inner Sanctuary gains the effect of every rune
    4pc set bonus: Casting Wave of Light on an Inner Sanctuary causes the damage to reverberate and applying the same damage that stack until 5000% weapon damage per second. Last until the inner sanctuary ended
    6pc set bonus: the duration of Inner Sanctuary increase by 1 second every time you cast Wave of Light

    I love the idea of sound echo inside Inner Sanctuary and last forever.

    Witch doctor:

    Gargantuan set - Gargantuan Bats Host:
    2pc set bonus: summon 2 Gargantuans
    3pc set bonus: Wrathful Protector last forever.
    4pc set bonus: Gargantuan is surrounded by Cloud of Bats when you cast Firebats
    5pc set bonus: Range and damage of Firebats is increased by your pack up radius

    You can now seat back and cast Firebats from a distance while enjoy the full damage of Cloud of Bats from Gargantuan. With the fix in The Grin Reaper voodoo mask, it should give us an interesting build.

    Kiss of the Death set – Venomous Kiss of Canine:
    2pc set bonus: 250 int, reduce resource cost for Acid Cloud by 50%
    4pc set bonus: You can have 2 additional Zombie Dog summoned at one time.
    6pc set bonus: Zombie Dog cast Kiss of the Death every time you do

    Close range version of Carnevil Dart build, higher risk but also higher damage potential. The 4pc bonus is also good for pet doctor with Tall man finger.


    Mirror image set - The Grand Illusionist:
    2pc set bonus: 500 int
    4pc set bonus: Mirror Image gain all runes effect
    6pc set bonus: Mirror Image mimic your attack and deal full damage

    I idea of 5 wizard casting spell together with full damage just excite me. I think the effect will be similar to demon hunter M6 build, except instead of stationary pet, it gives mobile one.

    Hydra set – The Sea of Infinite Hydra
    2pc set bonus: casting Hydra summons Arcane, Lighting, Blazing Hydra (ignore rune selected)
    3pc set bonus: you have one extra hydra active at a time
    4pc set bonus: Hydra multiply when they expire, can only occur once

    I hear that real hydra have 9 heads and when one head is cut off two more will growth back.

    Quick fix to current set items:

    5th piece for “might of the earth”
    Set bonus: increase the damage of activating Earthquake by 30% and refresh its duration after casting Seismic Slam

    I love the Leapquake by I don’t think the current gear can provide enough DPS to get pass Grift 35. So I think this new legendary may get the Leapquake build there.

    5th piece for “Immortal King's Call”
    Set bonus: increase the damage of Hammer of Ancients by 300% when Call of the Ancients is active

    5th piece for “The Shadow’s Mantle”
    Set bonus: while under the effect of Shadow Power, Smoke Screen or Vengeance gain 100% damage bonus, 20% bonus to armor and all resistance for 5 sec. Can stack up to 3 times.

    5th piece for “Natalya's Vengeance”
    Set bonus: while under the effect of Rain of Vengeance, enemy take 300% more damage from the castor

    5th piece for “Zunimassa's Haunt”
    Set bonus: Fetish Army gain the effect of all runes

    With Starmetal Kukri no one is using the Zunimassa’s set any more, this give them more incentive to do so. It also buffs Carnevil Fetish Dart build slightly by providing more Fetishs.

    5th piece for “Vyr's Amazing Arcana”
    Set bonus: Increase the duration of Archon by 10 second. Each enemy kill reduce the cool down of Archon by 1 second.

    I always like the the concept of permanent Archon and I want to see this set use together with the Tal rasha set to make a meteor summoning permanent Archon.

    5th piece for “Tal Rasha's Elements”
    5pc set bonus: all Meteor also summon Armored Destroyer that attack for 400% weapon damage and last for 8 seconds

    This add Armored Destroyer tanks for wizard, while increase the damage potential. It could potential open up pet wizard build. However having Armored Destroyer on our side may cause confusion on player. This can may solve by using elemental armored destroyer.

    New Legendary Ring: Master Trapper's Detonator

    Legendary Effect: Spike Traps can only explode 1 time, but now explode instantly.

    New Legendary Helmet: The Tactician's Binoculars

    Legendary Effect: Caltrops are now placed at your cursor.

    New Legendary Amulet: Brother Ghaine's Blessing

    Legendary Effect: Killing an enemy (or assisting) puts a stack of Blessing on you. At 10 stacks, a healing wave pulses outward 30 yards, healing allies for 300% of your Life per Kill. You no longer benefit from Life per Kill.

    New Legendary 1-handed Sword: Lugo the Miner's Shovel

    Rolls 15-20% Poison Damage

    Legendary Effect: Chance when hit to release the stench of the Aqueducts, making enemies within 15 yards flee for 2 seconds.

    Izzucob Redux http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/izzuccob

    Chance on hit to plant a Sticky Trap on your target

    Living Umbral Oath Redux http://us.battle.net/d3/en/artisan/blacksmith/recipe/living-umbral-oath

    Wall of Zombies cast Haunt on a nearby enemy every 2 seconds.



    6 piece Demon Hunter set (name TBD):

    2 pc - +250 DEX
    +1.5 Hatred Regen/sec

    4 pc - +25% Spike Trap Damage
    +25% Fan of Knives Damage

    6 pc - Spike Trap now casts Fan of Knives when triggered (copies Fan of Knives rune)

    4 piece Demon Hunter set, Envoy of Vengeance:

    2 pc - +250 DEX
    Vengeance gains the effect of the Seethe rune

    4 pc - +250 DEX
    Vengeance now lasts 30 seconds

    4 piece Barbarian set (name TBD):

    2 pc - +500 STR
    Wrath of the Berserker gains the effect of the Slaughter rune

    4 pc - +500 VIT
    Ancients summoned by Call of the Ancients will use Wrath of the Berserker when surrounded by 5 or more enemies, or when encountering an elite (120s cooldown, doesn't copy WotB rune effect)

    6 piece Barbarian set Call of the Mountain:

    2 pc - +250 STR

    4 pc - +50% Hammer of the Ancients Damage
    +50% Avalanche Damage

    6 pc - Hammer of the Ancients gains the effect of all runes

    4 piece Monk set (name TBD):

    2 pc - +250 DEX
    Exploding Palm gains the effect of the The Flesh is Weak rune

    4 pc - +250 DEX
    Exploding Palm transfers to up to 3 enemies hit by Exploding Palm's explosion

    6 piece Monk set (name TBD)

    2 pc - +500 DEX

    4 pc - +15% Holy Damage

    6 pc - Summon 2 Holy Avatars to your side that mimic your actions for 25% of the original skill's damage as Holy (meaning if you use LTK, Avatars will use LTK for 189% weapon damage as holy, instead of 755% as physical)

    6 piece Monk set, Minor Enlightenment:

    2 pc - +250 DEX
    Blinding Flash gains the effect of the Self Reflection rune

    4 pc - +250 VIT
    Epiphany gains the effect of the Insight Rune

    6 pc - Epiphany's duration is now 30 seconds.

    6 piece Monk set, Guidance of the Heavenly Invoker

    2 pc - +25% Mystic Ally Damage

    4 pc - Spending 77 spirit reduces the cooldown of Mystic Ally by 7 seconds

    6 piece Witch Doctor set (name TBD):

    2 pc - +250 INT
    +15% Poison Damage

    4 pc - +100% Acid Cloud Damage
    +100% Grasp of the Dead Damage

    6 pc - Enemies killed inside the area of Acid Cloud or Grasp of the Dead explode for 1000% weapon damage as Poison

    4 piece Witch Doctor set, Pack Mentality:

    2 pc - Sacrifice also deals damage equal to 10% of the individual Zombie Dog's maximum health

    4 pc - Sacrifice gains the effects of all runes

    6 piece Witch Doctor set (name TBD):

    2 pc - +250 INT
    +7.5 mana regen/sec

    4 pc - Zombie Charger summons 3 more zombies (same zombies as base skill)

    6 pc - Using Zombie Charger increases INT and attack speed by 5% for 10s, stacks 5 times

    6 piece Wizard set (name TBD):

    2 pc - +250 INT
    +15% Arcane Damage

    4 pc - Arcane Orb now pierces (infinitely)

    6 pc - Arcane Orb now leaves 1 Arcane Mine for every 5 yards traveled (350% weapon damage as Arcane, 8 yard blast radius, .75 second arm time)

    4 piece Wizard set, Lightning Attunement:

    2 pc - +250 INT
    +15% Lightning Damage

    4 pc - While you have any Armor (Ice, Storm, Energy) skill active, lightning strikes enemies within 50 yards for 225% weapon damage as lightning (1.5s interval between strikes)
    +15% Lightning Damage

    5 piece Crusader set Blade from the Heavens:

    2 pc - +500 STR

    4 pc - +50% Falling Sword Damage

    5 pc - Falling Sword gains the effects of all runes

    4 piece Crusader set Zakarum's Mandate:

    2 pc - Active Law duration is increased by 2 seconds (excluding Stop Time)

    4 pc - You and nearby allies gain the base effect of all Laws



    Gem of (name TBD):

    Rank 1 - 25% (+1.0% per rank) chance on hit to increase armor by 3%. Stacks 10 times, lasts 5 seconds.

