[Suggestion] Legendary affix

With the new philosophy of recycling old legendaries and give them new unique legendary affixes, i thought of one which shall make "Arcane Orb - Arcane Orbit" more interesting.

The skills reads as:
Arcane Orbit
Create 4 Arcane Orbs that orbit you, exploding for 265% weapon damage as Arcane when enemies get close.

My idea is now to introduce the following affix:
Arcane orbs from arcane orbit now seek out enemies in 30y.

Preferably i would like this affix on a 2handed staff, since i like the idea of 'throwing' alot of small orbs at my foes.

Other opinions on this specific affix?
Seems kinda weak for a 2h. Maybe a hat or chest piece? Bracer?
I could see that on a ring or a belt rather, so it doesn't the weapon slot, but you can still combine it with the new set ?
How about:

All Arcane Orb runes now function like arcane orbit while maintaining their respective rune effects.

Imagine leaving a trail of fire behind you from scortch, or having a larger aoe and projectiles flying out from frozen, perma-conduit from spark, ect...
Why not just: Arcane Orb now has the effect of all runes?

You are surrounded by the arcane orbit,

the Orb you throw leaves a fire trail behind, zap everyone on the way and send shard of ice everywhere.

The explosion area just triggers all 3 type at the same time. Short radius fire, medium lightning and wide ice.

it's a 1 skill EE heaven lol
11/12/2014 11:07 AMPosted by Azliet
Why not just: Arcane Orb now has the effect of all runes?

Because every rune is fundamentally different from the other ones, and because it's ok to have a legendary items that gives a bonus other than "gain effect from all runes"
Yeah but damn would I play with that orb lol Especially with the new set.
I had an idea I'd throw down in this forum. The legendary affix could be a particular skill, or copycat skill (like marauder set) but it's essentially:

Casts skill on near by enemy within X yards

could be x% chance to cast or could be a random skill of 3-4 that may cast

Much like the many legendary powers is just gives a good potential to do double damage.
Why not.

Bonus: Whenever an arcane orb explode it will trigger wave of force with the same element type.

Maybe it willl be OP with Arcane Orbit and Moonlight amulet but it's a nice combo
I would like to see....

Chantado's Will- add affix "add 700%-1000% weapon damage to the maximum bonus damage of arcane torrent"

Chantado's Force- add affix "reduce the resource cost of arcane torrent by 20%-30%"

add set bonus- "arcane torrent can be cast while moving"
Or something like each subsequent orb hitting the same target increases the damage by 10%, up to a maximum of 10 times?

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