Is The Witching Hour a myth?

I am nearing 600 paragon level on seasonal. Almost 300 hours of play time on my wizard alone. I have lost track after 40,000 shards spent on belts alone. I have never seen a Witching Hour drop. I understand rng is rng ... But seriously? 600 paragon levels and I can't find this item? I feel as if my account is bugged. It's absolutely absurd that I spent 300 hours on 1 character and have not seen every item that class has to offer. There are many players who will never have 300 hours played or ever reach 600 paragon as they are casual players and they may or may not find all their classes items.... Common now. It's incredibly discouraging to think I may NEVER see this item in a season!? It's disheartening to know as an avid and dedicated player the only responses I have ever gotten on any thread is "RNG you may never see it you may get 10". Sad......
Here's the plan, get another 20k elite kills and spend every single shard during that time on belts and I'm pretty sure you'll get one. If you don't get one by that time, I'll run with you for a few nights until you get one.
what do u accomplish by creating a thread like this?

wahhhhhwahhhhh, 500 paragons, not a single WoH
wahhhhhhwahhhhh, 600 paragons, never seen a furnace.

wahhlalawahhhh, 200 paragons, still no +2 MB 6 months ago.
Nice gear, and good luck.
ckbrah, ladies an gentlemen.
Is The Witching Hour a myth?

Yes, it isn't.

Based on my whole 400-somethings paragons, 3 furnaces, 2 wohs and a single SoJ I can guarantee that they just drop for Demon Hunters.

Inexorable proof:
Some of us are unlucky with our acct.
When we first made our acct, it was assigned to certain "rng batch".
For me, I'm assigned to all the ugly useless maces and axes loot batch.
That's my rng.

Some lucky ones were assigned to WH, some of them were assigned to furnace, WoH, etc etc.

but you and I and many others have accounts from "bad rng batch".

and I believe it.

so either you get yourself another new account and start all over again or live with it.

but at least you know that you are not the only one.
11/18/2014 11:12 AMPosted by Melkor
ckbrah, ladies an gentlemen.
I want to complain at times, but I just have to stop myself before I go too far. Considering that the first wand drop I had at 70 was a Woh. I've also found Calamity, Winter Flurry, Ice Climbers, which are all considered among the ultra-rares. I've found 3 SoJ's now and 3 Unities. And when the season ends I'll be in the mid 400 paragon range, so I think that's decent for the amount of time played. I do have a level 60 Witching Hour that I found after 2.0 dropped so I guess I can add that to the list.
Why don't you pick up some of the ones I throw away. I get them with some frequency.

I have several SoJs, one Ice Climber, finally got second Unity, a handfull of sunkeepers. Ice Climber was preseason though. No furnace or Woh for me, along with a number of other items. Got my first countess julia last night. All in all I cant complain much, although I certainly will in other threads.
It exists. I found mine 2 days ago from a tier 27 rift guardian and that happened after having spent 40,000ish shards and gambling the worst WH you've ever seen. The RNG in this game is too random. You might get 10 of one thing and none of another and you can't trade those 10 things for the one you need/want.
11/18/2014 12:11 PMPosted by gudmugly
You might get 10 of one thing and none of another and you can't trade those 10 things for the one you need/want.
Good things comes to those that wait.

Got 4x furnaces after lots of time and shards spent.

Gave 2x Woh's away to virgin Woh owners with 600+ plvls (Nel / Lasers)

Feels better when it comes, and it usually does.
When PTR 2.1 went live, I found a Wand of Woh within the first hour.

I swear, if it happens again with some super rare item, I will shank one of you. Don't take it personally, I'll just be super mad.
i feel your pain, i mean i DO have a witching and good lacuni's but i cant get a SoJ or Unity or even a furnace for the life of me.... best of luck though!
After I got my Furnace at paragon 400 I decided I might as well try for a witching hour and got one 1000 shards later.

It's that easy.
its confirmed that it can only drop in a 1 hour window per day. however, that 1 hour window rotates randomly every 24 hours.
got 4, brimmed 2, 2 in active use

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