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Witch Doctor Mojo

Whenever Soul Harvest hits a target, consolidate any dots on the target allowing another set of dots to be cast.

This would help fix the major problem Jade Witch Doctor's have of single target damage, by basically allowing them to cast their dots up to 5 times on a single target (with a long ramp up time). This is balanced by the facts that you must now use a 1 hand/ oh to take advantage of this (a 40% dps downgrade) and that recasting dots will take a decent amount of time. You would be doing more damage by the time you cast your third soul harvest. This would also give more choice in gearing. Do you want to use a Furnace for large upfront burst or 1h/oh for higher ramping damage.

Below is a video that shows the problem and explains the solution in more detail.

I mostly play the WD, and would enjoy playing around with these:


Cursed Kindling

* Standard mojo stats
* 15-20% fire damage bonus
* Every time your fetish sycophant scores a critical hit it has a 5-10% chance to reincarnate as a Tiki Torcher for 30 seconds (maximum of 5 Torchers).


Elemental Prism
Legendary Gem

* Level 1-25: Gain 5% (up to 10%) elemental damage for every active skill rune of that elemental damage type.
* Level 25: 15% cooldown for all skills if you use four or more of the same elemental runes.


Chiropteric Claw (set)
Ceremonial knife

* Standard ceremonial knife stats
* Firebats do 10-20% more damage.


Chiropteric Embryo (set)

* Standard mojo stats
* Fire skills do 10-20% damage.


Chiropteric Husk (set)
Voodoo Mask

* Standard Voodoo Mask stats
* Reduce the initial mana cost of Firebats by 50%.


Chiropteric Taxidermion (3 pieces)

(2 set)
* Gain the Cloud of Bats rune.

(3 set)
* 150% range to Firebats.
* Channelling Firebats cannot be interrupted by knockback or similar monster abilities


Waking Walkers

* Standard boots stats
* 20-30% chance to cast Grasp of the Dead where you stand when you are hit by a melee attack.


Ursine Aspect
Voodoo Mask

* Standard Voodoo Mask stats
* Continuously cast Lumbering Cold Zombie Bears during Spirit Walk.


The Ancestor's Blessing

* Standard bracers stats
* Shrines increase primary skill damage by 200%.


Infested Trous

* Standard pants stats
* A poisonous Maggot Broodling is launched from your pants when you are hit by a melee or ranged attack, dealing 300% damage as it explodes in a 5-yard radius up to 30 yards away. The explosion's area of effect is increased by your pickup radius.


Heartseeker's Tinctures (set)

Heartseeker's Hide (set)
Chest armor

Heartseeker's Aim (set)

Heartseeker's Burden (set)


Heartseeker's Triumphant Return (4 pieces)

(2 set)
* Gain 500 intelligence

(3 set)
* Poison Dart cycles through all four rune types.

(4 set)
* The Splinters rune is applied to all Poison Dart runes.
* Poison dart does 15-20% additional damage



Legendary (usable item)

* Create a duplicate of any legendary item you own


The Sight

Legendary spectacles

* Detect and attack invsible or burrowed enemies, and deal 50% extra damage.
* Detect monsters behind walls and doors.
* Treasure Goblins take 100% extra damage and have a higher chance of dropping a legendary.

Barbarian ideas:
Add an Affix to LACUNI PROWLERS where you gain ONE random rune of Over Power (OP) (That way you could run OP with 2 runes). And Buff OP in order to make a competitive GR ability.

Both the item and the skill were highly used during vanilla... it would be awesome get back using them again.

The item and the skill bonus I mentioned are just an example, there are many other options.
The same idea could work with Mempo of Twilight and OP, or even a Whirlwind (WW) rune.
Or maybe make those 2 items a set that gives us all runes of OP or WW.
I know, it would be such a small set, but if you add all those runes they are not even close to the power of the Raekors Set for example.

I just wanted to link those iconic items with such an iconic Barbarian Vanilla build > "Whirlwind Spin to Win".

You did it with Vile Wards/Raekors (yes, you took that from us :P). The same could be done with the WW build.

