Could sombody pls unlock Bounties for me PS4?

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I've been trying to level my guy through the story but it is just too slow. Could somebody please unlock bounties for me? Any help would be amazing. Thanks!

PSN: Audioblack
Hopefully someone volunteers. There's been a lot of XB1 power level threads and responses but I haven't seen any PS4 responses. If you can't get anyone to respond, I'd say that your best bet is to drop the difficulty and just rush through as quickly as possible. Skip all cut scenes and 1 shot everything.
I can do that, if you still need help when I get home tonight.

If you see me online playing another game (most likely Dragon Age, lol) feel free to send a PSN message and I'll hop over.

PSN: javier-sn
add me gundamtropheus

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