So. Flying Dragon.

Not even an hour after hitting 70 on my HCS monk i saw a Flying Dragon pop up. i was just happy to have one but wasnt expecting this.

After i find a gift this will be the strongest Flying Dragon in the world according to Diablo3ladder
perfect dmg almost.. not a perfect FD tho and definetly not perfect for HC.. gz tho i do wish i had one like that.. try not to die now..
Enjoy. Really. You won the lottery bro.
Enjoy not getting another piece of loot for the next 45 years.
I have one basically just the same - but what you forget is that you will need LOH or LPSS in order to make it useful. 4k+ dps is grand but damage without some survivability is pointless.
Gratz, a nice FD in T6, lower GR farming.

U need LPSS/LOH to make it work in higher GR tho.
Hate to break it to you...but without LoH or LPSS on that thing it will be pretty much unusable at higher grifts. Great for t6 farming though. I have slightly less damage on mine but a nice LPSS roll, so if given the choice I'd probably keep mine :p
Oh don't you all worry. I wanted to get 10% for the screen shot and ive since then re rolled it to lpss. It's around 750 now but I'd like 800+. Now to find an eye of peshkov and a decent sunwuko shines lol.
I thought my Tormentor rolled high.. but damn, nice sheet dps on that FD! ^_^
looked at diablo3ladder and the site is a joke.

best sunwuko gloves in the world [according to them] has gold find.

i rest my case

I agree. the site has odd weights for certain stats such as 50 CD and no secondary res would rate higher than 49 CD and a secondary res. As with weapons, 10% has a far greater weight than a max Lpss roll which is BS but D3ladder give a rough outline

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