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Been using the shotgun build. Love it but picked up the phalanx shield and furnace other day. Those who use sader. What is your favorite build? Most fun build?
i'll post my build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/crusader#aZYfQl!aSRW!YaaZYZ

the recommended gear is as follows: 5 akkhan pieces including socketed helm with diamond, captain crimson set for addition 10% cooldown, FoTF flail, Eberli Charo shield, RoRG.

the key is to get enough CDR so that you can instantly reuse heavens fury as soon as it goes away. you can punish and shield bash the enemies at the same time heavens fury is doing its damage. the lack of steed charge kinda sucks but with shield bash you can cover ground in a hury. also you can use whatever law you see fit (maybe even run steed charge instead of a law). i chose frozen in terror because it procs my haunt of vaxo. once i find a better immunity amulet i will probably switch it up.

feedback is appreciated. let me know if you see anywhere i can improve this build.
You could try Akarat's Steed build. I think that is what's next for my crusader.


This isn't my build but a guide I was looking at earlier.
Thanks guys
When you get legendary gems sufficiently leveled, almost anything can stomp through the game up to T6. For Grifts however, if you're trying to go high you pretty much have to run Stampede.

I have a pretty well geared Stampede setup that runs up to about 39, but for farming T6 these days I run pretty much whatever I can come up with. For instance today this is my setup:

Blessed Hammers - Burning Wrath
Condemn- Vacuum
Steed Charge - Endurance
Akarat's Champion - Firestarter
Falling Sword - Superheated
Laws of Valor - Critical

Blade of Prophecy
5 pc Akkhans (shoulders, boots, gloves, chest, pants)
Leoric's Helm
Strongarm Bracers (with holy %)
Witching Hour
Hellfire Amulet (with Holy Cause passive)
Ring of Royal Grandeur

Wreath of Lightning
Bane of the Trapped (procced by Vacuum)

It's in no way optimal but it's fun. The legendary gems do most of the work, and it steamrolls T6 in about 5-6 minutes depending on layout/density.
Do a zdps build, especially for higher greater rifts. You will feel like a champ knowing that without you everyone dies. Not to mention they buff the party by a significant margin.
I run a stampede build with a furnace and phalanx shield. I do GR35/36 with ease. Haven't taken it too much higher as I have other classes I enjoy playing.
Here's my build, which I call the Warpriest of Thor:


It uses a lot of Wrath, which synergizes well with the active of Laws of Hope/Faith's Reward. Boosting Wrath generation is advisable, as is cooldown reduction and boosting damage to lightning and holy skills.

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