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So far I have found a two-handed sword called Maximus that sometimes drags a chained demon to fight with me and a Bovine Axe and a great mace called Crushbane. All these weapons have a base damage of around 2300-2700 paper with bonuses.
I have around 30% crit bonus and 87% crit damage. Trying to get a socket but no luck. I can clear T3 but die occasionally.
I tried a search to see if there were better weapons out there. Typed in best flails and almost all of them were around the same damage range, which reinforced the idea that I need to get a socketed weapon with a high tier emerald in there.

I did see 2 weapons though that topped 3k paper damage. A two-handed sword called Scourge and I think an axe. These were around 3700-4200. Wondered if they were hacked or just very rare. Thanks.
I use a Maximus with my fists of heaven build. The fire chains on the Maximus when it procs is just insane. When I'm running bounties in T5 I can clear trash mobs just by dragging the chain through them.
Using the Furnace coupled with the Phalanx shield on my perma-akarats stampede build is just nutty, GR35-38 currently and it's a walk in the park!

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