    Rank 25 - Increase All Resistances by 1% of your armor. (Alternatively; +20 All Resistance per stack)

    Gem of the Raging Flames:

    Rank 1 - 15% chance on hit to create a ring of fire around you dealing 100%(+10% per rank, 15 yard radius) weapon damage as fire over 5 seconds, stacks 5 times.

    Rank 25 - You explode when you reach 5 stacks, dealing 1000% weapon damage as fire in a 24 yard radius.

    Gem of (element) Prowess:

    Rank 1 - Increases (fire, ice, lightning, poison) damage by 5%(+.40% per rank).

    Rank 25 - Decreases damage taken from (fire, ice, lightning, poison) damage by 25%.

    Gem of Physical Strength:

    Rank 1 - Increases Physical Damage by 10%(+.30% per rank).

    Rank 25 - 15% chance when hit to reduce all damage taken by 20%(10s duration, 20s cooldown).
    I have named all 50 items created here (assuming I counted correctly? I keep adding more and may have lost track), even though a blue poster said they would be decided later...feel free to change them, I just wanted to give the idea an identity is all.

    WD Legendaries:
    Garb of Spiritual Steel (Chest)
    - Upon leaving Spirit walk, your armor is increased by 50% for X seconds.
    Ritual Robe of Quills (Chest)
    - Your zombie dog(s)grow quills on their spines, and shoot them from up to 30 yards away. (Potentially piercing, helps with dogs being unable to get in melee with fetishes)
    Grave Guard (Chest)
    - A zombie hangs from your back, absorbing 20% of the damage taken from behind.
    Guardian String (Amulet)
    - Casting Hex places a protective ward of bones around you, preventing any single attack if its damage is more than X% of your max HP. One Charge per cast. (Initially put 70%, but Blizzard has math wizards, so I'd let them do that part)
    Voodoo of Voodoos (Head)
    - Your Big bad Voodoo's base effect follows you around as an aura which affects both you and allies within 20 yards of you. (This frees WDs up utility wise in many ways. Base effect is not duplicated through regular voodoo. Base effect = no rune)
    Volatile Grips (Hands)
    - Your jar from using corpse spiders causes an explosion of venom when it breaks, dealing X% weapon damage and slowing all enemies within 8 yards of the target. (Utility and AoE to a spell I feel has potential)
    Flesh Force (Ring)
    - Your wall of zombies now encircle where you stand, and share their life force with you, granting you substantial healing abilities (up to you guys!)
    Spirit Ashes (I don't know)
    - Your fire spells which cost mana damage enemies for X% fire damage over 5 seconds. Every second they burn, their movement speed is reduced by an extra 20%. After 5 seconds, they will be rooted and explode for X% fire damage in a 5 yards radius before regaining movement. (quite wordy, I know. Give it a visible or hidden DR as well, perhaps.)
    Tribal Storm Dancers (Leggings)
    - Your Fetish Army is now summoned on your cursor, raining down on the area dealing X% weapon damage as lightning in an 8 yard radius each. (stacks with the cold rune. Whatever it's called).
    Ethereal Travelers (Boots)
    - Spirit Walk also teleports you up to 40 yards, Damaging all enemies within 10 yards of the arrival area for X. (Damage is optional)
    Visitation (Boots)
    - Your Spirt Walk no longer grants you complete immunity. Instead, you are possessed by a powerful spirit from the unformed lands for 8 seconds.. (granting you the ability to walk through enemies unhindered, take X% less damage, and Pulsing a freezing aura to all enemies within 15 yards for X% weapon damage every second.)
    Hell's Pact (Boots)
    - Your Gargantuan loses his flesh, grows in size, strength, and gaining the ability to charge for large amounts of damage. (Makes non-wrathful protectors awesome, and wrathful protectors monsters) >:{D

    Below are ones I wrote down while playing. Figured that items should affect passives !
    Claws of the Forgotten Depths (Hands)
    - Grasp of the dead pulls up to 4 enemies inside it into the ground, rooting them for 2 seconds. Those rooted this way take an immediate X% weapon damage upon submerging. (was thinking over 500%)
    Bag of Evil Feed (Off-hand)
    - Rain of toads has a 35% chance to drop an additional giant frog which deals X% weapon damage in a 15 yard radius.
    Ignition (Ring)
    - Your pyrogeist is no longer limited to 3, and deals splash damage.
    Mad Man's Visage (Head)
    - Your zombie dogs now cleave for X% weapon damage as well.
    Sash of Maddening Afterlife (Belt)
    - Ghost Bomb spawns a rampaging spirit for X seconds.
    Swamp Attunement (Ring)
    - Wave of Mutilation is now channeled, and costs X% less mana.
    Paralytic Tamer Gloves (Hands)
    - Snake to the face explodes on contact, dealing moderate damage in a small area and spawning a snake which has a chance to stun enemies it hits.
    Tingling Corpse (Off-hand)...hand.
    - Your corpse spiders now all release spider queens instead, each with effects unique to your rune choice. Spider queen limit increased to X. (3-5 maybe)
    Ceremonial Jewel of Patience (Amulet)
    - Explosive, Piercing, addling and Affinity toads no longer expire after time. Instead, up to 10 of them will follow you and attack the next target they see. (they lock on)
    Drawing From the Flame (Ring)
    - Dire bats no longer costs mana.
    Inferno Woven Legguards (Leggings)
    - Fire Pit pools become 300% larger and actually deal damage.
    Fire Juggler (Gloves)
    - Flash Fire now splashes, and no longer diminishes in damage per bounce.
    Gatherer of Flesh (1H dagger)
    - Death is Life may now only spawn a random Gargantuan, up to a maximum of 3. (each subject to their rune limitations such as time)
    Robe of the Devoted Dead (Chest)
    - Fierce Loyalty causes your Fetish Army to last X additional seconds, and all your pets benefit from your Life on Kill.
    Lightning Ghoul Flesh (Shoulder)
    - Wall of Zombies turns into a wall of super fast zombies, firing electricity at nearby enemies and blocking projectiles. (they remain a wall)
    Leg Wraps of the Unformed General
    - Your Fetishes gain the ability to use formations.
    Formation 1: Encirclement - Your fetishes equip spears, gain 5 yards of melee range, and encircle you. Leash range is limited to 10 yards.
    Formation 2: Dueling - Your fetishes try to find an individual target to attack within 40 yards. If there are none, they will assist one of their allies.
    Formation 3: Default Melee - Normal Fetishes.
    Jewel of Reinforcement (Ring)
    - Physical Attunement also increases armor by X(%) per enemy within 20 yards, and reacts to your pets as well.
    The Red Ritual
    - Blood Ritual grants fetishes the ability to bleed their target for X weapon damage as physical over Y seconds. Z% of the damage done is added to your health pool. (Bear with me, I don't do the whole ZYX thing a lot)
    The Doctor's Mojo (Off-Hand)
    - Bad Medicine also reduces the targets attack and movement speed by X%.