"Bul-Kathos guides my hand!"
ring of blue blood
+6 Random magical properties
accumulation of fortune every time you kill a demon 30 times every 1% increase
Your cooldowns reset after killing an elite pack (or get reduced by X seconds)

Killing an enemy has X% chance to pull in other enemies (without internal cooldown)

Your cooldowns have X% chance to not activate.
Explanation, if you have a 400% CHD you now inflict 400 + 25 = 425% damage when you hit with critical damage. And as it affects the enemies, it works in multiplayer, each player inflicting his CHD + 25%.


As a Wiz player, I once saw in a datamined patch 2 very interesting legendary effect:
- Energy Armor, Ice Armor, and Storm Armor affect all party members.
- Gain the effect of all Armors.

Other good Wiz leg effects would be:
- Blackhole gains the effect of the Event Horizon rune. So you could choose any offensive BH rune while still having the good defensive one.
- Arcanic Orb now shoots a second orb following the first. (And to be better AO could explode on cursor location, you show us with Energy Twister that an « on cursor location » is possible, now you can do it for AO)

And if you’re feeling lazy, the most efficient way to create a new legendary is to allow Depth Digger to work with signature spell for Wiz and WD. Firebird Wiz and Zdps WD don’t even uses signature spells and pets WD use a signature spell only to summon more pets not damage the enemies so I am pretty sure this won’t be overpowered.

Bonus : 3 funs legs.
Normal Legendary


-convert all types of elemental damage from your gear into -random- elemental damage "fire - cold- physical-poison- holly and decrease your hp by 20%.


Got it from the Devil.

-Your skills cost 2% HP now. but they deal 30% more damage.
-Life on kill 50.000
You can't Regen HP
You can't get Life on hit !

Spaming generator :)

-*Random* Resource generator Skill (depending on character class)

Rank -I-
If you kill 10.000 Elits with this skill ..that skill will do 100% more damage
Rank -II-
If you kill 100.000 Elits with this skill ..that skill will do 200% more damage

Set Items

2 bonus
Your overtime damages is increased by 50%
Your overtime damages is increased by 50%
A fog of poison gas suround you dealing your overtime damage to all enemy in 20 yard radius.
All your atacks become overtime and apply over (10 sec) damage is increased by 100%

-Add *Random* (2-10%) of your total hp as thorn damage.
Convert all your HP regen into thorn damage.

You no longer regenerate HP.


Very Rare Legendary - Ancient Legendary sound nice :)

Ancient Legendary
Ancient Bound
Allows you to connect 2/3/4/5/6-(Random) -Legendary items and make them a set with a Random set bonus baset on your character Type!

They won't be so bad ..i promise :)


Ancient Legendary

From Tristram with Love :)

Enemy hit by your Followers become cursed and they lose 1% HP for every yard they move.
(elites lose only 0.25% hp/Yard)
You can have 2-3 (Random) followers


Ancient Legendary

Ancient Flag!

2 Set items
Allows your Flag to give random aura depending on your flag design.
(so many flag designs so many aura ideas) :)

4 Set items
No longer need to press "G" for the Flag to pop out. :)
Your Followers now cary the flag for you! :)


Ancient Legendary Dye

Goblin Scout Dye :)
Applying this dye to an item allows you not to be attacked by any foe unless you atack first!
60s Cooldown


Legendary Dye
Shiny Dye - you can't look a it :)
Applying this dye to an item enemy have 10% chance o miss.
I need more shiny dye's :)


Ancient Dye by Region ( Just an exemple)

New Tristram Ancient Dye - Applying to a pice of armor increase damage to Undead & beast 10%
Caldeum Ancient Dye - Applying to a pice of armor increase rezistence o poison and fire by 10%
Bastion's Keep Ancient Dye - Applying to a pice of armor your party members and followers gain 2% atack speed/ critical hit chance/ critical hit damage.
High Heavens Ancient Dye - Applying to a pice of armor increase damage agains demons by 25%
Westmarch Ancient Dye - Applying to a pice of armor increase damage against Rippers by 15% and increase your Hp by 10%

RIFT -Conqueror Ancient Dye - Applying to a pice of armor increase your damage in Rift's by 15%

There can be many dyes just need imagination :)

Funny & dangerous

Goblin Queen Ring :) -ultra rare RING :)
Where is one there is more.
Legendary items now are found in pair.

