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Here's how the process will work:
We'll begin accepting submissions on Friday, November 7 at 7:00 a.m. PST (10:00 a.m. EST).
•At that time, you can submit your idea one of three ways:
•On the official Diablo III forums, in our dedicated thread.
•On Twitter, using the #LegendaryWorkshop hashtag.
•At the Community Corner, located between Halls B and C of the Anaheim Convention Center.
You will have until Saturday, November 8 at 11:00 a.m. PST (2:00 p.m. EST) to submit your ideas

Well, it doesn´t happen often that we get a chance to "proc" an officially supported create a legendary power project.

So, no matter how disappointed you may be with the game´s development, here´s your shot at making a change.

Feel free to copy-paste old ideas, create new, criticize others etc. and be sure to post them in the appropriate place when the time comes.

I´d like to highlight some blue comments regarding this legendary power creation posted below the blog entry:
...we will specifically be looking at Legendary item powers (and not the item type, how it may end up looking, or the particular stats it may end up rolling). Ideally, the item would be something that could benefit any of the character classes (depending how it's used).
Just to clarify, we'll only be considering Legendary powers, and not full items.
We're focusing on a Legendary item power specifically (most likely a ring, amulet or even a Legendary Gem), but you're welcome to submit a Set idea as well!
We haven't settled on an item type yet (as we're waiting to see what ideas we get from everyone). We were thinking of a ring, amulet, or even a new Legendary Gem, since these item types can be useful to any character class. No matter what type of item you come up with, though, we want to hear it. Especially if it's weird, wacky or crazy powerful. ;)

Looks like it´s going to be a single item that´s usable by multiple-classes. Seems like class-specific game changers will be ignored for the purpose of the Blizzcon project but it can´t hurt to mention some Barb-specific ideas, just in case devs will actually browse the suggestions and be open to outside ideas, which they can later implement.
Hehe I´m going to utilize this opportunity to ask you to be so kind and criticise the list I put together, to your heart´s content. I need some honest feedback to evaluate if and what stuff is just silly and not worth posting.

Note that not all of these are mine. Also note that I´ve "tried to" be smart and many of the powers were derived from our (Barb) needs and adjusted to be viable for multiple classes.


Add a socket to jewelry and belts.
Legendary gems can now be inserted into belts.
Implement a way that adds sockets to jewelry and belt, outside of enchanting (if not to all gear slots). Belts are an ideal candidate for the #4 legendary gem slot. By the way, all slots should be able to have sockets. There are enough gem drops for that.

Myriam´s Magical Bonboniere
Allows you to reroll a secondary stat on a single item into a random primary one.
Opens up room for even more amazing items. Yes, I intend to bribe the lady with chocolate. I may be totally wrong, but she seems susceptible to that.


Area Bomberman 52
  • Active: Gain an additonal 5% chance to trigger Area Damage.
    (+0.9% chance per rank)
  • Passive: Increase the Area Damage value granted by gear by 50%.
    (+2.0% per rank after 25)
  • This stat is currently overlooked on gear and pretty much only appears from paragon points. The passive effect thus only boosts the gear and Demon´s Hide set bonus values, not the paragon portion. The suggested scaling results in doubled chance to proc with a doubled value from gear at rank 50, which should be competitive. The name is a reference to Atomic Bomberman and B52 bombers.

    Always Angry Green Giant´s Reach
  • Active: Increase the area of effect of secondary skills by 20%. Single target skills gain a chance to affect a nearby enemy. (+0.6% per rank)
  • Passive:
    (a) Critical hits from secondary skills have a chance to generate 2% of maximum primary resource. (+0.12% per rank after 25)
    (b): Every subsequent secondary skill cast within 3 seconds has its resource cost reduced by 5%. (+0.2% per rank after 25)
  • An attempt to increase the viability of main resource spenders in endgame. Note that the effect can apply to a particular group of skills or all damage dealing skills.
    Explanation of passive effect (b): Timer starts after the initial cast of your skill and further casts within the time window stack more resource cost reduction. Second cast = baseline cost * 0.95, third cast = baseline cost * 0.95 * 0.95 etc. Stacks up to 10 times (0.95^10 = 0.5987).
    The name´s a reference to Bruce Banner (The Hulk) in the Avengers movie.