    ----> NON-WD STUFF AHEAD. <----

    Sanctuary of Victory (Shield)
    - If your HP is at 100%, your Life Per Kill will instead create an absorption shield on you, up to a maximum of 20-30% of your max life for 30 seconds. (My initial idea was for Life on hit to work as well, but felt that the effect should be rewarded upon successfully killing things rather than simply absorbing everything.)
    Prisoner's Key (Ring)
    - Effects which are meant to slow you will increase your speed by X-Y% instead.
    - X% chance to ignore roots and stuns.
    Warden Gauntlets (Gloves)
    - Enemies who hit you have an X% chance to take Y% weapon damage and be jailed in place for 2 seconds.
    Ring of Elemental Siphoning. (Ring) (Name can change based on type, or be unique with same name)

    When a player takes damage from a specified element, they gain a short term buff. Below are possible affixes, limited to one per ring:

    Poison: All resistances increased by 20% for 30 seconds seconds. Reduces poison damage taken by 10%.
    Lightning: Life regeneration increased by 2.5% of your max health per second for 30 seconds. Reduces lightning damage taken by 10%
    Fire: Damage increased by 10% for 30 seconds. Reduces fire damage taken by 10%.
    Cold/Ice: Armor increased by 20% for 30 seconds. Reduces Ice/cold damage taken by 10%.
    Arcane: Chance to dodge increased by 10% for 30 seconds. Reduces arcane damage taken by 10%.

    latter effect (reduced damage taken) is passive.
    Chestguard of the Timeless Awakener (Chest)
    - Upon reaching 10% health, your movement speed and damage taken are reduced by 80-90%, you cannot attack, and you gain 40,000-45,000 life per second for 6 seconds. This effect has an X second cooldown.
    Thundering Stompers (Feet)
    - Lightning pulses from you towards a random enemy within 30 yards for 200% weapon damage every second while you are moving.
    - Movement speed is increased by 20% while within 50 yards of an elite.
    Fortitude of the Giants (Shoulders)
    - If above 80-90% health, you may not die within .5 seconds. his effect has a X second cooldown. (can't be 1-shot. is not meant as a regular cheat death mechanic)
    - +10% max life and slightly increased character size. (passive)
    Putrid Fingertips (Hands)
    - Landing a critical hit will splatter the target area with poison, dealing X% weapon damage as poison to all enemies within 15 yards.
    - +8-15% poison damage.
    The Unforseen Price (Head)
    - Grants a spell slot at the cost of your potion.
    - You lose the ability to use your potion.
    (Your new spell slot goes where your potion previously was)
    Symbol of Status (Amulet)
    - While in combat with an elite pack, you will spawn one of the following units every 10 seconds up to a maximum of 6-8. (<--stat roll)
    Foot soldiers: deal 50% weapon damage, and have 100% of your toughness.
    Spearmen: deal 80% weapon damage, and have 60% of your toughness.
    Bowmen: Deal 80% weapon damage, and have 30% of your toughness.
    Wild Chains (Belt)
    - Randomly whips an enemy within 5 yards for 180% weapon damage every 1 second, increasing your attack speed by 1% for 4 seconds stacking up to 10 times. taunts all enemies within 10 yards to attack you at 10 stacks.
    Infused Fortress (Shield)
    - Taking damage while standing still increases your armor by 100, up to a maximum of 600-700 additional armor. Upon moving, the stack of armor fades, granting you 600-1000% of that armor as life regeneration for 10 seconds.
    Life regen may not occur more than once every 30 seconds.
    Stalwart Reflection (Gem)
    - Absorbs 8% of all damage taken (+ .20% per level)
    - Rank 25: damage absorbed is amplified by your weapon damage and reflected.
    Chaos Archon (1H Beam Sword)
    - 2-3 short beams rotate around the user, hitting enemies within 7-10 yards for 120% lightning/arcane weapon damage as second each. (the randomized stat is not damage. I think that's boring.)
    - +200 resist all elements (is a nice change up to be on a weapon now and then.)
    Tormented Protector (Staff)
    - Upon using a potion or finding a health globe while below 40% HP, a corrupted angel will cme to your aid, granting you 50% reduction to all elements for 6 seconds. The angel will fight beside you for 30 seconds or until it dies.
    This effect may only occur once every 60 seconds.

    I don't have the livestream, so luckily the suspense will not kill me in real time.
    This is my submission for the Legendary Workshop. I have played almost exclusively Wizard following on from playing sorceress in Diablo 2. This means most of my suggestions are targeted towards Wizard builds/skills.

    First are my suggestions for some fun Skill modifiers to add new builds or some interesting interactions:

    When you hit an Arcane Orb with a Disintegrate beam, the Arcane Orb explodes into a Black Hole.
    [This effect only occurs if both damage sources come from the same Wizard to avoid annoying other wizards].

    Whenever a Mirror image uses a Skill, increase the damage of the next copy of that skill you cast by (numbers need fiddling) 5%. This effect stacks up to 10 times.
    [Mirror image is my favourite skill in the game and I would love to see it in more builds. I was disappointed in the legendary affix which gives mirror image a chance to copy when they die, so this is my idea to create a new version. Another variation would be to reduce the cooldown on a specific skill when your images cast that skill, but increased damage feels more exciting.]

    Activating Magic Weapon summons a Spectral copy of your weapon to fight for you for the duration of the skill.
    [A classic spell from D&D would be a nice little addition to this skill.]

    Shock pulse now homes in on enemies.
    [Very simple but this skill needs some love and it's very unsatisfying with its randomness right now. A similar effect to the changes to energy twister.]

    Familiar now summons a familiar of each rune type.
    [Having every familiar floating round your head would be a cool effect. The multiple buffs would give some of the less used runes a little love].

    Each projectile affected by impactful wave turns into an arcane orb.
    [A very exciting effect, this would be too random for high end builds but the feeling of sending 20 or so orbs screaming back at your enemies would be awesome. Each orb would most likely have to be tuned in size to reduce the craziness a little.]

    Spectral blades now casts in a 360 degree angle around you.
    [A natural effect for this skill, but quite interesting for the melee build when you find yourself surrounded.]

    When ray of frost hits an enemy it splits into 5 beams which pierce enemies.
    [The current legendary affix for this skill is somewhat underwhelming since it effectively makes fingers of frost into a cold disintegrate. This version (which I recommend be on an item called fingers of frost) would give a more unique feel to this abilities legendary effect.]

    The next few suggestions are to help create a multi-element build to make better use of the Tal-Rasha's set, Triumverate and many lesser used passives.

    Reduce the cost of each skill by (numbers need fiddling) 5 arcane power for each different damage type amongst skills used in the last 10 seconds.
    [This is admittedly awkwardly worded but the idea is to give a slight buff if you use one element but large buff if you are using a selection of different elements.]

    Elemental damage on items increases the damage of all other (class specific) damage types by (numbers need fiddling) 30% - 60%.
    [Currently Diablo has a problem in my mind to force players down single damage builds. This would be a short term solution to that problem, allowing you to have reasonable buffs to off-element skills. The big thing for this build is it makes very good use of the Tal Rasha set and Triumvirate since you gain an extra 150% bonus to each element and sets up the free meteors very nicely.]

    Arcane Orb gains every Wizard damage type, and the elemental effects of the Spark, Scorch and Frozen runes. Adds a 10 second CD.
    [This ability needs work, in fact this might not even be the right ability for this build. But to make a multi-elemental build truly competitive, a multi-element attack seems natural as it provides some very exciting synergies. The rune effects I am referring to are the fire trail, frost aoe and electrocute from those runes. Again it might be the case that arcane orb is not the best choice for this effect, perhaps meteor would be better? But The build needs a key skill and Arcane Orb seems a good choice.]

    Choosing the Cold-blooded, Conflagration, Paralysis or Temporal flux passive give you the effect of all four.
    [All these passives are under-used so I thought this build could make good use of them. It's possible this effect go onto an amulet to avoid confusion surrounding the Hellfire amulet affix.]

    Finally here's a couple of fun silly abilities:

    The glass cannon passive causes you to shatter when you die.

    Damage dealt to your Diamond skin drops as gold.

    Thank you for reading through my suggestions. This is a game I would love to see thrive in the future and the big build changing/creating legendaries are a big part of what makes the game really exciting.
    Legendary Power Ideas

    Return of the Mack - Legendary Amulet
    Chance on attack to summon a dead hardcore hero from your Hall for 15 seconds

    Hands of the Maker - Legendary Gloves
    Your generator increases your corresponding +elemental damage by 10% for 10 seconds (stacks to 5)

    Covetous's Barrel - Legendary Chest
    When reduced below 25% health, Covetous' barrel automagically activates reducing damage taken and movement speed by 90% for 5 seconds. (60 sec ICD)

    Goblin Internship - Legendary Ring
    Goblin Intern pickups all blue and yellows and drops them off in town next to your stash (after taking a 20% cut!)