Pay Back or Pay Day :)
You can capture a goblin and once at 24h he can open a random portal for big treasure or a big chalange.

Pride of Covetous Shen :)

Wearing this items allows you to find all kind of gems even Flawless Royal :)

Shackles of war.

Every time you challange a rift you will be teleported in a special rift with sealed and smaller rooms and you can't go further uless you clear the room.
(next room will be sealed automaticaly after you enter)
Your damage/rezistance/armor/chance to find items/gold find/are increased
You cant teleport out during the rift trial.
And there will be at least 2 rift guardians :)


Who need skills and Spells !

This item was stolen from the Ogre King :)
You can't use skills but your normal atack damage and HP have doubled.

I need Money ! :)
After picking up 10.000.000 gold you donate them to the spirit of the "item" and receive a buff that last 1h - the amount of damage that you and your pet's/ follower take or /block/dodge etc.. is automaticaly converted to gold into your stash.
Next race begin after buff end.
Do you want more?:)

Be Aware !
Ultra Rare Ring - Hardcore ONLY

500 Primary Stat or 15-20% Fire/cold/Holly/phisycal Damage
500 Vitality
100% all rezist
100% critical damage
10% critical Chance
10% damage
Sometime the ring summon 5 elite pack's around you... even in town.

Horatic CUBE :D
100 Legendary same type
allow you to chose stats for 1 legendary item!

Get Crit or Get Hit
If your atack is a critical Hit then critical damage is increased by extra 200%
If your Atack fail to crit you get (..?) % of the damage you deal.
Non class specific set from existing items:
Kymbos gold
Custerian wristguards
Gladiator gauntlets
Puzzle ring

2 pc bonus
+500% gold find

4 pc bonus
+500% magic find

6 pc bonus
summon a rainbow goblin that collects items (a la puzzle ring goblin except it collects blues and yellows, not mats, gems, legendaries or whites). When it has collected 20 items it drops a random legendary.

Had a different idea before for this but forgot it and came up with this on the top of my head. Actually the bonuses could be anything regarding gold or legendaries, preferably making farming for legs a lot easier.

Also make blackthorne craftable please thanks :)
I was going to post something - But I know Blizzard never listens to its players.

This post is pointless and a waste of peoples time.

Un Nerf Wizard and Barbarian - let them reach full potential as they did in D3 Vanilla.

Give Wizard and Barbarian a DRAGON to Ride instead of a Horsey LOL
Wizard Dragon would Spit Fire at enemy and Barbarian's would Drop Boulders on them.

Fix the game and quit trying to Ginger Bread it up.

Monk Sets

Exploding Palm set

2pc - 500 dex
4pc - Increases damage by 30% while Epiphany is active.
6pc - Casting exploding palm on a target that has an existing exploding palm causes the existing exploding palm to explode as if the target had died.

This set gives a much needed damage boost to Epiphany, as most monks currently run Desert Shroud for the additional damage reduction and Inner Fire is useless beyond T4. It also makes exploding palm a good single target skill, while providing good synergy between Madstone and SSS. During the SSS cast the burst damage would be greater than the current genwuko. However, the cast time of exploding palm during the non-SSS period would ensure that the sustained damage would only be slightly better than the current genwuko builds.
Roland's set idea

(2)set: + 500 str

(3)set: Increases Sweep Attack Damage by 100%
Increases Shield Bash Damage by 100%

(6) Set:Every use of Shield Bash or Sweep Attack that hits an enemy grants 20% increased Attack Speed for 3 seconds. This effect stacks up to 5 times.

(7) set: Iron skin now longer has a cool down but cost 30 wrath

Both weapon and shield are part of the Roland set and will contribute towards getting the 7 set bonus when wearing them.

Roland's Bulwark
Legendary Crusader Shield
Effect: Sweep attack now casts an additional two flails

Roland's Edge
Legendary Two-Handed Sword
Effect: Shield bash gains the effect of shield cross rune
Stone of Jordan could have a legendary affix related to its elemental damage, like:
  • + Fire Damage; 10-15% chance to cast Fireball when you receive damage
  • + Cold Damage; 10-15% chance to cast Frost Nova when you receive damage
  • + Lighting Damage; 10-15% chance to cast Chain Lighting when you receive damage
  • and so on...
    This ones pretty straightforward but rather useful for everybody.

