Progression Chart for GR (complete?)

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Basically I'm working on creating a list of all the monsters in greater rifts, and determining the progression% they give each. This is my current incomplete list. If there are any monsters I didn't include (because I know there are a few), you should let me know (>^^)>

I currently have it in a google doc as an excel file, but was thinking if putting a picture next to each monster would help a lot to identify what they are. Not sure what's the best way go to about that.

Progression% Monster
0.00 Doombringer
0.01 Boggit
0.01 Imp
0.01 Scavanger
0.01 Shadow Vermin
0.02 Brood
0.02 Fallen Grunt
0.05 Accursed
0.05 Betrayed
0.05 Blood Moon Impaler
0.05 Caine Bones
0.05 Dark Vessel
0.05 Deranged Cultist
0.05 Fallen Maniac
0.05 Lacuni Huntress
0.05 Sand Wasp
0.05 Savage Fiend
0.05 Spitting Bones
0.05 Stygian Crawler
0.05 Stinging Wasp
0.05 Summoned Archer
0.08 Summoned Soldier

0.10 Dark Vessel
0.10 Ghostly Gravedigger
0.12 Corpse Worm
0.12 Returned
0.12 Returned Archer
0.12 Returned Shieldman
0.12 Revenous Dead
0.12 Skeletal Raider
0.15 Chilling Construct
0.15 Forgotten Shield Beaker
0.15 Grim Wrath
0.15 Smoldering Construct
0.20 Demon Raider
0.2 Enraged Phantom
0.20 Exarch
0.20 Foul Conjurer
0.20 Infernal Zombie
0.20 Revenant Archer
0.20 Sewer Serpent
0.20 Shadow of Death
0.20 Vile Revenant
0.20 Winged Assassin

0.25 Cuddle Bear
0.25 Dark Hellion
0.25 Darkmoth
0.25 Demonic Hellflyer
0.25 Ghostly Murderer
0.25 Hell Witch
0.25 Hungry Corpse
0.25 Lashing Creeper
0.25 Retching Cadaver (Minions count)
0.25 Revenant Soldier
0.25 Shrieking Terror
0.25 Subjugator
0.25 Summoned Shieldguy
0.25 Twinkleroot
0.25 Vile Temptress
0.25 Webspitter Spider
0.30 Anarch
0.30 Blood Moon Sorcerer
0.30 Corrupted Angel
0.30 Moon Clan Ghost
0.30 Moon Clan Warrior
0.30 Returned Executioner
0.30 Returned Summoner (Minions count)
0.30 Revenant Shield Guard
0.35 Armored Destroyer
0.35 Barbed Lurker
0.35 Blood Moon Mauler
0.35 Flesh Gorger
0.35 Voracious Zombie
0.37 Herald of Pestilence
0.37 Terror Demon
0.38 Anachnid Horror

0.40 Dark Blood Moon Shaman
0.40 Morlu Incinerator
0.40 Oppressor
0.40 Pink Rainbow Unicorn
0.40 Purple Rainbow Unicorn
0.5 Corpse Raiser
0.50 Bogan Trapper
0.50 Chuby Purple Unicorn
0.50 Dusk Eater
0.50 Exorcist
0.50 Fallen Hellhound
0.50 Ghostly Seraph
0.50 Groteque
0.50 Hulking Phasebeast
0.50 Lacuni Warrior
0.50 Vicious Mangler
0.6 Primordial Scavenger
0.60 Unholy Thrall
0.6 Toxic Lurker
0.65 Armaddon

0.75 Fallen Master
0.75 Plague Nest
0.75 Sand Dweller
0.87 Death Maiden (Minions don't count)
0.90 Tusk Bogan
0.95 Colossal Golgor
0.95 Demonic Tremor
1.25 Disentombed Hulk
1.25 Executioner
1.25 Horned Charger
1.25 Maggot Brood
1.25 Mallet Lord
1.25 Punisher
1.25 Savage Beast
1.25 Skeletal Beast
WOW nice

those wasps and imps are v hard to kill and yet give so little xp
Bookmarking... well played.
w0w awesome list tyty
that is awesome, thanks
What was your methodology for getting these values?
He probably kills them 1 by 1 and notes the amount of progression.
Turbohud detected, real pros count the pixels with a magnifying glass on the progression bar to determine the amount of progress stuff gives :>
I used turbohud since it shows progression by 0.1%. I kill the monster X number of times in a row, and take the average. Then I look at the average and take a guess and what the real value is :/
Nice work Nyan.

I like the picture idea.

nice, thanks
didnt think it went as low as 0.01 lol

Yup...don't waste ur time on those xD
Nice job.

11/16/2014 09:24 AMPosted by VocaloidNyan
0.35 Flesh Gorger
Great job! Thanks, Nayn.
I note something called "unburied" is missing.
Meanwhile, is their any database link their names and their images?
Great work as usual, Nyan! <(^^<)

Any chance you have the data on monster HP? You know this would make the data plain awesome, right? :)
11/18/2014 12:41 PMPosted by arctic
Great job! Thanks, Nayn.
I note something called "unburied" is missing.
Meanwhile, is their any database link their names and their images?
11/16/2014 09:24 AMPosted by VocaloidNyan
1.25 Disentombed Hulk
11/17/2014 08:10 AMPosted by VocaloidNyan
Yup...don't waste ur time on those xD

if only it were that easy!

unholy throlls that have morphed worth the same .6? thoughts on letting them morph on purpose? a group of 6-8 seems like good progression per hp
As far as I remember, progression is entirely based on the amount of xp a certain monster gives. So you really should just get the xp from each mob at the same difficulty what ever it is and compare it to all the other mobs as a %. Ive tried googling before but I couldnt find any xp chart for mobs in D3.

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