    Mirror Shield - Legendary Sheild
    Redirect incoming projectiles away at the nearest enemy

    Emperor's Robe - Legendary Chest
    Increase dodge by 50% and Movement Speed and Attack speed by 25% when wearing no pants

    Jewelers' Monocle - Legendary 2h Mace
    Increase all active legendary gems by 10 levels, and double their secondary effect

    Rainbow Filter - Legendary Ring (7 property ring)
    Converts all gem drops to the type socketed in the ring

    Gentleman's Cuffs - Legendary Bracer
    Doubles the effect of your first passive

    Rainbow Pads - Legendary Shoulders
    Increase damage in town by 1000%

    Scout Shield - Legendary Shield
    Gain Movement Speed % equal to double your total Block % (exceeds cap)

    Nephalem Capacitance - Legendary Amulet
    Every resource generating attack at full resource reduces all cooldowns by 1 second

    Twin Universes - Legendary Ring Set
    Bypasses unique equipped restriction (weapons only)

    Titans Grip - Legendary Set - Gloves + Amulet
    Wield 2H weapon in each hand
    New Demon Hunter set. I'll leave the name of the items up to you Blizzard. I'll just provide the effects. This set was designed for players like me who were or are still fans of Rapid Fire. For now, I had no choice but to opt for the M6 build since that's the best at the moment, but if you give us this, I'll gladly drop the M6 in a heart beat.

    +500 Dexterity

    Rapid Fire gains the effect of every rune. All of Rapid Fire's arrows are automatic critical hits.

    *The animation will be whatever the base rune is.
    **Bombardment Rune's explosions will still happen on point of impact when the arrows hit something.
    ***Every single projectile is a 100% guaranteed critical. Regardless of the Demon Hunter's critical chance.

    Using Rapid Fire deploys a permanent, indestructible 360° barrier that keeps all enemies away for 20 yards for as long as Rapid Fire is channeled.

    *The barrier will have the same "bubble" look like the Wizard's Slow Time skill.
    **The barrier activates instantaneously as soon as Rapid Fire is used and also de-activates at the same speed. The barrier doesn't consume resource.
    ***Mobs that teleport or jump won't be able to go through the barrier. It will be like they hit the stage's boundary wall. The barrier is a near guaranteed, impenetrable safe zone for as long as it's up. If cast in the middle of a mob, all of them will be knocked back for 20 yards from the Demon Hunter. The knock-back from the barrier bypasses any immunity the mobs may have against knock-back effects.
    ****Party members can enter and exit the barrier anytime. This will promote cooperation and proper team-play. The barrier can be helpful when reviving a dead party member. The Demon Hunter will deploy the barrier while a friend tries to revive the dead one. Party members who need time for their potions to finish cool-down or to simply regen their health can stay in the barrier until they're good to go.
    *****Enemy abilities that target anywhere on the map like Wormhole, Arcane Sentry and Jailer can still go through the barrier. Enemy projectiles like arrows, vortex, Butcher's Hooks, and fireballs (even Malthael's) will not. This feature will keep this set from being too broken and will still encourage tactical movements.
    Content (ideas):
    1. General itemization
    2. Legendary gems
    3. Multi-class legendary powers
    4. Barbarian-specific powers

    More ideas posted by fellow Barbarians can be found here:


    Add a socket to jewelry and belts.
    Legendary gems can now be inserted into belts.
    Implement a way that adds sockets to jewelry and belt, outside of enchanting (if not to all gear slots). Belts are an ideal candidate for the #4 legendary gem slot. By the way, all slots should be able to have sockets. There are enough gem drops for that.

    Myriam´s Magical Bonboniere
    Allows you to reroll a secondary stat on a single item into a random primary one.
    Opens up room for even more amazing items. Yes, I intend to bribe the lady with chocolate. I may be totally wrong, but she seems susceptible to that.


    Area Bomberman 52
  • Active: Gain an additonal 5% chance to trigger Area Damage.
    (+0.9% chance per rank)
  • Passive: Increase the Area Damage value granted by gear by 50%.
    (+2.0% per rank after 25)
  • This stat is currently overlooked on gear and pretty much only appears from paragon points. The passive effect thus only boosts the gear and Demon´s Hide set bonus values, not the paragon portion. The suggested scaling results in doubled chance to proc with a doubled value from gear at rank 50, which should be competitive. The name is a reference to Atomic Bomberman and B52 bombers.

    Always Angry Green Giant´s Reach
  • Active: Increase the area of effect of secondary skills by 20%. Single target skills gain a chance to affect a nearby enemy. (+0.6% per rank)
  • Passive:
    (a) Critical hits from secondary skills have a chance to generate 2% of maximum primary resource. (+0.12% per rank after 25)
    (b): Every subsequent secondary skill cast within 3 seconds has its resource cost reduced by 5%. (+0.2% per rank after 25)
  • An attempt to increase the viability of main resource spenders in endgame. Note that the effect can apply to a particular group of skills or all damage dealing skills.
    Explanation of passive effect (b): Timer starts after the initial cast of your skill and further casts within the time window stack more resource cost reduction. Second cast = baseline cost * 0.95, third cast = baseline cost * 0.95 * 0.95 etc. Stacks up to 10 times (0.95^10 = 0.5987).
    The name´s a reference to Bruce Banner (The Hulk) in the Avengers movie.


    Take action, not cooldowns!
    Gain a 50% damage bonus if you have 5 non-cooldown skills equipped.
    Waiting´s my style!
    Gain a 50% damage bonus if you have 5 cooldown skills equipped.
    What type of player are you?

    Mano a mano
    Melee attacks deal double their weapon damage if there are no enemies within 20 yards around the target.
    For manly men in RG encounters who aren´t afraid of close combat.

    Your channeling skills deal 10% more damage for every half second that you channel. Stacks up to 10 times.
    A separate multiplicative bonus to Whirlwind, Strafe, Rapid Fire, Ray of Frost, Disintegrate, Archon Disintegration Wave, Firebats and Tempest Rush.

    Skewed Scope
    The distance activation requirement of passive skills is reduced by 50%.
    This power significantly improves the uptime (efficiency) of a special group of distance-related passives:
    > Brawler, Determination, Audacity, Circle of Life, Grave Injustice and Physical Attunement would have their distance values divided by 0.5, which means the yard values are doubled. For example Brawler would activate with 3 enemies within 24 yards instead of 12 yards around you.
    > No Escape, Single Out, Steady Aim and Momentum would have their distance values multiplied by 0.5, which means the yard values are halved. For example Single Out´s bonus would apply to a target if there are no other enemies within 10 yards of the target instead of 20 yards.

    Gain a bonus based on your off-hand equipment:
  • 1-Handed Weapon: Triples the dual-wielding attack speed bonus.
  • Shield: Doubles the shield´s block chance.
  • Crusader Shield: 30% resource cost reduction.
  • Mojo: 20% cooldown reduction.
  • Orb: 30% to your highest elemental bonus.
  • Quiver: 25% bonus to resource generation.
  • Could also be called "Off-Hand Master"; inspired by Weapons Master, Archery, Heavenly Strength and Fervor. The individual bonuses are up for discussion.

    Speedy G Squeakers
    Increase the movement speed bonus from skills by 50% and gain a primary attribute bonus equal to 30% of your movement speed bonus.
    A reference to Speedy Gonzales, the fastest mouse of Mexico. By the way, remove the MS cap.

    Overcoming Disinterest
    Increase the potency of secondary item properties:
  • Ignores Durability Loss
  • Reduced Level Requirement
  • Thorns
  • Bonus Experience per Kill.
  • Attempting to improve the attractiveness and viability of the usually undesirable secondary stats.

    Ignores Durability Loss
    Armor slot:
    (a) Gain 5% damage reduction for every indestructible armor piece you equip.
    (b) Gain a 4% chance to completely withstand an attack for every indestructible armor piece you equip.
    (c) Ignores Durability Loss now also doubles the armor value of the item.
    Weapon slot: Increase the effect of a socketed gem by 50%.
    This affix implies armor that withstands blows without a scratch and a more durable armor evokes less incoming damage or withstanding a blow completely. The idea behind improved gems is that they do not get damaged and emanate their full power. Possible synergy with http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/spaulders-of-zakara

    Reduced Level Requirement
    Armor slot: This item also grants a movement speed bonus equal to 1/5 of the level requirement reduction value.
    Weapon slot: This item also grants an attack speed increase bonus equal to 1/3 the level requirement reduction value.
    If a less powerful character can equip a piece of equipment, one logical cause could be that it weights less, which should translate to better mobility and swinging speed for the more powerful characters who are utilizing the same equipment.
    Explanation: The stat range is 2-30 levels. A max rolled item would grant 6% movement speed (armor) and 10% attack speed (weapon).