    Take action, not cooldowns!
    Gain a 50% damage bonus if you have 5 non-cooldown skills equipped.
    Waiting´s my style:
    Gain a 50% damage bonus if you have 5 cooldown skills equipped.
    What type of player are you?

    Mano a mano
    Melee attacks deal double their weapon damage if there are no enemies within 20 yards around the target.
    For manly men in RG encounters who aren´t afraid of close combat.

    Your channeling skills deal 10% more damage for every half second that you channel. Stacks up to 10 times.
    A separate multiplicative bonus to Whirlwind, Strafe, Rapid Fire, Ray of Frost, Disintegrate, Archon Disintegration Wave, Firebats and Tempest Rush.

    Skewed Scope
    The distance activation requirement of passive skills is reduced by 50%.
    This power significantly improves the uptime (efficiency) of a special group of distance-related passives:
    > Brawler, Determination, Audacity, Circle of Life, Grave Injustice and Physical Attunement would have their distance values divided by 0.5, which means the yard values are doubled. For example Brawler would activate with 3 enemies within 24 yards instead of 12 yards around you.
    > No Escape, Single Out, Steady Aim and Momentum would have their distance values multiplied by 0.5, which means the yard values are halved. For example Single Out´s bonus would apply to a target if there are no other enemies within 10 yards of the target instead of 20 yards.

    Gain a bonus based on your off-hand equipment:
  • 1-Handed Weapon: Triples the dual-wielding attack speed bonus.
  • Shield: Doubles the shield´s block chance.
  • Crusader Shield: 30% resource cost reduction.
  • Mojo: 20% cooldown reduction.
  • Orb: 30% to your highest elemental bonus.
  • Quiver: 25% bonus to resource generation.
  • Could also be called "Off-Hand Master"; inspired by Weapons Master, Archery, Heavenly Strength and Fervor. The individual bonuses are up for discussion.

    Speedy G Squeakers
    Increase the movement speed bonus from skills by 50% and gain a primary attribute bonus equal to 30% of your movement speed bonus.
    A reference to Speedy Gonzales, the fastest mouse of Mexico. By the way, remove the MS cap.

    Overcoming Disinterest
    Increase the potency of secondary item properties:
  • Ignores Durability Loss
  • Reduced Level Requirement
  • Thorns
  • Bonus Experience per Kill.
  • Attempting to improve the attractiveness and viability of the usually undesirable secondary stats.

    Ignores Durability Loss
    Armor slot:
    (a) Gain 5% damage reduction for every indestructible armor piece you equip.
    (b) Gain a 4% chance to completely withstand an attack for every indestructible armor piece you equip.
    (c) Ignores Durability Loss now also doubles the armor value of the item.
    Weapon slot: Increase the effect of a socketed gem by 50%.
    This affix implies armor that withstands blows without a scratch and a more durable armor evokes less incoming damage or withstanding a blow completely. The idea behind improved gems is that they do not get damaged and emanate their full power. Possible synergy with

    Reduced Level Requirement
    Armor slot: This item also grants a movement speed bonus equal to 1/5 of the level requirement reduction value.
    Weapon slot: This item also grants an attack speed increase bonus equal to 1/3 the level requirement reduction value.
    If a less powerful character can equip a piece of equipment, one logical cause could be that it weights less, which should translate to better mobility and swinging speed for the more powerful characters who are utilizing the same equipment.
    Explanation: The stat range is 2-30 levels. A max rolled item would grant 6% movement speed (armor) and 10% attack speed (weapon).

