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Instead of charging a sub for this game (which I would never do) they should instead follow everyone else and make a cash shop with micro transactions. Sell all kinds of things from xp/gold bonuses to cosmetics and pets. Would be nice to be able to use achievement points on buying things also. Maybe have the xp/gold bonuses be very rare drops so they can say look you don't have to actually buy stuff from us just play more. the first cash shop and imo the best ive seen is the one that turbine uses for the lord of the rings online. Blizz sells us crap they you know we'll all buy and use some of that money to add more content/hire more ppl to work on this game. Lots of coffee today so thought i'd write this up and see what peeps think.

Blizzard is the only company I know of that utilizes anti-money deflector shields.
Sounds like a great idea. But the game will end up being "pay to win".
12/02/2014 08:03 AMPosted by Zanzz
Sell all kinds of things from xp/gold bonuses

No, XP bonus = pay to win due to paragon stats.

12/02/2014 08:03 AMPosted by Zanzz
cosmetics and pets

This would be fine and some storage space would be awesome as well.

I know most don't agree with a cash shop in this game but they really do need a way to generate some funds. Once you buy the game and Xpac that's all the money they get. Dev's are people like us who work to get paid, if there is no more money coming in that means people get laid off or moved to another project. The more money that gets pumped into this game the more updates and patches we get. The games was designed around that stupid RMAH and now that that's gone they need another way to make some money for this game.
12/02/2014 08:15 AMPosted by OMGBBQLOL
Sounds like a great idea. But the game will end up being "pay to win".

well if they keep it to simple buffs and cosmetics, no gear/gems/lvls of any kind I would see no problem. I guess you can say well this guy buys all the xp and dmg bonuses so hes p2w, but I kinda don't see it like that since all the buffs will expire. Since theres no pvp in the game and as long as there no gear buying I def think it would be nice to buy a dps/xp/holy dmg potion for an hour :).

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