    Elemental Ring of Conversion

    Converts all *Elemental* to *Elemental*
    (where *Elemental can be Arcane,Cold,Lightning,Fire,Holy and Physical)

    Primary :
    One main stat
    *Elemental* skill deal 15%-20% more damage

    + 3 Random stats
    Most of these ideas are much better then mine, but here are mine anyways :)

    Eagle’s Talon-dagger-on kill teleports to closest enemy-free crits for 2-4 seconds
    If you have two equipped-the enemy you kill explodes, dealing 2-5% of its max health to all enemies around it.

    Foci of the Necromancer-2-handed spear-When you kill an enemy, there is a 50-75% chance that it will rise from the dead for 5-10 seconds

    Time-lost Necklace-When you are hit by an enemy, there is a 50% chance that it will be teleported 10 meters away.

    Amazon’s Promise-Barb only Bow-Replaces the throw weapon skill with a new skill Blessed Arrow.

    Fighter's Versatility-1-handed Sword-changes effect based on the type of weapon in your other hand. (Axe,mace,dagger etc.)
    I would like to see 2 things.One a leg item for the witch doctor that works like sacrifice did,only the fetishes explode in a chain reaction ... kinda like in the game lemmings when you pushed the nuclear cloud button ''Oh No!!' ... lol Second,I would like to see a leg item that makes fire and poison damage reach their peak in half the amount of time.
    set of Gemini
    2 pcs
    Two clones give you in battle for 60 seconds
    4 pcs
    Increased Attack Speed 50%
    6 pcs
    do not affect all attacks arcane, fire and ice
    ************************************** Wizard*****************************

    Mirror Image

    Spells cast by your Mirror Images will deal +40% of the damage of your own spells.

    (10%+40% or 20%+40% if rune)

    Ray of Frost

    Removes limit of maximal increas damage, but if you move after use this spell this add a сooldown of 6 second.


    Increas the damage of your familiar at 50%.Familiar becomes a companion, can move and choos the target. Can be targeted or damaged by enemies. Add a cooldown of 2min.


    Your Hydra receives the body and follows you .Can be targeted or damaged by enemies
    Stays with you for 20 seconds and have 200% of your Life .The damage is increased by 100%. Add a cooldown 80 sec.
    1% chance to summon a ghostly Fallen Champion when blocking an attack.
    You can summon up to 3 ghostly Fallen Champions.
    Summoned ghostly Fallen Champions cannot die.
    Their attacks have 20% chance to knockback the enemy.

    Whenever a lesser enemy receives thorns damage it has a 20% chance to be charmed and fight for you for 3 seconds.

    2% chance to drag an enemy to you when getting hit by a ranged attack.
    Whenever you drag an enemy to you it is feared and immobilized for 5 seconds.

    Whenever you get hit by a melee attack blood oozes from you for 3 seconds.
    As long as blood oozes from you your area damage is increased by 400%.

    Blessed Hammers pierce and are thrown in a straight line.
    Their damage is increased by their size.

    Blessed Hammers get bigger as they hurl outward. Their size is increased by 100% every 10 yards.

    Each time a health globe is spawned enemies near the health globe are feared for 5 seconds.
    While feared, the enemy takes 15% extra damage.

    After dragging 10 enemies to you your damage against elites is increased by 40% for 30 seconds.

    While attacking using a spear the resource cost of your ranged attacks is reduced by 80%.

    Your arcane damage is increased by your movement speed bonus.

    1% chance to summon an Angel when blocking an attack.
    You can summon up to 3 Angels.
    Summoned Angels cannot die.
    Their attacks have 20% chance to charm the enemy.

    Whenever you trigger an elemental attack you gain immunity to the type of the elemental attack for 12 seconds.

    Your melee attacks stun enemies that are slowed by 70% or more. The stun duration is 3 seconds.

    When Lashing Tail Kick hits an enemy more than 10-15 yards away, its cost is refunded.