    Gain additional primary attribute equal to 5% of your Thorns damage.
    Let´s say you have 2000 Thorns damage on your shoulders, 3498 on your chest armor and 4000 from the Invoker 2 set bonus. The legendary power would grant your Crusader 9498/20 = 474.9 more Strength, which in turn boosts actual Thorns damage dealt to enemies. If needed, the legendary power could disable Thorns hurting monsters (the damage dealing portion) and only leave the stat increasing portion. Thorns would no longer be a running joke in the D3 item design.

    Bonus Experience per Kill
  • Armor slot: Killing or assisting in killing an enemy grants a Vitality, Life per Hit and Life per Resource Spent bonus equal to 2.5% of your armor´s bonus XP per kill value for 15 seconds.
  • Weapon slot: Killing or assisting in killing an elite enemy grants an elite damage bonus equal to 5% of your weapon´s bonus XP per kill value for 60 seconds.
  • Basically any temporary on kill bonus will do. At the very least, please add this bonus to base monster XP before the multipliers or it will stay useless.


  • Ground Stomp causes an Avalanche. (Mighty Belt)
  • Threatening Shout casts Avalanche at your location. (Chest Armor)
  • Seismic Slam has a chance to cast Avalanche at your cursor´s location. (Bracers)
  • Reasoning: Stomp shares its animation with Avalanche just like Leap with Earthquake, which means much easier coding. Both Stomp and Shout make sense as Ava-causes in the wilderness. Slam is missing ranged damage support.

    All effects would apply the runed Avalanche variant and be on cast procs, guaranteed on Stomp and Shout, with a lower chance on Slam because it has no cooldown. Avalanche is a solid leveling skill but its damage:cooldown ratio simply doesn´t cut it in endgame compared to a behemoth like LeapQuake.

    These items could form a set with a 25% cooldown bonus to Avalanche, Stomp and Shout to further improve its efficiency.

    Melee Overdrive Project
    Unlock all Rend, Whirlwind and Hammer of the Ancients runes and triple their weapon damage for 10 seconds upon encountering an elite enemy. Your character is stunned for 2.5 seconds afterwards.
    The recoil stun is unaffected by CC immunity and can only be lowered by CC reduction. There are various other recoil-like effects that could be applied like an armor or healing penalty.

    A hole in one
    Hammer of the Ancients attacks have a chance to pull in enemies from 24 yards away to the impact location.
    HotA´s biggest drawback is its small area of effect.

    Piercing Pin
    Ancient Spear critical hits cause Bloodbath. Bleeding enemies have a 10% increased chance to be critically hit.
    Ranged damage support.


    Thanks for reading.

    ( •_•)>⌐■-■

    Good luck and have fun.
    Seriously, you should be there to present these ideas in person. Maybe you could bring a resume while you were at it? :)
    6,145.14 miles air line distance.

    Maybe next year :)
    11/04/2014 01:58 PMPosted by Nubtro
    Take action, not cooldowns!
    Gain a 50% damage bonus if you have 5 non-cooldown skills equipped.

    Waiting´s my style:
    Gain a 50% damage bonus if you have 5 cooldown skills equipped.

    Sounds very interesting...
    11/04/2014 02:58 PMPosted by Linarian
    11/04/2014 01:58 PMPosted by Nubtro
    Take action, not cooldowns!
    Gain a 50% damage bonus if you have 5 non-cooldown skills equipped.

    Waiting´s my style:
    Gain a 50% damage bonus if you have 5 cooldown skills equipped.

    Sounds very interesting...

    Is it 50% dibs bonus, a seperate multiplier or does it act like %CotA damage and count as %elemental damage though?
    11/04/2014 02:16 PMPosted by Bryanw1995
    Seriously, you should be there to present these ideas in person. Maybe you could bring a resume while you were at it? :)

    Wyatt and Josh should just fly him to Cali, make him a Senior Associate Game Designer and be done with it.
    A legendary with +100% Revenge damage

    Not enough Revenge damage on my shoulders, I need more.
    I would like to suggest a six piece set idea that would work across all classes that would make cold skills viable.

