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How many hundreds of hours do you have to put into a game before it becomes acceptably re-playable? Play a different game for craps sake, there isn't any reason to try and turn one game into every other game.
For me end game is this: I want option to craft my own legendary set "IN GAME"

I made suggestion thread how it can be integrated into game if you wana check.
daily events would be nice
Some ideas:

Infernal Side: Game Mode


The basic idea would be to create a new game mode in which a player select a boss they want to play and the others must kill it. Ofc some things should be done to prevetn exploit but i think that with some work this idea mya work.

The fortress


A defend the castle kind of game. The players have a fortress and inside of it there is a building they must protect from the enemies. The fortress have walls and sentries that protect it but those can be destroyed and repaired.

Greater Infernal Machine

From: and

Would be the same progressive model of greater rifts but with the infernal machine. This new machine would also add more bosses and other kind of enemies to be defeated. As bosses we could have Mlthael and Diablo could spawn the other lords of hells (even the D2 ones) when lose life (instead of spawn the other infernal machine bosses like it happens in the normal one).

Greater Normal Rifts

I would like to see an option to play the normal rifts with the progressive system of the greater rifts. This rifts wouldnt have a time limit. At the end of the rift, the obelisk to exit it could give us the option to continue with an increased difficulty or exit. If the player select to continue then must play 1 fragment for each party member once again.
It appears many want an MMO and should go buy one. D3 is not an MMO , You will not get real time play like raids or Bg's in WoW or other mmos.

Most of the ideas above are really dumb. Hello, Waves of mobs , go play in one of the fields. There are endless things to kill in D3. I often wonder how many of these people have ever cleared every room in Westmarch.

Here is a viable idea, drop to a lower level and play without the great sets or play Hc. Steamrolling more mobs is really a sad idea.
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End game is impossible when characters and accounts accumulate power without setbacks or loss.

Seasons put everyone on a level playing field.

Seasons are not mandatory. But they are an example of a setback or start over. But if you still keep all the stuff, still there is no ultimate setback or loss.

Blizzard is so set on synchronous data and always online it seems to have not occurred to them to make seasons or leaderboards asynchronous. Player could declare a season at any time, get a reset season account to start over with a reset season "clock", and leaderboards would show season start time + x for range of season start times,

Some players have been asking for an account reset capability for a long time. I think Blizzard is afraid players would have remorse from using it, or that dastardly villains would find a way to cause it to occur for others.

Making paragon account wide instead of for the individual character hurts replayability, too. You can't even start a new character without inheriting power. It is a direct and pre-emptive cave to player entitlement. Power once given is hard to take away, witness all the nerf complaints about any change. Give power sparingly. Nerfing paragon by removing sharagon would help.

Having a balanced economy would help, but that requires items must be able to be lost or destroyed. By pre-emptively catering to the complaint crowd making it impossible to ever lose (except in HC mode) a balanced game economy has been made very difficult to achieve.

Frankly the same crowd complaining about end game seems to overlap greatly with the crowd that will accept no loss or setback, and chafes at any limitation, which overlaps with the crowd not understanding game economy and thinks we have none because of BoA and no AH.

When it comes to "end game", the only sane request is PvP. Not because of PvP itself, but because it represents expanded content. PvP is essentially 6 randomly appearing bosses of random skill levels. It is a pretty poor bit of content at that, but is dynamic. But honestly, once you climb that hill of paragon levels and gear, what is the point?

Get your one hand ready to clap, the best "end game" is no "end game".

Player power needs to scale infinitely, as does monster power. Yeah, that's been done. And players hated it because it eliminated a sense of progression. So you can't automatically tie the scales together. Brackets are needed, and letting the player advance brackets as needed. In our terms that is Torment levels. Torment levels should scale infinitely as well. That means either infinite Torment Levels, or better they are brackets relative to player power.

Since player power derives largely from items, items need to scale as well. Essentially the level cap on items needs to go away. Take advantage of that random generation and the ilvl in existing formulae.

Just some random thoughts, all needed more thought, but all related. And all stuff that is more suited to a new release rather than a patch. We're talking core stuff here.
Too lazy to read them all so sorry ahead of time if someone else mentioned this but i would and many others I'm sure would like to see some kind of rewards for everyone competing in seasons at the end of course , something like a cache bag for every 1000 achievement points , this would make it a little more appealing to everyone to play seasonal I think .
Also what about making a ladder for all yellow and all blue gear to again give more competition for those who can't seem to get the best legendaries and or the time needed to farm such .
I would love to see Diablo 1 and 2 in Diablo 3, but as that is probably a bit too much for them to put in perhaps at least part of Diablo 1 and 2 could be in the game. Fighting old bosses/doing old runs. I don't know how it should be done exactly, but it would be really cool to see some of those things in the new engine even if they aren't likely to do the entire campaigns.
Hi fellow players:

I will keep it simple :
I will put one idea if you like I will put the second and so on....

