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I just upgraded my World of Warcraft game to Warlords of Draneor Collectors edition. I can not seem to find the Extra stuff from that for Diablo 3 like it says it has. Any Ideas?
I am having the same issue and I have been patched since launch day.
I have not received the Warsong Pendant either.
Hi Guys,

Did you happen to check the in-game mail icon in the bottom-left corner of your screen? We don't automatically add items like the Warsong Pennant, Angelic Wings, etc. to characters inventories anymore. Instead we mail them.

Let me know if you've looked in your mailbox and still don't have anything. Thanks!
Nothing in mailbox. No WoD CE bonus on D3/SC2/HS for me.

And it's the case for some :
Hey Tsarnis,

I wanted to let you know that I had the same problem as the original poster. I resolved this issue by redeeming the Hearthstone card packs included with the Collector's Edition of Warlords of Draenor, immediately, I received the card back in Hearthstone. I then checked Diablo 3 and I had the Warsong Pennant mails on every character. I also checked StarCraft II and I now have the character portraits.

You might want to change the activation process, the Collector's Edition stuff should come from the Collector's Edition code, not the free Hearthstone packs included in the package.
Thanks for the reports everyone, I've directed this report the appropriate parties and we are looking into it.
I was having this exact same issue with missing the Warsong Pennant. But, like Salvatoré mentioned, redeeming the free Hearthstone card packs did the trick for me too and afterwards I had mail waiting when I logged into Diablo III with the pennant.
Same issue here - I submitted a ticket yesterday and still waiting for a reply.

I tried logging into SC2 and HS but didn't work either.

Has anyone got a fix from Blizz for this yet?
Finally got a response from Blizz today - they said to create a new character and it will re-pull the pennant.

In order to do this I had to delete an existing character to open up a character slot to create a new one. What a joke Blizz.

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