    2 piece bonus: 500 main stat
    4 piece bonus: using a cold based skill doubles life per hit
    6 piece bonus: chance for frozen enemies to burst into a frozen mist mist dealing 2000% weapon damage per second for 3 seconds and slowing enemy movement speed by 60%

    The gear would be fairly easy to create from existing pieces in game.
    Gloves: magefist but cold
    Chest: cindercoat but cold
    Boots: ice climbers
    Pants, shoulders, helm follow normal gear conventions
    Legendary Gem: Melee's revenge
    Reduce damage dealt by enemies by 1% per greater rift level you are in.
    Level 25 bonus: Your templar follower can be in multiplayer games.
    Legendary 2 handed mighty weapon

    Secondary: Every time revenge gains a charge you cast overpower
    Secondary: Revenge gains the effects of the provoke rune.
    Lol quite funny names there Nubs. I would like that avalanche set but it's also going to be another cdr centric build so also on the fence about it.


    Amulet: x% chance to reduce your potion cooldown by 1 second on hit
    Warmonger: your skills have an x% chance to hit twice/cause double damage
    Gavel of judgement: bloodshed can now trigger procs (- -) proc rate should be decent to make this useful
    Standoff: chance on hit to summon an elite pack (against you).. For the lulz
    Mighty belt: gaining a revenge charge blocks 100% of the damage taken.

    Edit: i like the idea behind the speedy squekers but probably a simpler implementation would be to simply remove ms cap so you can have more than 24% + other item speed bonuses. That'll be insanely fast!
    Nubtro - those aforementioned items/affixes are interesting and fun. I'd like to see some of them come to fruition.
    ah Bacon.. That moment when Bloodshed procs Bloodshed procs Bloodshed :D

    even at (low? 5%) Warmonger would be really nice with that.

    and Standoff - the elite pack should be an enemy of everything, so you can have yourself a real fight, Mexican Standoff style :D

    Love Nubtro's list though, particularly "Overcoming Disinterest"
    Legendary 1 handed mighty weapon

    Secondary: Your fury costs are reduced by 50%. For each fury you spend you deal 25% weapon damage to yourself and foes within 10 yards.
    Hah! Bloodshed proccing bloodshed would be fun/OP.

    Hmm that standoff bonus would be better on an amulet actually. As long as it doesnt summon firechains, it will even help with RG :D (raekor)
    My philosophy - Something to go with the "Ancients" theme and single target dps.

    Wrath of Bull Kathos
    Ancient's cast Hammer of the Ancients on the nearest target every time you do.

    Judge Jury Executioner
    Hammer of the Ancients gains additional runes with each successive cast, gaining all 5 runes after the 5th cast. This effect is reset after 5 seconds from the latest cast.

    Blind Rage
    Using Hammer of the Ancients causes it to be used 10 additional times at the same area losing 10% damage each time.
    A few ideas:

    IK full set bonus
    + The ancients gain the effect of every rune
    + The ancients now heal you for an additional 15,000 life per second

    Legendary Gem of Diversity
    + Reduce the number of items needed for a set bonus by 1
    + (level 25) Increases the effect of gems by 15%

    Legendary Gem of Havoc
    + Increases the damage of melee skills from 25% to 50% based on how injured you are
    + (level 25) Throw all enemies around you like rag dolls dealing 1500% weapon damage as physical whenever you fall below 25% life

    Legendary Gem of the Elements
    + Whenever a weapon effect procs, gain 1% to 10% of your primary resource
    + (level 25) All proc effects now deal damage of the same type as the skill used to proc them

    Shoulders - Razor Blade Pauldrons
    + Increases the damage of a skill used on a single target by 300%

    Helm of Instant Sanity
    + Reduces the damage of elites by 25%
    + Increases the damage of non-elites by 25%

    Hammer of the Thunder God
    + Hammer of the Ancients now gains the effect of every rune
    + Whenever an enemy is killed by Hota, send them flying into a nearby enemy, exploding dealing an additional 700% weapon damage as lightning in a radius of 20 yards

