No low level players?

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I decided I wanted to roll a witch doctor today, so I created a new one in seasonal. Chose adventure mode and there were no public games in any difficulty
Chose story mode, same thing. Decided to make one in non seasonal. Same story.

Is d3 completely dead for sub70 public play?
People only level at the beginning of seasons. After that, you just get power leveled if you want another character at the cap. So yes, D3 is dead for sub-70 play.

If you don't want to play solo to level to 70, then get a friend to power level you.

If you don't have any friends and you don't want to solo to level 70, then don't make a new character.
There are not that many games for low levels because of the speed and mechanics involved:

1. Many people speed level to max with friends. Also some just solo level to 70 since it does not take too long.

2. When it comes to grouping via public games below 70, many stars must align to actually get one:

a. Low level people need to actually want to do a pub game. But many just do it solo, power level, or make their own groups via clans.
b. They need to be in the exact same game mode. For instance campaign is hard to get pub games because most do adventure for better everything.
c. The people waiting for pub game need to be the same level to get in. Even a small level difference will exclude people, and people plow through them rather fast regardless.
Only way you will ever see low level games again in D3
1) An expansion with a really good trailer
2) Blizzard bans all the bots and the bots have to re-level

Game not popular enough to have a rotating door of new players coming in, pretty much just a core player base (same people) that is constantly declining until injections of content come in via patch or expansion, there arent even that many players in high level games.
There really needs to be a reason for people to A: start new characters, and B: smell the flowers (take your time in the low levels)

the game doesn't really offer that right now.
12/14/2014 05:24 PMPosted by BobWitchDR
D3 is dead for sub-70 play.

Basically, I find a few people below 70 lvl but it's rare. I don't mind the solo play while leveling though.

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