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I don't know what it is, but I hate the idea of this set giving Monks a decoy. I don't mean to get all RPG hardcore, but Monks embody the OPPOSITE of deception. They're all about truth and the spiritual realm.

In terms of lore, it really makes no sense that a Monk would use a decoy. That's more fitting for a Demon Hunter.

That's just how I feel....
Feedback: Manglemaw (RG)

Not sure what exactly you have changed with this boss, but he jumps around even more than before. Cannot see any improvements there for melee. While jumping around he is basically unattackable. His little dashes are good, they require reaction form the player, but those jumping phases are comparable to Orlash's disappearing phases.
hello nevalist,,, since the marauder set is already been change.. why not also include the rapid fire n strafe into the hatred spenders.. since they got no cooldown....
Hi, got some additions to level and mob feedback:

Map layouts and size, Keep layout specifically, but same goes for a5 ruins of corvus maps, this should never happen:

Generally I have noticed a trend that levels 1-3 are smaller and spawn the pylons, while the subsequent levels are bigger. I like that general idea, but unfortunately, it seems that was rather because of RNG than by intent, because that keep map from above I got as a lvl1. Maybe consider implementing this by design: pylons always on levels 1-3, those are medium sized, bigger maps can only come after.

Mob Types:

-Anarchs/Exarchs, as deadly as before, the trail they leave on the ground, plus the inherent ability to knockback still makes them very very deadly and for that they do not give enough xp, not even close.

-Big White Mobs in general: high HP, take very long to kill, do not give enough xp for that. And they sometimes spawn as the main mob type in big levels (especially armadons it seems), and imho big ones should never spawn as the main mob type.

-Little Swarmers: they seem to be not even worth the time to kill. I get that they need to give low xp otherwise their sheer numbers would make them really good for progression, but right now, they only cost you time.
Focused feedback - Crusader with Belt of the Trove and Full Rolands set is the most fun I've had on T6 and in pretty much any videogame ever, that is all.
Hello to all! I am hope the Diablo dev team will see it and will look into it in deep.

All questions been started but i believe the most important still not. Here there are:


Monk: The new changes and the old one are pretty same !@#$ and all players playing this class knew that. You can check your "rankings" and see that Monk is the end of the table. Why? Because it never does enough damage. Diablo Dev team please when you bring us a new items or a new style first check on greater rifts how far you can go. THIS IS YOUR MEASURE! I can't accept the fact that barb can run GR 50+ now and monk barely can reach 40. What a shame ! The "End game" end where solo player can reach on Greater Rifts.

Sunwuko Set:
2P: Casting Cyclone Strike, Exploding Palm, Lashing Tail Kick, Tempest Rush or Wave of Light causes a decoy to spawn that taunts nearby enemies and then explodes for 1000% weapon damage.
4P: Enemies hit by the decoy explosion take 2000% from your Cyclone Strike, Exploding Palm, Lashing Tail Kick, Tempest Rush or Wave of Light abilities for 5 seconds.

Other suggestion: You can bring a new set that is based on Epiphany such as ( Barb, DH, WD, Wizzard )
2P: Reduce all non-physical damage 25 %
4P: Increase damage of you active spirit spender by 50 %
6P: Reduce the cooldown of Epiphany by 40 %

Wave of Light - Cost: 60 Spirit
Focus a wave of light that crushes enemies for 1100% weapon damage as Holy.
Explosive Light - Release bursts of energy that deal 1200% weapon damage as Fire to nearby enemies.

Witch Doctor: All playing that class knew how reckless is that class. In fact we haven't any good pet build now. Instead you buff pets your make the opposite.

Jade set must be reworked:
2P: 20 % Life and 20 % reduce all physical damage
4P: Reduce cooldown of all skills by 15 %
6P: Soul Harvest consumes your damage over time effects on enemies, instantly dealing their remaining damage.

Zunimassa set:
2P: Reduce all damage taken by 20 %
4P: Attack speed of your pets and fetishes icreased by 25 %
5P: Increase the damage of you pets and fetishes by 100 %

Summon Zombie Dogs - Summon 3 Zombie Dogs from the depths to fight by your side. Each dog deals 80% of your weapon damage as Physical per hit.
Fetish Army - Summon an army of 6 dagger-wielding Fetishes to fight by your side for 25 seconds. The Fetishes attack for 340% of your weapon damage as Physical.

Stampede - Summon warhorses that deal 650% weapon damage and have a 30% chance to Stun enemies for 2 seconds.

Everyone playing this class knew how reckless is barb. His survival just missing. It's time to make "Wrath of the Berserker" gives you 100 or 150 % Armor (like Crusader). ALSO THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THAT BARB HAVEN'T ANY PASSIVE SUCH AS - Indestructible (crusader), Awareness (Demon Hunter), Unstable Anomaly (Wizzard)
Whirlwind - Cost: 10 Fury - Deliver multiple attacks to everything in your path for 540% weapon damage.
While whirlwinding, you move at 100% movement speed.