    Gain additional primary attribute equal to 5% of your Thorns damage.
    Let´s say you have 2000 Thorns damage on your shoulders, 3498 on your chest armor and 4000 from the Invoker 2 set bonus. The legendary power would grant your Crusader 9498/20 = 474.9 more Strength, which in turn boosts actual Thorns damage dealt to enemies. If needed, the legendary power could disable Thorns hurting monsters (the damage dealing portion) and only leave the stat increasing portion. Thorns would no longer be a running joke in the D3 item design.

    Bonus Experience per Kill
  • Armor slot: Killing or assisting in killing an enemy grants a Vitality, Life per Hit and Life per Resource Spent bonus equal to 2.5% of your armor´s bonus XP per kill value for 15 seconds.
  • Weapon slot: Killing or assisting in killing an elite enemy grants an elite damage bonus equal to 5% of your weapon´s bonus XP per kill value for 60 seconds.
  • Basically any temporary on kill bonus will do. At the very least, please add this bonus to base monster XP before the multipliers or it will stay useless.


  • Ground Stomp causes an Avalanche. (Mighty Belt)
  • Threatening Shout casts Avalanche at your location. (Chest Armor)
  • Seismic Slam has a chance to cast Avalanche at your cursor´s location. (Bracers)
  • Reasoning: Stomp shares its animation with Avalanche just like Leap with Earthquake, which means much easier coding. Both Stomp and Shout make sense as Ava-causes in the wilderness. Slam is missing ranged damage support.

    All effects would apply the runed Avalanche variant and be on cast procs, guaranteed on Stomp and Shout, with a lower chance on Slam because it has no cooldown. Avalanche is a solid leveling skill but its damage:cooldown ratio simply doesn´t cut it in endgame compared to a behemoth like LeapQuake.

    These items could form a set with a 25% cooldown bonus to Avalanche, Stomp and Shout to further improve its efficiency.

    Melee Overdrive Project
    Unlock all Rend, Whirlwind and Hammer of the Ancients runes and triple their weapon damage for 10 seconds upon encountering an elite enemy. Your character is stunned for 2.5 seconds afterwards.
    The recoil stun is unaffected by CC immunity and can only be lowered by CC reduction. There are various other recoil-like effects that could be applied like an armor or healing penalty.

    A Hole in One
    Hammer of the Ancients attacks have a chance to pull in enemies from 24 yards away to the impact location.
    HotA´s biggest drawback is its small area of effect.

    Piercing Pin
    Ancient Spear critical hits cause Bloodbath. Bleeding enemies have a 10% increased chance to be critically hit.
    Ranged damage support.


    Thanks for reading.

    ( •_•)>⌐■-■

    Good luck with the workshop and have fun at BlizzCon.
    “Prologue” – I can not know what is balanced, so I use variables where ‘balanced numbers’ would ordinarily belong. In the case of gems, X is reserved for the factor to be changed by rank. Some of these may exist already – I haven’t exactly searched the database, so I apologize for those. Also, I’m horrible at coming up with names, but blizzard is pretty good at that so I leave it to them…


    Gem of Obscurity
    When struck, reduces the casting and attack range of the attacker to Y yards for X seconds.
    Rank 25 – Applies the Jailer effect to all enemies within Y yards when you use a primary ability.

    Gem of Gems
    Increases the effect of all socketed gems by X%.
    Rank 25 – removes the rank 25 requirement for all legendary gems.

    Gem of Absorption
    Every Y seconds, absorb X% of the damage of the last elemental damage type received (i.e. not absorbed or otherwise shielded) for the next Y seconds.
    Rank 25 – emit an explosion every Y seconds for the amount of damage absorbed.

    Gem of Evasion
    Increases movement speed by X and out-of-combat movement speed by 10X.
    Rank 25 – Your movement is no longer blocked by enemies.

    Gem of Omnipresence
    Increases all area effect areas by X% of your gold and health globe pickup range
    Rank 25 – Your chance to deliver area damage on hit is elevated to 100%

    Gem of Shady Dealings
    Attacks for more than Y% of your health instead are reduced to Y% but deduct X% of the difference from your gold.
    Rank 25 – When the assailing enemy dies, it drops twice the deducted gold

    Gem of Selective Memory
    You have an X% chance on hit to instantly recast any active ability in cooldown (does not add to the remaining cooldown time and has no resource cost)
    Rank 25 – Casting any ability with a cooldown cuts all other remaining cooldowns in half

    Set Bonuses

    Chain Set
    Set(2) – Chance on hit for your target to explode for 100% weapon damage to all enemies within 10 yards. This can only occur once every 5 seconds.
    Set(3) – 0.5 seconds after the explosion, all effected enemies also explode for 10% weapon damage to all enemies within 20 yards.
    Set(4) – If the original target is still alive, 0.5 seconds after the second explosion all effected enemies are pulled to the original target.
    Set(5) – If the original target is still alive, 0.5 seconds after the enemies are pulled in the original target explodes for 500% weapon damage
    Set(6) – The third explosion stuns all effected enemies for 0.5 seconds for each enemy killed during the chain of events

    Charge Set
    Set(2) – Increases resource generation by 10%
    Set(4) – Any change in resources grants an increase in critical hit damage equal to the percent change, for 3 seconds (stacks indefinitely, but stacks do not refresh the countdown).
    Set(6) – When your primary resource is fully depleted all hits are guaranteed critical hits for the next 5 seconds.

    Power Set
    Set(2) – +X experience on kill
    Set(4) – Increases experience gains by Y%
    Set(6) – Fully killing an elite pack occasionally gains an entire level

    Rivalry Set
    Set(2) – chance on hit to cast arcane sentry, desecration, frozen pulse, poison enchantment, or thunderstorm.
    Set(4) – damage type is changed to your max elemental damage type

    Legendary Items

    You have an additional Y% chance of applying the critical effects of any non-critical hit (includes critical damage increase).

    Raises all of your non-zero elemental damage increases to your maximum elemental damage amount. (i.e. if you have +20% fire damage and +7% physical damage, you will have +20% fire and +20% physical, with this affix)

    Reverse Osmosis
    All of your elemental damage increases are summed and redistributed to your highest.

    Your followers and pets gain Y% of your cooldown reduction, health regeneration, and life on hit.

    Follower Trinkets
    Templar – Grants the Templar the Crusader passive “Heavenly Strength”
    Scoundrel – Grants the Scoundrel the Demon Hunter passive “Sharpshooter”
    Enchantress – Grants the Enchantress the Wizard passive “Evocation”

    When fully absorbing, blocking, or dodging any attack by an enemy, you absorb, block, or dodge all attacks from all enemies of that type for the next 5 seconds. You can only adapt to one type of enemy every 5 seconds.

    Chance when casting any defensive ability to resurrect all enemy corpses within 25 yards to fight for you for Y seconds.

    Reduces all cooldowns of your active abilities that are below Y seconds to the lowest non-zero cooldown among your active abilities, and reduces all cooldowns above Y seconds to Y seconds.

    Chance when using any area damage ability that affects less than three targets to do 300% damage.
    These are my ideas to submit. I've designed them as full items, some down to the flavor text, but you're welcome to crib any specific abilties to workshop. I've included 4 normal legendaries, one each offensive, defensive, utility/economic, and consumable. I've also included an 8 item "D2 Throwback cycle" consisting of 6 class-specific items that reference abilities of the original D2 classes plus 2 non-class items referencing the expansion characters.

    I've left most of the specific values that would be tweaked for balance/power reasons as XYZ variables, but the concepts are all clear.

    Also, I'm not sure what Blizzard's policies are regarding IP and quoting/referencing things, but these include Tennesee Ford lyrics and references to Hellraiser and The Colbert Report. So there's that.

    General New Items

    Snap-pants of Power - Pants
  • +str/dex/int
  • Sockets(2)
  • You deal X% additional damage for every Y% of your total equipped items durability missing, up to Z%
  • +3 random properties
  • "'Well, if it's going to be that kind of party...' - Lyndon the Scoundrel"

    Bedazzled Breastplate - Chest Armor
  • +str/dex/int
  • Sockets(3)
  • Gems socketed in this item provide the bonuses from every gem color
  • +3 random properties
  • (Flavor text.)

    Dented Mining Helmet - Helm
  • +str/dex/int
  • Sockets(1)
  • Whenever a gem drops another gem will drop matching the color of the socketed gem
  • +3 random properties
  • "'If the right one don't get you then the left one will.' - Last words of Tashun the Miner"

    Puzzle Box of Laments - Consumable
    Use this item to remove the enchanted flag from a piece of equipment, allowing it to be enchanted again as if new. This item is destroyed in the process.

