why was I just locked out

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12/08/2014 01:17 PMPosted by Hyperion
Im !@#$ing tired of everything being online now days!!!! What ever happened to just being able to sit down and play a game without interruptions by DDOS or server issues.... its so annoying!

MS Solitaire is right there waiting for you. Why aren't you playing it?
12/08/2014 01:18 PMPosted by ghoulspawn
agreed, ud think the all mighty blizzard would be able to stop these attacks, but as always blizzard is like shut up and give me your money lol

You do realise that if this was a DDoS attack, they are not attacking the Blizzard servers. They are attacking a main Internet backbone.

You find a way to stop all DDoS attacks and you will be a very rich person.

You should be venting on the backbone that may or may not have been attacked.
Still error 73 after 3 hours,,,,, cant wait for Tuesday patch shutdown lol
I had 2 accounts logged in. One got booted one is still in..
want to play :(
This sucks, all I wanted to do after work was to level :(
12/08/2014 02:45 PMPosted by Øathbetrayer
Yeah my friend is playing right next to me, but I can't log on because of this 73 error.

Unplug his computer
me too. wtf

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