I would love to see a new game mode "Shadow Rifts"
This game Mode is for those who want an hardcore challenge, something that inspire respect and a sense of Epic achievement.

Only available for Paragon 500 and only in T6.
Rules like no item or power swapping like in greater rift applies
No item drops like Great rift.
Timed like great rifts
"Thorn" abilities doesn't work in Shadow Rifts
Potions only heal 40%
Regeneration reduced 40%

For players who dare enter in this rifts, they players should have the courage and accept that the Danger will be HUGE but the reward will be HUGE also . But what is needed to open this rifts ?
Players need to find 3 Shadow stones that would be placed in a completely random place in the world of sanctuary (same or in different acts, anywhere on the map). This would be a great way of players to go on a true quest, for the Stones of shadow. This stones would always be protected by powerful group of Guardians.
When they find this stones and defeat their guardians, they should bring the all to Mystic or Kadala to craft one shadow key. In this crafting will need to burn 100 level of Greater rifts Keys (100 level one or 4 level 25 i.e) + 100 Forgotten Souls + 500 blood shards, plus 3 Stones of Shadow and 3 million of gold or the same value in gems .
This Key inserted in the Nephalem obelisk will open a shadow rift.
This rifts should be extremely dangerous but the reward will be truly legendary...

Inside the Rift

1º- Visibility should be very hard ( earthquakes, black flames, shadow fogs, dark stormy winds, dark rain...), Characters could not stand still in the ground more than 2 sec, sliding slowly...

2º - No teleports to town or revive in town (this is a one way in chance), no map available on the top right , pure disorientation (see point 4)

3º - Dark traps. this traps are weaker surface spots that have 60% of collapsing if stepped.
(if the trap opens and player falls inside he dies looses and looses 3 segments in the experience bar if he use "revive at corps" that only be available 3 times. we would loose only 2 segments if raised by his team mates, ( they could only revive other player 3 times).
Fighting in this grounds should be deadly

4º - Shadow teleport Surges
Violent surges of Shadow Wormholes that could teleport player(s) to anywhere in the rift or even out.

5º - The vortex trap
inside the shadow rift, one of the dark traps is "specially deadly " ... the vortex trap. if a played falls inside its DOOM. not only he looses 3 segments of the experience bar, he also be teleported out of the rift and there is a 30% chance that one of the equipped items or weapons could be destroyed permanently (remaining only a forgotten soul if legendary etc... gems socketed are always destroyed .

6º - Monsters
Shadow Type monsters of the existing normal ones or maybe new ones, with new powers :
Attacks that could neutralize one of our powers (random) during a couple of seconds
immunity to one element (random).
The dark goblin, they attack in packs and beyond damage the steal gold, so must be killed fast so they stop the stealing ....

The rift guardian could always be same ...The Dark form of Diablo ( equal to the one that we fight in shadow realm) but this time really Dangerous ,is fighting in is home plane : Very Fast, teleports, dash movements, regeneration, life on hit, capability to neutralize 1 or 2 skills or passives during a couple of seconds .
Access to all powers of the game at will but with a shadow version of them. ( i.e Shadow Arcane, ( the value arcane resistance will be reduced in 50%, immunities like Countess Cameo will no longer work, heal reduced in 50%.,,, ),

Death in Shadow rift at the claws of Shadow Diablo
If player is killed by this boss he is immediate teleported out of the rift with the loss of 3 segment experience bar. ouch !!!! and might destroy one of our "beloved Items" Ouch again!!!"
3% chance to destroy a set item
5% chance to destroy a legendary item
15% chance to destroy a rare
30% chance to destroy a magic item
60% chance to destroy a normal item
Gems socketed in items have 90% of being destroyed.

When Shadow Diablo is killed the only thing that he will drops is the "Shadow Eye"

This will be the reward... what it does ... return it to Kadala, pay 5 million and see...

YOU could now choose ONE item that you want ... Ring X, or weapon Y.

I.e you could finally have that item that you want and never got it with drop, But you must identify the item the same way that you normally do .

