Firestarter mechanics?

Hey everyone,

is there any reliable source for firestarter mechanics? I can't figure out how the freaking thing works right now, and about everything I read in the guides (even those for 2.1) seems to be outdated.

For example, every guide tells me that shattered ground "stacks firestarter really fast", but it doesn't seem to stack more than once for me. Same goes for the FotH - Heaven's Tempest rune: The initial impact and the sparks seem to trigger Firestarter, but the tempest cloud does not seem to. (Which actually would be the main reason to use FotH-HT, wouldn't it?)

Now after I noticed that, I tried Hammers with Burning Wrath, but those don't seem to proc Firestarter consistently either.

Does Firestarter even stack at all anymore?

Thanks in advance for all helpful replies, since I'm really confused.
I've recently adopted a Firestarter(FS) build after testing around and it was pretty fun. Probably one of the best Crusader builds in terms of actually feeling like a crusader.

I do not know how Shattered Ground + FS worked before, but I just tested it and regardless of how it works (most likely doesn't), it only ticked for 3.5m maximum for me, not worth it at all.

As far as I can tell, Heaven's Tempest, Falling Sword - Superheated, and Steed Charge - Nightmare all build up FS stacks as evidenced by my DoT ticking and building up to 50-80m if they stand still long enough.

Steed Charge does not seem as good as Falling Sword and Heaven's Tempest for building up FS against smaller targets, but after using it on huge targets like Bosses/Rift Guardians, I've seen it do at least 2x 20-24m ticks. Without FS active, it seems to deal ~8-10m while spinning around in a small space. While it may not do the most damage against small targets, it's AoE and mobility still helps.

Falling Sword's Superheated gives me up to ~15m ticks with FS. Heaven's Tempest without FS ticks less than 500k while with FS, I've seen it consistently deal 7-12m ticks for one cast. With FotH spam on a stationary target, I've hit 64m ticks so they definitely stack.

I also use Heaven's Fury - Blessed ground along with to build up Firestarter and it works pretty nicely. Overall it seems like the skills I use are about equally efficient along with Firestarter.

I tried a 1H build with a 2264.5DPS Darklight and 58% proc chance and could get ~41m (my 2H is a Furnace with 50% more DMG and I tested these numbers on elites), and this also requires me to be close as possible while spending tons of Wrath. Firestarter doesn't seem to scale with fast attack speeds, but more attacks will still trigger more FS. If you want to use a 1H, I would not recommend damaging cooldown skills like Falling Sword to stack FS.
^ Precisely put. Superheated/Blessed Ground/Nightmare is what you need beside Heaven Tempest
Also, use either Resolved or Divine verdict to make sure Superheated lands on the target and that it stays.
SpongeBob or Bluee, could you guys recommend a good guide to Firestarter mechanics? Judging by this post, it looks like the current link in the sticky may be out of date or incomplete. I don't know much about Firestarter myself, so any advice would be appreciated.

Here's the old guide I was referring to:
I'm pretty new to Firestarter and haven't read or know any specific guides. I just use what seems good.
12/17/2014 07:24 PMPosted by WordMaster
SpongeBob or Bluee, could you guys recommend a good guide to Firestarter mechanics? Judging by this post, it looks like the current link in the sticky may be out of date or incomplete. I don't know much about Firestarter myself, so any advice would be appreciated.

Here's the old guide I was referring to:

Firestarter is normalized, no long crits
If something can proc Firestarter, it will proc the full amount (proc coefficient doesn't apply)
If a DOT procs Firestarter, every 1 second a new stack of Firestarter will be added. Maximum stack is 3 per source (each Firestarter stack lasts 3 seconds so the max stack is 3)
Assuming 2H build
Heaven Tempest's fiery storm CAN stack Firestarter, 3 stacks maximum per Heaven Tempest cast
Heaven Fury CAN stack Firestarter, 3 stacks maximum. Choice of rune does not matter.
Superheatted CAN stack Firestarter, 3 stacks maximum
Nightmare CAN stack Firestarter, 2 stacks maximum.
Shattered Ground CANNOT stack Firestarter
Most everything else can stack Firestarter, 1 stack per hit, 3 stacks maximum
Therefore, the ideal Fire build should look similar to this!dWaS!ZYaaZZ
Heaven's Fury doesn't need to be Ascendency, Judgment can be replaced by other support skill
Theoretically, you can get a soft cap of around 15 stacks of Firestarter at once.
EDIT: the number of horses per Stampede cast or number of avatars per unruned Phalanx cast does not matter. Doesnt matter if 1,2, 4, 6, or 8 projectiles hit a target at once. Only 1 stack per cast, up to 3 stack maximum
Same holds true for Holy Shotgun, 1 beam = 3 beam = 1 stack per cast. 3 stack maximum
Remember this is 1 APS numbers.
How does it stack with fast attack speed Blazing Sweep?
Depend on how many attack you can dish out in 3 seconds.
If you have 2 APS then you can a maximum of 6 stacks going at once
However it matters little as fast attack speed Sweep = no perma Firestarter
Akkhan sweep = slow attack speed
Akkhan 1 hand sweep = higher stack but lower damage per stack
Wow, this was actually SUPER-helpful. Thank you guys so much.

Especially the caps on stacks per cast explain why it seemed so off for me. I expected around 6 stacks per Heaven's Fist cast, especially combined with the other spells this should've worked a lot better then.

Now this really helps me out. Funnily enough I found a pretty good BoP and the condemn-shield about 30mins after I posted this, and right now run a condemn build. As soon as I manage to assemble a second Akkhan's set I will however build another Crusader with Firestarter again, since I really like the playstyle.

Certainly this will help others out, too.


HF does give you 6 stacks of FS but since they stack and fall off in sequence in 1s interval, max you can have at a time is 3.
Provoke - Charged up adds a stack to?

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