    Whenever Lashing Tail Kick hits a blinded enemy you deal 1000% cold damage to all enemies in a 15 yards radius.
    Whenever Lashing Tail Kick hits a feared enemy you deal 750% lightning damage to all enemies in a 30 yards radius.

    Allies standing on consecrated ground are immune to control impairing effects.
    Elites cannot cast walls on consecrated ground.

    For every chilled enemy within 24 yards you take 3% less damage.

    Whenever an ancient is defeated it is automatically revived after 5 seconds.
    Talic gains immunity to physical.
    Korlic gains immunity to fire.
    Madawc gains immunity to cold.

    While wielding a two handed axe your melee attacks have twice their range and generate 35% more resource.

    Inner Sanctuary gains the power of every rune. Whenever your health drops below 50% Inner Sanctuary is automatically cast at your location.

    Casting Inner Sanctuary also casts Inner Sanctuary beneath all of your allies.

    1% chance to summon a murderous Cow when blocking an attack.
    Summoned murderous Cow cannot die.
    Their attacks have 20% chance to fear the enemy.

    Energy Twister damage is tripled for every 9 yards it travels.

    Gain a random Shrine effect for 30 seconds after killing an elite pack.

    Shrine effects last three times as long.

    Lesser enemies hit by Meteor are more susceptible to elemental attacks for 8 seconds.
    Lightning damage stuns for 2 seconds.
    Fire damage blinds for 2 seconds.
    Cold damage freezes for 2 seconds.

    Up to 20 charmed lesser enemies stay charmed for ten minutes.
    Charmed enemies follow you around.

    1% chance to explode with demonic fury when blocking an attack.
    Whenever you explode with demonic fury, your resource regeneration is tripled for 8 seconds.

    Whenever you throw a piercing axe at a nearby enemy the axe has a 30% chance to shatter and deal 900% weapon damage as physical to enemies in a 12 yards radius.

    The fire chains between you and your Demonic Slave is extended to each of your allies.

    You can wield a two-handed staff in your main hand. Your damage is reduced by 35%.

    Daggers deal double damage when attacking an enemy from behind.

    Daggers deal double damage against enemies with full health.

    Enemies within 24 yards radius are pulled towards you when Seven-Sided Strike is activated.

    Using Seven-Sided Strike on enemies that have Exploding Palm applied to them triggers Exploding Palm with 50% effectiveness.

    While using Tempest Rush enemies are pulled towards you.
    You can move through walls spawned by elite packs.

    Your bonus damage vs demons is tripled.

    Whenever Wave of Light hits stunned enemies its damage is tripled.
    Whenever Wave of Light hits slowed enemies its damage is doubled.

    Whenever Sweep Attack hits an elite pack the bonus from your legendary gems is doubled for 30 seconds.

    Whenever Sweep Attack hits a burning enemy the enemy is also stunned for 2 seconds.
    Whenever Sweep Attack hits a stunned enemy the enemy is also slowed for 2 seconds.

    Whenever Bombardment hits an elite pack its cooldown is reduced to 3 seconds.

    Enemies hit by Bombardment start burning for 6500% weapon damage over 10 seconds.

    The width of Seismic Slam is doubled.
    For every 6 yards Seismic Slam travels the damage is increased by 30%.

    Whenever Seismic Slam hits an elite pack your fury spenders deal double damage for 30 seconds.

    While your equipment has full durability you take 50% less damage from melee and ranged attacks.

    Your elite damage reduction bonus is doubled. Your damage vs elite bonus is halved.

    Whenever you are hit by a molten explosion you take no damage from the explosion and your fire damage is doubled for 20 seconds.

    Whenever you are near enemy fire chains your dodge rate is raised to 100% for 15 seconds.

    As long as you are dealing lightning damage you take no damage from lightning for 3 seconds.

    As long as you are dealing fire damage you take no damage from fire for 3 seconds.

    As long as you are dealing cold damage you take no damage from cold and cannot be frozen or chilled for 3 seconds.

    As long as you are dealing poison damage you take no damage from poison for 3 seconds.

    On April 1 only.
    You hear "Moo" or "Moo Moo" every few minutes.
    After hearing "Moo" or "Moo Moo" for 30 minutes the Cow King is summoned to fight by your side for 45 seconds.
    He cannot die and deals 15000% weapon damage per hit.
    On softcore the Cow King sometimes misses his target and accidently hits you.