Like it ?! Devs ??!! Thoughts ....
I really liked the idea of fighting off waves, have monsters try to make it into a town or keep and you need to defend it either solo or with a party. The higher wave you get the better the reward(s).
I'm definitely in the pro-PVP camp, though I think gear would need to be toned down and standardized. Abilities would of course also need to be rebalance and I think that's probably where the sticking point is for Blizzard. They really seem adverse to investing that kind of time into PVP for this game.

As a side note I think a lot could be done to improve the stuff that is already there.

- Revamp greater rifts to no longer so heavily favor ranged classes over melee classes.

- Add more events and improve rewards for succeeding against timers (those reward chests with nothing in them are depressing). Even if they don't start giving out legendaries in droves that they could at least give tons of gold and/or blood shards.

- Add special abilities to all legendaries that don't currently have any. This is a no-brainer to me. Vanilla legendaries suck outside of the elemental damage bonus ones.

- Balance gems better. Rubies on weapons need some serious love for instance. And legendary gems need a full rebalance.

- Make the whole Infernal Machine/Hellfire jewelry process more fun and more rewarding.

- A full balance pass for every class is needed. So many useless skills.

- Lower blood shard reward rates drastically but make all items purchased from Kadala always be legendaries. The tons of rares and uncommons are a pointless mess that serves no purpose.

Anyway, that's just some ideas off the top of my head.
Some Ideas:

-- MOBA-like mode where both teams are fighting off waves of monster

I remember someone else did post an idea like this .. and it always reminds me of HLWL in WC3 back in the days. Loads of fun to play .. and im pretty sure this could actualy work in d3 too .. thumbs up for you sir
PvP arena should be like Team Fortress
PvE arena should be like Tower Defence

Because it's two game mode modes works perfect in many games

ps: i like moba style too.
PvP - Arena, Hardcore Dueling to the death, cool game modes
Rift Races

Somehow incorporate these social ideas (game modes) to clan some how.
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This forum is one of my best sources of entertainment atm.

That's incredibly sad.
What about survival arenas?
Example - Tristram for 4 players, two entrance.
Zombies attacking the town.

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I would love to see Diablo 1 and 2 in Diablo 3, but as that is probably a bit too much for them to put in perhaps at least part of Diablo 1 and 2 could be in the game. Fighting old bosses/doing old runs. I don't know how it should be done exactly, but it would be really cool to see some of those things in the new engine even if they aren't likely to do the entire campaigns.

That is a great idea. Since some time ago i think it could be great if they implement D1 and D2 as expansions of D3. The campaign would be only for the old set of characters but in the exploration mode all would be able to play it.

Now, that would be hard and i think your idea is very good. They could implement it only in the exploration mode. With that they dont need to worry too much about the story or the old characters. Just add the old maps and let us play them.

For D1 would be easier, since the game is a lot shorter.

Diablo 1 as Diablo 3 Dungeon

It could work like a Rift with the progressive system of the Greater Rifts. But it wouldnt be part of the rift system. The entrance to this could be done in different ways: search for a key, build a device (like the infernal machine) or something else.

We have most of the Diablo 1 maps in Act 1. The Cathedral is alredy there, the Catacombs could be like the Halls of Agony (D3), the Caves and Hell would be harder to do but there are some stuffs that alredy are in game, over all for the caves.

They could also use most of the mobs and bosses we alredy have.

The Dungeon

Each level could have its own boss that spawn when we kill x amount of enemies of that level. When the boss is killed we can go to the next level, which will be more difficult than the previous one, using a system similar to the Greater Rifts.

Once we kill the final boss, we could get a key or something to access a new level of difficulty to repeat this adventure.

Diablo 1 wasnt that long and that is why it could be nice to implement it as a dungeon or something like that.
Open World Rift

I was reading this thread: and had this idea. What if they add some of the stuffs that make rifts good into the open map?

This is an idea in progress, i dont have all figured out yet but wanted to post it anyway. What if in the exploration mode the open world maps have a bar like there is in rifts? With something like that, when we kill x amount of enemies a boss would spawn and we could fight it. This could work very well with bounties. Ofc, this could end killing rifts but maybe it wouldnt if each end-game activity has its own good things, for example, rifts would give the key of trials and the open world bosses wouldnt.

New Treasure Goblins' Portal

I posted this idea here:

The idea is what if the new goblins they will implement open portals to other secret maps like The Vault? This maps could be related to what those goblins give.

For example, i was thinking the one that drop craft materials could open a portal to the Hell's Forge map, where we could fight "Hephasto the Armorer" (from Diablo 2).

All are welcome to post their ideas about where those portals could lead us.

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