Mirror images VS Hydra

So I play the classic FB kiting build with the only differance that I use Mirror images instead of hydra, obviously that's a little less damage but I get the bonus of breaking all CC and mirror images proc strongarms.. I'm thinking of trying for leaderboards and would like to know if you feel I should do the switch to be more efficient or if my playstyle should be ok ?

Pro's and Con's:
-more DPS
-"scanning" rooms by casting trough a door
-easy to apply damage on slow mobs whiile kiting
-brings not much more then damage

Mirror images(duplicates):
-taunts 4 closest mobs on cast
-procs 100%dps efficacious toxin gem(not 10%)
-procs strongarm bracers
-more blazar is more CC

I understand it's often a question of preference but since I'm aiming to go higher in ladder I guess trying to play more "optimal" should be a consideration.

for reference my char cheet:
(if im wearing rorg+cinder instead of unity it's cause im on multiplayer at that moment)
hydra is a pretty nice chunk of damage your losing. Your HC, so its different from my playstyle, but if your taking MI instead of hydra for more dps than that is def a bad choice. If you are doing it because you need more survivability then maybe its ok.

Either way I think its a pretty significant dps loss, to the point you "may" even consider hydra over magic weapon.

side note: dominance is really useless in almost all greater rifts. your much better off with evoc
Thanks for the quick reply !! I never considered trying to drop force wep to reintegrate hydra, i didnt think it was that much damage, ill do a few runs to test that out. Yah like you said it's not for more DPS it's added CC and survivability. I wasnt able to run enough GR's/get similar rifts to make timed comparisions.

About Evoc > Dominance; I see everyone preferring that choice but I simply don't get how you do it?!! I treid doing the switch a few times but the result was constant panic and spamming of TP as i see my life bar take 10-15% from every single hit.. Is that normal to the playstyle and I should get used to it ? I feel like evoc is only useful to me on rift guardian for added DPS, maybe if i drop Mirror images ill feel it becomes more necessary, nontheless ill try it again thanks.
Mammoth: 400% WD per second and you can have 3 rivers stacked from 1 mammoth.
Thats 1200% per sec.

Double that if you use serpent, 2400% per sec on autoaim while you deal dmg using other spells. Thats a no brainer
for some reason i find serpent sucks compared to furnace, maybe it's just i got a bad serpent sparker or bad offhands but yah the differance is major.. So in the end i tried doing the switch to hydra and it's pretty good, gave me about 45 seconds per run mainly because of kill speed on RG, however I felt so much more unsafe but thats just getting used to i guess.
In a way for both blazing and mammoth, their edge are on single target. However, in single target elite, SK and Furnace are the kings, whereas on standard firebird, the skill design almost always favor 2H setup. So yes if you have furnace, serpent is out of the question.

But still hydra > MI, imo.
Sad to see you lost two wizards. GL with the new one :)

Drop Magic Weapon. Keep Hydra and Mirror Image. For Hardcore I highly recommend Black Hole: Event Horizon. If Black Hole is on cooldown and you need to clean up elite affixes your Mirror Images can cast it to bail you out.

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