    My 8 Item "D2 Throwback Cycle"

    Skull of the Sorceress - Mojo
  • +int
  • +max mana
  • X% of damage taken is instead aborbed by your mana, consuming (7.5 - 15) mana for each percent of your maximum health redirected
  • (Note: base max mana at 70 is 750, hence the conversion rate)
  • +3 random properties
  • "This sorceress still has magical secrets in her head, but it seems they couldn't protect her forever."

    Heart of the Iron Golem - Orb
  • +int
  • +cooldown reduction
  • Enemies you damage while Diamond Skin is active take X% additional damage from all sources for Y seconds
  • +3 random properties
  • "Ancient magic to amplify damage had saturated this hunk of metal, waiting for the right form to unlock it."

    Valkyrie Wings - Cloak
  • +dex
  • Sockets(3)
  • Activating Companion creates a shining duplicate of yourself, which lasts for X seconds and deals Y% of your damage
  • +3 random properties
  • (Flavor text.)

    Fanatic's Reach - Crusader Shield
  • +str
  • +cooldown reduction
  • Empowering a law increases the damage of all affected party members by X% for its empowered duration
  • +3 random properties
  • (Flavor text.)

    Chain of Corpses - Spirit Stone
  • +dex
  • Sockets(1)
  • When Exploding Palm explodes or expires it is applied to X nearby enemies. Affected enemies may also trigger new applications.
  • +3 random properties
  • "'My mentor did it better than any martial artist.' - Mehtan the Necromancer"

    Arreat's War Cry - Mighty Belt
  • +str
  • Enemies affected by threatening shout take X% weapon damage as physical and are stunned for Y seconds
  • +4 random properties
  • (Flavor text.)

    Grizzly Pelt Mantle - Shoulders
  • +str/dex/int
  • As long as there are X enemies within Y yards of you Polar Bears are summoned to attack them
  • (Note: casts Zombie Charger-Lumbering Cold at your APS as long as the condition is met)
  • +4 random properties
  • "'Forget summoning wolves, the undead, or even demons. Bears are the most dangerous thing imaginable.' - Stephen the Hierophant"

    Phoenix Talons - Boots
  • +str/dex/int
  • Elemental skills have a chance to trigger a powerful attack. Fire skills trigger Meteor, Lightning skills trigger Chain Lightning, and Cold skills trigger Frozen Orb.
  • +4 random properties
  • "Legend has it the original owner used these boots to repeatedly kick her demonic foes, and as a result they absorbed various types of magic."
    Legendary sets with legendary powers. I got burnt out from all the thinking and planning, so I couldn’t finish the other three classes(SORRY!). So, here is the Barbarian, Witch Doctor and Crusader Legendary Powers/Sets.

    I had to use some graphical context, simply because it is a lot easier for me to visualize what the Legendary Powers will be and how they will function.

    BARBARIAN = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Fortitudo (8 set piece)

    (Head) Hoc est Praesentia
    (Shoulders) Hoc est Robus
    (Torso) Hoc est Birtus
    (Wrists) Hoc est Ferreus
    (Hands) Hoc est Lacertus
    (Waist) Hoc est Nervus
    (Feet) Hoc est Munitum
    (Jewelry) Hoc est Ecficacitas (Amulet)

    (2) Set:
    +250 to Strength
    (4) Set:
    +100 Resistance to All Elements
    +250 to Vitality
    (6) Set:
    Warcry gains all rune effect (Barbarian only)
    Reduces damage from elites by 10%
    Reduces damage from range attackers by 10%
    Reduces damage from melee attackers by 10%
    (8) Set:
    Casting Ignore Pain while under the effects of War Cry and Battle Rage, all enemies within 30 yards are taunted for 6 seconds. A shockwave occurs every 2 seconds dealing 800% weapon damage as physical within 10 yards. Lasts 8 seconds (Barbarian only)

    Insurmountable Fury (8 set piece)

    (Head) Seething Animosity
    (Shoulders) Hinges of the Unfazed
    (Torso) Praefuro of the Accountable
    (Wrists) Carpi Temperance
    (Hands) Wrathmitten
    (Feet) Threads of Frenzy
    (Weapon) Irascor the Heavenly (Mighty Weapon)
    (Weapon) Iracundia the Merciful (Mighty Weapon)

    (2) Set:
    +250 to Strength
    (4) Set:
    +250 to Vitality
    Gain 500 Life per Fury spent. (Barbarian only)
    Increases Fury Regeneration by 5 per second (Barbarian only)
    (6) Set:
    Wrath of the Berserker’s cooldown is reduced by 20 seconds (Barbarian only)
    Using Wrath of the Berserker while Call of the Ancients is in effect, each Ancients’ attack and movement are increased by 25%. Lasts 20 seconds (Barbarian only)
    (8) Set:
    Frenzy gains all rune effect (Barbarian only)
    Your critical hit has a 25% chance to reduce your Wrath of the Berserker’s cooldown by 1 (Barbarian only)

    The Illusive Coagmentum (8 set piece)

    (Head) The Summit
    (Shoulders) The Template
    (Torso) The Foundation
    (Wrists) The Shelter
    (Hands) The Foothold
    (Feet) The Pathway
    (Weapon) The Extension (Mighty Weapon)
    (Weapon) The Contact (Mighty Weapon)

    (2) Set:
    +250 to Strength
    (4) Set:
    +250 to Vitality
    +10 Maximum Fury (Barbarian only)
    (6) Set:
    Reduces damage from melee attackers by 20%
    You deal 25% more damage to enemies that are 30 or more yards away
    Enemies hit with Weapon Throw grants you a stack of Undying Rage, up to 10 stacks. Each stack increases your damage by 2%. Lasts 5 seconds (Barbarian only)
    Using Ancient Spear will spend all remaining stacks of Undying Rage to disperse small spears per stack that pierces through enemies dealing 300% weapon damage as Physical (Barbarian only)
    (8) Set:
    Rend gains all rune effect (Barbarian only)

    Fury of the Ancients (8 set piece)

    (Torso) Talic’s Unyielding Glamour
    (Wrists) Korlic’s Protection
    (Waist) Talic’s Fervor
    (Feet) Korlic’s Fanatics
    (Ring) Bul Katho’s Grand Teaching
    (Ring) Bul Katho’s Grand Legacy
    (Off Hand) Madawc’s Tempermental (Migthy Weapon) Axe
    (Weapon) Madawc’s Signature (Migthy Weapon) Axe

    (2) Set:
    +500 to Strength
    (4) Set:
    +250 to Vitality
    (6) Set:
    Gain 500 Life per Fury spent (Barbarian only)
    Call of the Ancients lasts 20 seconds longer (Barbarian only)
    Call of the Ancients damage are increased by 100% (Barbarian only)
    (8) Set:
    Call of the Ancients cooldown is reduced by 20 seconds (Barbarian only)
    Call of the Ancients (Barbarian only)
    Talic’s Whirlwind will now pull enemies within 35 yards
    Korlic’s Cleave now launches three spears that pierce through enemies that deals 300% weapon damage as Physical. Furious Charge now leaves a Trail of Blazing Inferno, dealing 150% weapon damage as Fire. Lasts 3 seconds
    Madawc’s Weapon Throw will now bounce to 3 enemies dealing 200% weapon damage as Physical. Seismic Slam has 30% chance to stun enemies for 1 second

    Fury is Serene (6 set piece)

    (Head) The Voice of Reason
    (Shoulders) The Voice of Unassailable
    (Torso) The Voice of Indomitability
    (Wrists) The Voice of Perfection
    (Hands) The Voice of Earnest
    (Feet) The Voice of Traveller

    (2) Set:
    +500 to Strength
    (4) Set:
    +250 to Vitality
    +500 to Cold Resistance
    Gain 300 Life per Fury Spent (Barbarian only)
    Increases Fury generation by 2 (Barbarian only)
    (6) Set:
    Whirlwind - For every 6 seconds you are channeling Whirlwind, damage you receive are reduced by 2%, up to a maximum of 20% damage reduction (Barbarian only)
    Whirlwind - For every 8 seconds you are channeling Whirlwind, its range is increased by 5 yards, up to 30 yards in total (Barbarian only)

    Mount Arreat’s Reign (6 set piece)

    (Head) Arreat’s Visage
    (Shoulders) Arreat’s Determination
    (Torso) Arreat’s Proud
    (Hands) Arreat’s Musing
    (Feet) Arreat’s Earthly Stompers
    (Weapon) The Quarry (2Handed Mighty weapon)

