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Was running rifts fine for a while. When I made a new game, there was a queue to enter, saying that there would be a 3 second wait. After a few minutes, I closed Diablo and tried to log back in, but it doesn't get past Retrieving Hero List. Anyone else having this problem?
same is happening to me. cant seem to find any info on it and i get an error code 73
I can log into the PTR just fine, but I keep getting error 3006 or something on Live.
I have the same issue as Zam, I get an error code 73.
Ditto that here. I've opened a ticket and made some popcorn: let's see how this plays out. Looks like every platform might be having trouble... We're looking into BNet login issues, folks. This is impacting all games at this time. Thank you for the reports.
Looks like I can't even go to my account management on Battlenet website either. So yeah, seems that something is going on with their whole system.
I also can not log in. Getting the "Error 73"....
add me to the "Error 73" list
Has anyone even gotten lucky and got to log in magically at all?
ya 73 is a code for a battle net log in not just D3... if you try any blizz game on b-net it will not work...
couldn't log in, it authenticated, then waited and timed out loading hero's (code 3006). After waiting 30 min I tried again, this time it says "problem loading game licences, Code 1".
knock knock...anyone home? Hellllloooooo

just another day to LOVE the game being tied to a server in another state with support that is no where to be found (sarc)
I love how my luck always runs.... I decided to play D3 again few days ago.. I beat act4 and had decided to go to walmart and buy Reaper of Souls... I get back and updated my account just to find out the game is down for unknown reasons.. Well all of BNet is down..
3 hours later still error code 73 :/
Lets make it 4 hours now
How come it has to be NA. Europe and Asia is just fine...
The NA region just released the Hearthstone expansion which is bogging down the login servers that support all the games. New WoD + HS = slow. They are working on it.
So if thats the issue.. Wont the 4million people trying to log into SC2 D3 and WoW make it worse?
WoW is up to 10million subs, HS is huge, add in SC2 and D3 and it can be a bit bogged down.
I said 4million because not everyone plays at once.. And from I see, if you were already logged in, there is no problem. So I guessed a number of how many people are playing each game at this time and cut that in ½ to the people who are already logged in... Each hour there will be more and more people trying to log in, so I expect it to get worse till it passes late enough that everyone is bedding down for the night....

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