Greater Rift - Urshi Did not Spawn

Bug Report

I was doing a greater rift earlier, however I noticed some strange stuff and then when I killed the Guardian, Urshi didn't spawn.

Strange stuff:

Time was not displaying on the progress bar - Monsters I killed showed my progress, however the clock was not making any progress.
Rift Guardian spawn did not kill all remaining enemies.
Urshi did not spawn after I killed the Rift Guardian.
No loot drop after I killed the Rift Guardian.
Not sure if it matters, but the Greater Rift only had 2 levels - the end of the 2nd level has a portal to town.
Greater Rift is now, obviously. impossible to complete because I can't get my reward from Urshi.

This was on my Seasonal Crusader, Brienne.

Screenshots of the maps below:
Just happened to me...

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