    (2) Set:
    +500 to Strength
    (4) Set:
    +500 to Vitality
    Ground Stomp’s cooldown is reduced by 4 seconds (Barbarian only)
    (6) Set:
    Ground Stomp now launches Pillar of Stones from the ground that knocks enemies back dealing 500% weapon damage as Physical. An additional 100% damage is dealt when they land on the ground (Barbarian only)

    Relic of the Ancients (4 set piece)

    (Wrists) The Scriptures
    (Hands) The Conscripts
    (Amulet) The Bloodletting Imprints
    (Ring) The Loop

    (2) Set:
    +500 to Strength
    Increases damage by 15% by wielding 2-handed weapon
    (4) Set:
    +500 to Vitality
    Gain 500 Life per Fury spent (Barbarian only)
    Allows the Barbarian dual-wield 2-handed weapons on both hands (Barbarian only)

    CRUSADER = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    The Lion (8 set piece)

    (Head) Intuition of the Lion
    (Shoulders) Peace of the Lion
    (Torso) Light of the Lion
    (Wrists) Wits of the Lion
    (Hands) Might of the Lion
    (Waist) Will of the Lion
    (Feet) Speed of the Lion
    (Amulet) Persona of the Lion

    (2) Set:
    +250 to Strength
    (4) Set:
    +250 to Vitality
    Gain 500 Life per Wrath spent (Crusader only)
    Increases Wrath generation by 2 (Crusader only)
    (6) Set:
    Steed Charge gains all rune effect (Crusader only)
    Steed Charge’s cooldown is reduced by 6 seconds (Crusader only)
    (8) Set:
    Draw and Quarter pulls 5 extra monsters (Crusader only)
    Using Steel Charge will cause you to explode dealing 600% weapon damage as Holy within 20 yards (Crusader only)

    As We March for the Crusade (8 set piece)

    (Head) Make Your Peace. Quickly.
    (Shoulders) Like Chaff before the Wind
    (Torso) By the Light be Damned
    (Wrists) My Faith is Rewarded
    (Hands) For the Light
    (Waist) We Bend Into the Wind, the Rain, the Snow
    (Feet) The Crusade Marches On
    (Amulet) Our Faith Redeemed

    (2) Set:
    +250 to Strength
    +250 to Vitality
    (4) Set:
    Reduces damage from elites by 10%
    Reduces damage from range attackers by 10%
    Reduces damage from melee attackers by 10%
    (6) Set:
    When Falling Sword kills an enemy, its cooldown is reduced by 1 (Crusader only)
    Gain 500 Life per Wrath spent (Crusader only)
    (8) Set:
    Falling Sword causes you to erupt, summoning four Holy Swords that orbits around you upon impact dealing 1000% weapon damage as Holy. Lasts 7 seconds (Crusader only)

    The Holy Annunciation (8 set piece)

    (Head) The Providence
    (Shoulders) Accord and Admiration
    (Torso) The Holy Banner
    (Wrists) Serenity and Beliefs
    (Hands) Strength and Harmony
    (Ring) The Blessing
    (Ring) The Glow
    (Amulet) The Celestial Figurine

    (2) Set:
    +250 to Strength
    +250 to Vitality
    (4) Set:
    Gain 500 Life per Wrath spent (Crusader only)
    Increases Wrath generation by 2 (Crusader only)
    (6) Set:
    Judgement now releases an explosion of Light every 2 seconds that deals 600% weapon damage as Holy within 20 yards (Crusader only)
    (8) Set:
    Judgement gains all rune effect (Crusader only)

    Anu’s Primal Testament (8 set piece)

    (Head) Anu’s Sunlit Visage
    (Shoulders) Anu’s Elegant
    (Torso) Anu’s Radiance
    (Wrists) Anu’s Gentle Brandings
    (Hands) Anu’s Peacekeepers
    (Feet) Anu’s Nimble Voyage
    (Ring) Anu’s Spectacular Triumph
    (Amulet) Anu’s Sacrament

    (2) Set:
    +500 to Strength
    +500 to Vitality
    (4) Set:
    Gain 500 Life per Wrath spent (Crusader only)
    Increases Wrath generation by 2 per second (Crusader only)
    (6) Set:
    While Fist of the Heavens is on your active skill slot, you gain a stack of Heavenly Light every 3 seconds, each stack increases your Lightning, Fire and Holy damage by 5%, up to 5 stacks (Crusader only)
    Using Fist of the Heavens consumes your Heavenly Light stack that disperses an orb of electricity per stack that moves at a random direction that deals 100% weapon damage as Lightning per second within 10 yards. Lasts 4 seconds (Crusader only)
    (8) Set:
    Heaven’s Fury - Ascendancy releases a Holy Nova when dealing critical hits that deals 200% weapon damage as Holy within 12 yards (Crusader only)
    Heaven’s Fury - Split Fury now orbits around you, it then expands outward up to 30 yards radius, then returns to you. Leaves a Trail of Flames dealing 1000% weapon damage as Fire (Crusader only)

    The Holy Crusader (6 set piece)

    (Head) Our Saint
    (Torso) Our Sanctuary
    (Wrists) Our Endeavours
    (Hands) Our Worships
    (Feet) Our Pilgrimage
    (Amulet) Our Aberration

    (2) Set:
    +500 to Strength
    (4) Set:
    +500 to Vitality
    For every ally that’s actively within your 10 yards, you and your ally are healed by 25,000 Life once every 30 seconds (Crusader only)
    (6) Set:
    Smite now pulls enemies towards its initial impact (Crusader only)
    Smite now hits 3 additional enemies (Crusader only)
    Consecration’s cooldown is reduced by 10 seconds (Crusader only)
    Laws of Hope’s cooldown is reduced by 10 seconds (Crusader only)
    Laws of Justice’s cooldown is reduced by 10 seconds (Crusader only)
    Laws of Valor’s cooldown is reduced by 10 seconds (Crusader only)

    Zakarum’s Eternal Postures (6 set piece)

    (Head) Zakarum’s Overseer
    (Shoulders) Zakarum’s Temple
    (Torso) Zakarum’s Legacy
    (Wrists) Zakarum’s Fortitude and Parity
    (Hands) Zakarum’s Faith and Will
    (Amulet) Zakarum’s Holy Communion

    (2) Set:
    +500 to Strength
    (4) Set:
    +500 to Vitality
    Gain 500 Life per Wrath spent (Crusader only)
    Increases Wrath generation by 2 per second (Crusader only)
    (6) Set:
    Justice gains all rune effects (Crusader only)
    Blessed Hammer - Burning Wrath now launches a three fireballs to any nearby enemies from its hammer every 2 seconds dealing 100% weapon damage as Fire (Crusader only)
    Blessed Hammer - Thunderstruck now releases four bolts of lightning from its hammer that deals 100% weapon damage as Lightning every 2 seconds (Crusader only)
    Blessed Hammer - Icebound Hammer, enemies that are hit when Chilled or Frozen receives 50% more damage (Crusader only)

    Milabrega and Griswold’s Unified Alliance (4 set piece)

    (Ring) Milabrega’s Perseverance
    (Amulet) Griswold’s Adamant Persona
    (Off Hand) Milabrega’s Orb
    (Weapon) Griswold’s Redemption

    (2) Set:
    +500 to Strength
    +500 to Vitality
    (4) Set:
    +250 Resistance to All Elements
    Justice - Hammer of Pursuit now releases two extra hammers (Crusader only)
    Sweep Attack is now cast twice (Crusader only)

    WITCH DOCTOR = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Trag’Oul’s Esoterics (8 set piece)

    (Head) Unsightly Serpent
    (Shoulders) The Grand Dragon
    (Torso) The Serpentine’s Grandiose
    (Wrists) His Celestial
    (Hands) Worships of Trag’Oul
    (Waist) Wailing Solace
    (Feet) Stompers of the Viper
    (Jewelry) Heart’s Mortality (Amulet)

    (2) Set:
    +250 to Intelligence
    (4) Set:
    +100 Resistance to All Elements
    +500 Maximum Mana (Witch Doctor only)
    (6) Set:
    Reduces damage from elites by 10%
    Increases Mana Regeneration by 30 per Second (Witch Doctor only)
    Zombie Charger - Pile On, Undeath and Explosive Beast are now casts twice (Witch Doctor only)
    (8) Set:
    For every 4000 mana that is spent using Zombie Charger, 8 zombies are spawned that follows you and will charge at any nearby enemies then explodes dealing 500% weapon damage as Poison within 10 yards. Zombies lasts 4 seconds.