Nephalem Rifts
You must make Conduit the most rare pylon. Because we want to play the game based on our skills and items not on some stupid pylon! ! !
SWK set mechanics:

With the current implementation on PTR, there's an awkward gap of half a second before the monk's spenders start to do "full damage" against a new target. You have to wait for that decoy to explode before your attacks start to matter. I think having that unavoidable delay every time you move to a new group of enemies is a bad fit for the class whose core fantasy is speed.

There's a weird incentive to stick to attack speeds which work well with the decoy explosion timing (under 2 APS). It also isn't possible to hit all targets in range for full damage with Wave of Light: Explosive Light.

How about implementing the damage boost as a stacking buff on the player?

The 2 set bonus stays the same. The 4 set bonus changes to a structure like this - a player buff which ramps up like Sweeping Wind:

Your Cyclone Strike, Exploding Palm, Lashing Tail Kick, Tempest Rush, and Wave of Light abilities deal 100% more damage for 2 seconds after a decoy is spawned. This effect stacks up to 5 times.

(numbers can be tweaked here)

The hard gap is gone. Instead, there's an effect which ramps up and can be maintained as long as the player is able to move quickly enough to stay in combat (or uses Tempest Rush).

With this approach, it might make sense to include Dashing Strike in the ability list.

Tweaking the parameters here affects how the style plays out. Shortening the buff duration means the player has to get to the next enemy more quickly, so as the duration decreases there's more pressure to use abilities like epiphany and dashing strike. Increasing the stack count and lowering the damage boost per stack means allowing the buff to expire is more punishing. It costs more spirit and takes longer to stack back up as that boost is spread over a larger stack count.

Other options would be to just make it a permanent effect which doesn't rely on the clones at all, or to keep it as a buff but rid of the stacking and just have it jump to full as soon as the first clone spawns. Those are stronger and would probably need to have lower damage boosts to compensate. I think the stacking approach is a good compromise and has more interesting effects on the class design.
Man i'm really looking forward to these conquests. Gonna be a delight. Real fun.
here is my feedback,

first thing is that we need a higher difficulty than T6 (or upgrade t6).

SW set is clearely much more powerfull now.

With 2000% drop chance, some items never falled (for me) like the new gungdo bracer. Curious. Possible but Curious.

The tempest monk set 6 pieces bonnus is really bad compared with the sunwuko set 4 pieces bonnus. As a result, is becomes unseless

Global feedback : really funny but i don't know if it will be the same without the 2000% drop chances.
Been playing a Monk and a Crusader on PTR

feel like the monk set is definitely a good change but it's still not enough. Monks are only just barely keeping up with Crusaders in the PTR as of this change. Will have to hold off and see when the changes to Raiment set get put in cause I feel like that could be the better set but who knows.

Crusader needs something else. I am playing Condemn in season 2 and while my gear is still lacking, looking at the current highest crusaders, we're barely hitting 50 yet, while barbs are pushing past 60 and DH still sitting pretty in the 50 range. Fixing the Roland set to be a better set might be a good idea here and would be less effort on you guys than putting in more items/another set. The set has high dps but serious issues surviving in higher Grifts so perhaps looking at that might be necessary.
M6 project that you have in front of you is to get the player involved in the fight. I understand the thinking and somewhat agree with it. The upcoming changes of reducing the damage of the DH isn't necessary and you will be reducing the need a DH in a group.

1. Please look at the hatred spender mechanics as a lot of sets would have to be reworked. This is terribly frustrating to someone that has spent the time getting the sets right.

2. Bows have to be really looked at here. Kridershot is the only bow that I know of that generates hate. What about the people who have put in the time for a decent Etrayu, Buriza and Helltrapper?
Do you just kick these people a side and say oh well. I hope not!

3. The DH is nothing more than a Glass canon. When you want them to engage more it will mean they will die more. Dex Armor could use a boost here or the mechanics of 1/4 of the monsters with Re fleck damage needs to be re-worked.

Happy Holiday and goodluck getting this right with the community.
I hope you have enough hatred to keep up with the old M6, which you don't have to keep clicking and doesn't cost you any hatred. also the limit of number of sentries are reduced. it's a total nerf. Blizzard is making a barely playable game to unplayable.
The change to M6 suppose to make DH more active but this is actually what is going to happen. Instead of farming for TnT, everyone will farm Ancient Kridershot bow. DH still hide behind wall, Blizz just make us constantly pressing down my mouse.

