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Items and Crafting
The other day I went to the BS and asked him to salvage some things. One was a set piece that I didn't need. Haedrig said, 'Man oh man, I feel like such a BS BS if I am salvaging things I can't even make for you. That makes Haedrig a sad panda".

In seriousness - please reduce the RNG in this game. I have played countless hours on the xbox, pc, and now ps4 and still never seen several legendaries or even some set pieces drop. RNG to this extent just isn't fun for me sorry.

A solution would be to have all of the legendaries/sets also have corresponding plans that drop in the current fashion, just make it so the most rare of the legendaries and set pieces you craft have much steeper crafting material requirements.

For instance, Shard of Hate - never seen it drop. How about - I have the plan, and it requires 50 forgotten souls to make. It still has the RNG built into it for the rolls it gets on the craft, but guarantees that if I farm enough I can still craft it.

This improves and expands upon the current crafting (which needs some attention), and also gives players goals for their playtime, instead of RNG goals which amount to "maaaybe I will see something good drop today", why not, "if I play for another hour tonight I can get 10 more forgotten souls so only 5 more nights until I can craft my SoH!"

Which of those sounds more appealing and a more addicting playing philosophy to you as a player?


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