    Rathma’s Worldly Caste (8 set piece)

    (Head) The Cartel
    (Shoulders) Tipping the Balance
    (Torso) Symbol of Worship
    (Wrists) Order and Chaos
    (Hands) Pragmatic and Temptation
    (Waist) The Monger
    (Feet) The Euphoric
    (Off Hand) Intervention (Mojo)

    (2) Set:
    +250 to Intelligence
    (4) Set:
    +100 Resistance to All Elements
    +500 to Vitality
    (6) Set:
    Firebats - Hungry Bats now releases two smaller bats that seeks out nearby enemies within 10 yards of their initial hit (Witch Doctor only)
    Firebats - For every pets that are within your 20 yards, while channelling Cloud of Bats, their damage and attack speed are increased by 25% (Witch Doctor only)
    (8) Set:
    Firebats - For every 8 seconds you are channeling Dire Bats, Vampire Bats, or Plague Bats, an enormous Bat From Hell is spawned that passes through enemies that deals 800% weapon damage as Cold (Witch Doctor only)

    The Umbaru’s Inner Fire (8 set piece)

    (Head) I Can See It, It Burns
    (Shoulders) Smouldering Terror
    (Torso) The Fire, It Burns Inside
    (Wrists) Patron of Flames
    (Hands) Handmaiden of Torches
    (Waist) Burning Conversion
    (Feet) Inflamed Threads
    (Off Hand) Creation Through Fire (Mojo)

    (2) Set:
    +250 to Intelligence
    (4) Set:
    +250 to Vitality
    +250 to Fire Resistance
    Absorbs 10% Fire damage dealt to you as Life
    (6) Set:
    *Gargantuan occasionally lobs an enormous molten rock at enemies with a range of 30 or more yards that deals 800% weapon damage as Fire within 20 yards (Witch Doctor only)
    Zombie Dogs now leaves a Trail of Blazing Inferno, dealing 100% weapon damage as Fire (Witch Doctor only)
    (8) Set:
    Firebomb gains all rune effects (Witch Doctor only)

    Hysteria and Chaos (8 set piece)

    (Head) Dementia
    (Shoulders) Formido
    (Torso) Pavor
    (Wrists) Cerritus
    (Hands) Amentia
    (Waist) Metus
    (Feet) Conturbatio
    (Jewelry) Lymphatus (Amulet)

    (2) Set:
    +250 to Intelligence
    (4) Set:
    +250 to Vitality
    Mass Confusion’s cooldown is reduced by 20 seconds (Witch Doctor only)
    Hex’s cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds (Witch Doctor only)
    (6) Set:
    +100 Resistance to All Elements
    +250 Maximum Mana (Witch Doctor only)
    Mass Confusion summons a Ghost Fetish that attaches to enemies that are affected dealing 800% weapon damage as Cold over 10 seconds (Witch Doctor only)
    (8) Set:
    Hex - When transforming into an Angry Chicken, three Chickens are spawned that chases any nearby enemies that explodes for 200% weapon damage as Physical within 10 yards (Witch Doctor only)
    Hex – Toad of Hugeness, instead swallowing its target, it will use its tongue to attack enemies instead (Witch Doctor only)

    The Fifth Mongrel (6 set piece)

    (Head) Headspun of the Bones
    (Shoulders) Sobering of the Bones
    (Torso) Pride of the Bones
    (Hands) Grasp of the Lecherous
    (Waist) Skeletal Harness
    (Feet) Trembling Skeletons

    (2) Set:
    +500 to Intelligence
    (4) Set:
    +250 to Vitality
    (6) Set:
    When 5 Zombie Dogs are active on the field, each dogs has 25% chance to create a blood of explosion whenever it hits a critical that deals 300% weapon damage as Physical within 10 yards for (Witch Doctor only)

    The Arachnid Queen (6 set piece)

    (Head) The Queen’s Headdress
    (Shoulders) The Queen’s Precipices
    (Torso) The Queen’s Carapace
    (Wrists) The Queen’s Heralds
    (Hands) The Queen’s Manglers
    (Jewelry) The Queen’s Lament (Amulet)

    (2) Set:
    +500 to Intelligence
    (4) Set:
    +250 to Vitality
    +500 Resistance to Poison
    Spider Queen now leaves a Trails of Webs in her wake, slowing enemies caught within 10 yards by 50% that lasts 1 seconds (Witch Doctor only)
    (6) Set:
    Corpse Spider now releases a Poison Nova that deals 700% weapon damage as Poison within 15 yards (Witch Doctor only)

    Bitter Scamps (2 set piece)

    (Off Hand) That, Which Does Not Say (Mojo)
    (Weapon) Secrets in Silence (Ceremonial Dagger)

    (2) Set:
    Zombie Dogs now charges at enemies that are 30 yards away and causing them to deal 150% weapon damage as Physical to those who are caught on the charge. (Witch Doctor only)
    Jane's Girdle
    (legendary belt)

    Random properties

    Teleport Gains the Calamity Rune
    Set: The Harry Coconut

    Item 1:
    The Coconut, Legendary Helmet (MUST look like a coconut!)
    Always has 1 Socket, everything else random.

    Item 2:
    The Lime, Legendary Gem
    Increase Poison damage by 20%
    Enemies damaged by your poison have a chance to get a bellyache for 3 seconds, dealing 100% weapon damage a second to them and all enemies in 10 yards.

    Set Bonus:
    Only applies when The Lime is in The Coconut
    Chance on hit to summon a spectral Witch Doctor who Shakes it All Up, causing an earthquake that deals 400% weapon damage and stuns all enemies within 30 yards for 2 seconds.
    My propositions are often “change build”. Some are not, but during playing I was thinking : there is some viable build in many class, but not for DH and wiz. Or monk. For them, 1 build is the alpha and omega. However, there is many cool legendary who could change build actually, but they are alone, with no interaction with other legs/sets (like Valthek's Rebuke, who ever use that ? no interaction with anything else)
    So, my propositions :

    Horcrux (amulet) :
    your tougthness is incresed by the tougthness of all your pets, when a pet die you lose 20% of life.

    (Wiz hat) :
    All enemies hit by Energy twister are pulled along the path of the twister

    (Orb) : monsters hit by explosive blast also trigger explosive blast
    Demonic hands (hands) : your damages are increased by 75% when not monsters are affected by stun effect in your 30yards

    (class ring) : every time you spend ‘XX ressources’ all your cooldown are reduced by 1 second.

    (DH belt) : Monsters hit by shuriken cloud increase your resistences by 10% for 5sec to a maximum of 15 charges.

    (wiz hat) : monsters hit by spectral blade take 500% of damages in 10seconds (could charge 10 time to a maximum of 5000%) if they die in this time, they transmit to the others monsters in 15yards all the stacks.

    Ring : attack speed decrease by 50%, but damage are increase by 50%

    Bracers : when nephalem valor was active (after get nephalem glob) your damage and tougthness increase by 50%

    Wizard set (hat, chest, belt) :
    - the resource regeneration are increase by 7% by ennemis under stun effet in 20yards.
    - Frost nova have 40% chance that cooldown will not be triggered

    Wizard set (weapon, orbs, hat) :
    - wave of force done 100% increased damage
    - wave of force teleport you to the target.

    DH set (head, hands, belt, amulet, cloak) :
    - +100% of damage to strafe
    - strafe gain 20% to pierce to an other ennemi
    - You become immune to damage back, and immobilization effects

    Monk set (Spirit stones, bracers, chest) :
    - +15% damages against elite
    - mystic ally trigger tempest rush and seven-sided strike when you use them.

    DH set (bracers, cloak, head, shoulders) :
    - fan of knives trigger shadow power
    - vault trigger fan of knives
    Belt of the Destroyer

    450-520 Armor
    Critical Hit chance 3%-5%
    +4 random properties

    Chance on hit (1-5%) to activate Wrath of the Berserker, Akarat’s Champion, Vengeance, Epiphany, Big Bad Voodoo or Archon with a randomly selected rune.

    This proc does not require these skills to be on your hot bar, and will not activate the cooldown of these skills if they are on your hot bar.

    Picking up a gold within 2 seconds of your last stack will add 2% more gold to that stack by the abacus belt(can stack 25 times)

    The belt itself can look like a abacus with straps to go around the waist.
    Gear effect:

    After killing 20 elite packs the next elite pack has chance 100% to drop a legendary item equal to any part the self equipment, if no legendary items or not equipped are taken as any legendary.

    Legendary gem:


    Legendary gems can be created by salvaging legendary items with a legendary affix. The legendary gem has the properties of the legendary affix that was salvaged.

    Affix can only be used once on a character.

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