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Hi all,

One thing I often thought would be useful and it may have been covered here already, is the ability to save character builds and load them as you'd see fit.

For example, on the right hand side item/character inspector you could simply "Save build as" then try loading a few other items and if you're unhappy, simply "Load build X" and it'd restore the items you were previously wearing. You could, perhaps, have up to 3 build slots per character - this would allow those who have different builds for rifts, grifts, trials and bounties to quickly change and utilize their carefully collected gear in a much more efficient way.

As I said, it may have been discussed here before - but I'm relatively new and thought it would be worth sharing.
I can see some usefulness in that. But, there could also be some issues:

What if you have several of the same item with different stats - there would have to be a way to distinguish the item desired. What if you rerolled an item? If the player no longer has one of the build items there needs to be an error message, it would not be fun to change a build and discover an item was missing and you got killed in HC because of it. If you have to check that every item is present or correct when switching it lessens the usefulness.

These don't seem difficult issues to overcome but I think these type feature addition requests get low priority.
I don't care as much for items as I do for skills. What if I want to instantly change from critical mass to firebird? What if I want to save a set of skills as is and then tweak it without having to remember what each skill was? Being able to quickly switch improves efficiency. It's not like it's going to make the game easier, but rather the gameplay. Some of us are still going to be switching mid run, so it's not like we'll be doing anything that gives us an advantage over enemies not already available to us - it simply means we spend more time playing than switching things around.
Yeah I agree, but more so for skills rather than items. Swapping out items isn't exactly difficult and its not hard to remember what you were wearing. Assigning specific skills on the other hand can be much more tedious.
This would be the wardrobe feature which has been mentioned before. Items aren't in stash, they are on a dummy and you equip by interacting with the dummy. I think it would be great, and alleviate some of the stash problems. Would be nice to have the dummy also store the skills used. Limit it to like 2 or so.
I like the idea personally. It could save skills and gear selection.

I do this already but.. am required to use a character slot for it. One character is the normal build.... another character is set for bounties... and one for (although changed at the moment) gold/exp farming with high goldfind on my gear.

some drawbacks to it (ie what about legendary gems if they are on another character. However it would be nice to at least load the gear that is in your stash/backpack to quickly swap gear.

I would only like the feature to be available while in town though. Keeps snapshotting down some while out and about killing monsters.
I was like "Awesome Idea!" then again I realized I could just make three more char of the same archetype. But I would love to see that switch-build feature go live though.

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