Why is the new set a chest piece......

Demon Hunter
Because it would still suck even if you could add depth diggers to the mix :D

Edit: Honestly though, I'm excited to try it. Disappointed about it not being a cloak though.
It not being a cloak is dumb as !@#$.

3 new sets(Shadow, Marauder, this new one coming). None of them have a single DH specific slot.
New set probably getting nerfed before release anyways. Wouldn't worry too much about it for a while.
I think the other classes going through the same thing with their sets as well.

The character specific stuff is just basic slots. All of the sets take up the exact same slots as every other class.

Just going through the motions, and homogenizing the game. I hope everyone is seeing this. Set slots literally just copy and pasting. RoRG is robotic, can't get creative and mix and match, with slot allocation because the sets taking up the exact same slots. It's a Set Item game, yet restricted on what set is being used out of the new ones, forcing new sets to matchup with lesser sets, rigid.

Boring wear a set with a complementing legendary they give to you, no theory crafting involved. Vile Wards? Big bright arrow pointing to Raeker - no creativity and theorycraft.

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