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so just bought d3 on xb1 and since i had no gear and was rolling hardcore i set difficulty to normal (as the point is to survive). well it seems like it was super easy as i didn't even have to use potions.

went to my friends house, we started fresh on hard. he was barb and i was a witch doctor. he has never played the game and even he said it felt too easy.

fast forward back to my guy. Im on act 2, i change difficulty to hard. make it to act 4. in act 3 is where i finally start seeing my health dip a bit but goes back up quick because of my health per second. some points i stop attacking just to see and i could just sit there taking hits and i would regen.

i remember struggling on pc going up the ranks. should i be playing the game on expert the first run though? i know there is like 8 more difficulty levels. bit the whole point i started on normal was i had no base gear. but i guess hardcore is less fun with no red screens
The idea is to be able to switch difficulties as you go, to a level that suits you. Some people like easier so they can rush through monsters and maximize xp and loot, others like a bit of a challenge. You have from normal to master to pick, until you unlock torment levels.

In hardcore, you just gotta keep in mind that even if white monsters feel easy there will be tough moments where you face 2 or 3 elite packs at the same time.

If you feel your current level it's to easy, just step it up until you think you've over-reached, then take one step back down. That ought to do it.
Matheal or however you spell it blows on expert without level reduced 70 gear and higher tier gems on a run through with new char. We had to try twice on core. Left it on normal for hc.
master is quit hard but you cant play that difficulty until your level 60. once you done it with one class tho all difficulties are unlocked for any future classes from the very start. i played most of my barb hardcore run on hard an expert. expert i found i came closer to dying sometimes anything before that is really easy an no real challenge. but if you want at least a small challenge then play on expert.

imo the difficulty starts to ramp up on more master but mainly only if your levelling. you really can notice it once you get to that difficulty. once you get to level cap youl likely find you can easily do torment 1 or at least should be ok on it assuming you have some half decent gear. its the torment levels where it gets harder really.

its all about gear aswell. youl find if you dont upgrade or jus dont get anything good the game will become a lil harder but youl never really not find any new gear to equip so it never gets that hard. if you find some decent gear the game will become much easier especially if you can continue to find good gear until you finish or hit level cap. which is more likely to happen than you not finding anything worthwhile the game becomes too hard.
You will find in UEE that now monsters rank up with you so from Level 1 to 40 is very easy and most play on Master or Expert but as you progress through Act III, IV and especially V the monsters get a lot harder and you are going up the levels you will find you need to lower the difficulty again.

In my experience in Hardcore I started a Level 1 Monk and did Master until Level 40...then changed it down to Expert until 50 and when in Act IV I turned it down again to Hard.

The final Act V boss I did on Normal and was at Level 68 and I was real close to death.

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