You can change so that sentry auto shot spender as long as DH have a line of sight of the target. That will stop DH from hiding behind wall. But DH are made of paper, if we don't hide we get one shot. If blizz want us to stand and fight, buff up our defense.
focused feedback on 2 classes i played: wizard and demonhunter.

i put them both onto PTR grift board (wiz somewhere lower end, dh currently around 400), got them geared up allright.
but it's just sad, there's a world of difference.

my DH cleared solo grift 47 in ~11:30 (without conduit) and i feel i have a level or two spare.
my wiz i couldn't even clear 36; and i have a SS + good tasker gloves

it's just the damage output difference is atleast tenfold if not more. on DH@47 i killed elitepack (4 fat grotesques) in less than 3 seconds (engage notice to killed), without a pylon. on Wiz@35 it takes me at least 20 seconds to do similar. how the hell?

i really liked new DH gameplay, although it brings another issue into play: lower farming content. Unless someone wants a carry, nobody likes to follow me. Because i oneshot stuff on T6, even elitepack on 4 player party. Fight with Rift Guardian is 5 seconds maximum. A single shot of cold rockets with my 5 sentries up is 1,5-2 billion damage and spreads to additional 5 targets... it's scary.
It took me less than 1,5 minutes to bring down GR47 guardian and he had 110B life.

On the other end, we have a poor wizard. It's still fire all over and it's bugged as hell. DoT based attacks do not trigger firebird set bonus, nor does other damage trigger FB "duplication" ie first part of the 6p set bonus description doesn't work. Apart from hydras (and it's still mammoth rules the roost), it's just miserable.
hydras, btw, have another issues: serious system perfomance hit and screen clutter (stacks turn everything into solid white, so you cant see anything on the ground)

I had a blast with DH. I'd even say too much blast.
I had i miserable time with a wizard. Even a firebird fix (to work as current live) doesn't help it. It needs a serious redesign.
I would like to share my thought on these topics.

1. M6 set

Let's look at the new version in the upcoming PTR patch

2 Piece Bonus
Companion calls all companions to your side.
4 Piece Bonus
Sentries cast your Hatred spender when you do.
6 Piece Bonus
Your generators, Elemental Arrow, Chakram, Impale, Multishot, and Cluster Arrow deal 100% increased damage for every active Sentry.

Obviously, the extra 2 sentries offered by Bombadier's Rucksack give too much more power than any other off-hand quivers or hand crossbow (for dual-wield), which restricts the choice of off-hand and dual wield and result in LESS fun play.

Proposed change for 6-piece bonus

Each time a target is hit by your spike trap, caltrop, fan of knives, and sentry, your secondary and archery skills deal 100% more damage on that target for 10 seconds; this effect can stack for 5 times.

2. Monkey King' set

The new version in current PTR patch are in the right direction, but not smooth enough to use.

Proposed changes

A. shift "Cyclone Strikes" from "Focus" to "Techniques" and shift "Dashing Strike" from "Techniques" to "Focus".

B. 2-piece bonus could be something like "every time when you cast a skill in 'techniques', a decoy is spawn. It taunts nearby (e.g. 15 yards) enemies and then explode. Every enemy caught by the decoy explosion takes 15% more damage from all sources for 3 seconds."
4-piece bonus could be something like "Every enemy caught by the decoy explosion also make your secondary skills deal 50% more damage for 3 seconds."

IF there would be a 6-piece bonus, it may be like "Your mystic ally now cast the same secondary skill when you do"

3. Monster Distribution in Greater Rifts

The density increase is great, yet the monster type and combination are still so random that it is still the primary factor that determines the highest level of GR that you can achieve. I suggest the following changes.

A. Monster type and combination are always fixed for a specific map. For example, A1 map always spawn A1 monsters, and A2 maps always spwan A2 monsters, and so on. Instead of giving randomly monsters AND maps, only give random maps.

B. With the increase of difficulty of GR, the weight of A1 and A2 maps are decreased, while the weight of A3-5 maps are increased. (Note: I have seen the similar idea somewhere in the forum before) For example, GR 1-15, only A1 maps are given; GR 16-30, A1 and A2 each takes 50% weight; GR 31-40, A1-2, 15% each, A3 40%, A4-5, 15%; GR 41-50, no more A1-2 maps, A3 30%, A4 40%, A5 30%; GR 50+, no more A3 maps, A4 and A5 each takes 50% weight.

4. Rift Guardians

For range classes, not much to say. But the popularity of conduit Pylons does make it more difficult to estimate these changes.

In addition, the toxic gas released by "Gohm" just spread too far (more than 50 yards, I imagine). This is a disaster for range class. The jail cast by "Skeleton King" is a nightmare for all classes in high level GR.

Thanks for your attention.
Why is the legendary effect for Pox Faulds missing from the item on PTR?
11/27/2014 01:25 PMPosted by Zordonzig
Why is the legendary effect for Pox Faulds missing from the item on PTR?

Check the known issues.
11/27/2014 01:24 AMPosted by Explojoseph
I don't know what it is, but I hate the idea of this set giving Monks a decoy. I don't mean to get all RPG hardcore, but Monks embody the OPPOSITE of deception. They're all about truth and the spiritual realm.

In terms of lore, it really makes no sense that a Monk would use a decoy. That's more fitting for a Demon Hunter.

That's just how I feel....

I thought the same thing, then I realized they are more into cool references then a tight, polished game.

It's not just the decoy it's the taunting too. Give that smug junk to the wizard.

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