    Summoned murderous cows are extra fast and absorb half of the melee and lightning damage dealt to you.

    Wave of Light has a chance to Charm enemies and cause them to join your side.
    You deal 35% extra damage against charmed elites.

    Doubles the range and damage of Poison Nova triggered by items. Enemies hit by Poison Nova also take 1800% weapon damage as poison over 10 seconds.

    Elite abilities are now blockable. The maximum block rate is raised to 85%.

    Breath of Heaven increases your cold damage by 30% for 15 seconds.

    Mantra of Retribution increases the life and resource generation of your allies by 10%.

    Cyclone Strike resource cost is reduced to zero when pulling in 3 or more enemies.

    Cyclone Strike damage is multiplied by the number of enemies pulled in.

    Doubles the range and duration of Blinding Flash.

    Wave of Light is now cast at every enemy within 20 yards.

    As long as Wave of Light hits multiple enemies its cost is halved.

    Every time your health drops below 50% life you gain 10% increased damage for 10 seconds. Max 3 stacks.

    Every time your health drops below 25% life you gain 25% increased damage for 10 seconds. Max 4 stacks.

    Sacrifice effect is also triggered each time you summon a Zombie Dog.
    Sacrifice effectiveness is doubled.

    Fetish shaman summoned by Hex last forever.
    Enemies hexed into chickens take double damage from lightning.

    Three fetish shamans are summoned by Hex instead of only one.

    When enemies hexed into chickens are killed they explode for 1800% weapon damage as fire.

    Your Gargantuan becomes indestructible.

    Gargantuan gains the ability to charge enemies dealing 1200% weapon damage as fire.

    Three Spider Queens accompany you.

    Enemies hit by Firebomb take 10% more damage from fire.

    Half of your dexterity is added to your strength.

    Half of your strength is added to your dexterity.

    If your health drops below 20% life you gain immunity to all damage sources for 15 seconds.
    This effect has a 300 seconds cooldown.

    Every enemy you move through increases your damage by 3% for 8 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times.

    Each missile you dodge or that passes through you harmlessly is transformed into a shield that absorbs a single hit from a melee attack.

    As long as you have Wrath of the Berserker active your life per kill is equal to your toughness.

    Every time a gem drops the same type of gem but a rank higher drops instead.

    Every time a legendary item drops it also drops for all of your party members.

    The primary stat bonus on rare items you have equipped is increased by 35%.

    The primary stat bonus on magic items you have equipped is increased by 50%.

    The resistance bonus on rare items you have equipped is increased by 25%.

    The legendary trade window duration is tripled. (Could be a legendary power on a unique charm similar to D2)

    Set Mighty Belt

    586-674 Armor

    +440-506 Strength
    +3 Random Magic Properties

    +2 Random Magic Properties

    * Breakable objects break in your presence.

    Armada's Panoply
    * Harness of Indomitable Triumphant
    * Stairway to Heaven
    (2) Set:
    * You may wield Stairway to Heaven in one hand but damage dealt is reduced by 20%.
    * Every time you earn a massacre bonus, you enter a berserker rage, gaining Attack Speed % equal to the number of enemies killed for 10 seconds. However, you take the same % in damage over time based on your maximum life for the duration of the effect.

    Set Mighty Two-Handed Mace

    (2639-2901-(3019-3397) Damage
    1.10 Attacks per Second

    +(1177-1439)-(1410-1788) Damage.
    +3 Random Magic Properties

    +2 Random Magic Properties

    * When hurt below 25% life, increase all damage against the enemy type who hurt you by 50% until no more enemies of that type is present or until the Barbarian reaches full life. Elites are considered an enemy type.

    Armada's Panoply
    * Harness of Indomitable Triumphant
    * Stairway to Heaven
    (2) Set:
    * You may wield Stairway to Heaven in one hand but damage dealt is reduced by 20%.
    * Every time you earn a massacre bonus, you enter a berserker rage, gaining Attack Speed % equal to the number of enemies killed for 10 seconds. However, you take the same % in damage over time based on your maximum life for the duration of the effect.

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