    Stashalotti's Gift:
    When used, increases the number of shared stash folders by +1

    Okay these are not new.. :P

    Taeguk (change from 3 to 5 seconds)

    Bul-Kathos set
    + The sword proc will tick a number of times per second matched with your attack speed
    + The proc now benefits from the WW skill affix

    + Whenever an enemy is below 30% life, gain a 5% chance per hit to behead them, sending their head flying into the air and instantly killing them

    Istvan set
    + Enemies cut by the Istvan blades will bleed for an additional 300% weapon damage per second for 5 seconds, increasing with your attack speed
    + WW now gains the effect of every rune
    Few quick ideas for gems:

    -Decrease enemy damage by X % each time you are hit. Stacking Y times.
    - Each stack increases all damage by X %.

    - Increase the proc rate of your skills by X %.
    - Reduce the number of set items required by 1.

    - a) Chance on hit to ignite enemies in Hellfire, dealing xxxx % weapon damage as fire every second for 5 seconds. - b) Chance on hit to hurl a fireball through for xxxx % weapon damage.
    - a)Gain 3% attack speed for each burning enemy within 24 yards. - b) Increase fire damage by 50%

    - Critical hits chill enemies and deal xxxx % weapon damage every second for Y seconds.
    - Increase cold damage by 50%

    - Increase the damage of spender skills by xxx %.
    - Spenders now heal you for 4% of your maximum life per hit.

    - Critical hits now generate x % of primary resource.
    - Reduce resource costs by y %.
    No one is quite sure where Madawc is from, only that one day he walked out of the hills of Val Narian in the North, an axe in both hands, ready to battle. Those who were crazy enough to battle beside Madawc referred to him as the warrior prophet."

    He used to use Double Throw (now called Weapon Throw) and Shout (now referred to as War Cry), so I was thinking something like:

    Madawc's Prophecy (Set):
    Madawc's Deftness (1-handed Axe):
    Weapon Throw gains the effect of the Ricochet Rune

    Madawc's Vociferation (1-handed Might Weapon):
    Chance to cast War Cry when Weapon Throw hits a target

    Set Bonus:
    (2) Set:
    Weapon Throw now throws two weapons

    "Before every battle he would sit, trance like, staring up to the skies. Sometimes, when he would fall out of these trances, he would rise from wherever he was, and leave, not taking part in the waiting battle. Those that knew of Madawc’s trances began to believe he could tell the outcome of a battle even before it was fought. How else could the crazy old codger have survived for as long as he had? He became well known among the warriors of the Northern Lands because of his supposed gift. Men began to follow Madawc wherever he went, staying if he stayed, leaving when he left. He became something of a legend, a warrior prophet."


    "Weapon Throw gains the effect of the Ricochet Rune" :

    I picked this bonus because Ricochet is an appealing rune for it's function but isn't to interesting in itself. Overall it just seems to good pass up for a pure weapon throw spec, imo. Having it's affect inherently I feel opens up some options. It's also kind of suiting for a weapon throw master to be able to ricochet any weapon/rune.

    "Chance to cast War Cry when Weapon Throw hits a target" :

    This bonus is inspired by Madawc's use of Shout(War Cry); this would also boost weapon throw's fury regen capabilities by giving random bursts of 20 Fury and some bonus armor. Ideally, using War Cry on the skill bar would also interact with this proc by also applying the rune, this would make "War Cry - Charge" a little more enticing. It would also be cool if it worked with

    "Weapon Throw now throws two weapons" :

    This one is obvious, Madawc uses Double Throw tossing two weapons at once, so we should do the same. It would double the DPS output of weapon throw, but in more a interesting way than just "weapon throw deals 100% more damage". Throwing two weapons would also work well by doubling the amount of proc chances per click, it also makes good use of the prior two bonus affects I listed for the weapons. In regards to pathing, I think the first two axes should hit the same target, to help with single target dps, and then ricochet around.

    I guess this is more of a set, not a legendary D:

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