I think i'm done. I think I finally hit the wall...

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whereas in D3 they would do 0 damage.


...a monk walks into a T6 bar in the buff looking for a fight...


Yeah, I have to agree. There are classes in fantasy RPGs for which the fantasy is all about becoming intrinsically powerful, rather than building an arsenal of powerful items. Yes, monks and wizards still should feel like the game's reward system also rewards them, but they shouldn't be dependent on loot drops for 100% of their power. It just.... totally misses the point of why someone would fantasize about being a wizard, or of being a kung-fu bad@ss. The defining quality of monk classes in RPGs is that they're supposed to be dangerous even with no weapons or armour equipped; they not supposed to need them. Except in D3... they do. It's simpler to design, sure, but I can't help but feel like Blizzard missed an opportunity, here.

That said, I still love the idea of a monk RPG class, and I'm still curious to see if someone can get it right. For instance, it'll be interesting to see if Pillar of Eternity's take on the class works:
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01/16/2015 07:31 AMPosted by Sardonnicus
Builds are 100% dependent on specific items with good stats.

Uhhhh...yeah? I'd say 'Welcome to Diablo or any other ARPG ever made' but you're already quitting.

Uh....yeah??? I'd say good job on the reply but....the only diablo you seem to have played in D3. I played hundreds of hours of D1 and rhousands and thousands of hours of D2. In both games items have set affixes and the only thing that varies is the stat numbers or %. So...make surebyou know what your talking about before you post. Misinformation and not thinking things through are a large part of everything wrong with D3 and this world.
I had the exact same thing, hunting gear months after months after months with zero upgrades...so 1 day i wondered why am i playing a game without zero rewards? sure D3 was fun but if u are not rewarded fun becomes a shore and when D3 becomes a shore there is seriously wrong with the game.... this and many other problems made me quite every Blizzard game except the good oldies (u know the games from the real Blizzard?:) it did me really good! so i at least suggest a break 2 u!
D3 in a nutshell:

You will have fun while you grind your first equipment per class but once u reach the recommanded equipment for the characters you will want to play you'll see that there is not much to do.
At that point you can keep going rift in t6 to get a perfect equipment and go in Greater rift to test your equipment against stronger monsters and a time limit, but that's all..
There is no pvp, and it's basically reduced to farm the items you already have to get that stat higher of 10-20 points.
The recent introduction of ancient legendaries means that everyone is farming their entire equip back cos blizz raised the cap on the main stats and some off stats on the items tagged as antique by 30%.
For the moment, it lacks that something else that made diablo 2 such a fantastic game.

We need something that is always interesting and make sense to grind.
Once we had paragon level 100 to aim for, now paragons is close to meh as it gets.

Because let's face it. once you have your gear to the build you are running, the enjoyment is falling exponential.
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01/16/2015 11:45 AMPosted by MoonKnight
this is pretty much how loot games work... its always a grind for more and better gear. I hit walls all the time and just play something else than one day I will miss the grind and come back.
this is the whole nature of Diablo 3 and why in my opinion the slow grinding nature of it needs to be kept because this game sucks when you are at end point gear with max everything... than all you do is use that character to gear new characters... so you just repeat the process all over again.
either you like it or you dont or you hit a wall and need a break.

at the end point of your gear? try always playing HC and that opinion would change....just saying.

I've got nothing against hardcore. I'd love to try it, actually.

But have you experienced the servers over the past few weeks? No way in hell would I risk wasting hundreds of hours, only to die because of Blizzards horrible servers.
Meh...this is the kind of game you play sparingly and never recommend to your friends. Whether or not you'll make any progress is entirely determined by RNG.

I want offline. That is all.
L2take breaks my friend.

D3 is not meant to be played 10 hours a day 7 days a week for 2 + years. Its not an MMO, and doesn't have the depth of an MMO.

I play D3 in stints of 1-3 months, 1-3 hours per day 7 days a week. Thats enough time to get all the gear that I want...granted its not BiS and I dont have a magical 4k+ 2hander on any toon. But does it really matter?
01/16/2015 07:31 AMPosted by Sardonnicus
After 2 years, I think it's time.

Builds are 100% dependent on specific items with good stats. I am tired of useless items dropping. I am tired of items I don't need dropping. I am tried of when I do happen to get lucky and get an item I need, the stats are useless. I've found 2 ancient items so far... yay? No... both times the items had no main stat rendering them useless. It would not be an issue if items had more "built in" stats, but every items needs a certain 3 of 4 type of stats to be viable. main stat, CHD, CHC, CDR etc.

I am tired of the endless loot hunt with no rewards. I am tired of treading water with no advancement. I am tired of certain heroes being overlooked, or forced to into 1 endgame build.

While i'm ranting, lets look at the mystic. She can re-roll the values of 1 stat on an item. that means you have to be lucky enough to find an item where 3 or four other affixes are perfect. 99.9999% of all items found in this game have poor affix rolls. You want to have values on the stats??? Cool. Makes sense. But not when you are also trying to roll affixes. This is RNG on top of RNG on top of RNG... just for 1 item.

There are other games out there that let you re-roll ALL STATS on an item. There are games out there where all items have guaranteed affixes it's the values that changes.

Yeah, I know... you guys will probably say i'm a causal, but whatever. I don't expect anyone to actually read this. I don't play games to fit into a club or clique or group. I just play games to have fun, and i'm really having any more fun in D3.

Hey I fell your pain man but only 2 Ancients? Okay something is wrong here our we do not play the same. I play HC and get at least 30 legends or more a day.. that is in about 4-5 hours easy. I get a lot of ancient rolls but of course some are not what I need and some are.

My advice is don't give up. Always group with 4 people for more drops. Gamble shards for what you need a lot. RIFT RIFT RIFT and GRIFT. Also play Torment 4-6 if you can. There is a big big change in drop rate. If you are softcore. Throw Cains set on for fun and get some extra drops.

Don't give up man. If I can hit top 300 leaderboards on HC on a less than 40 hour Crusader you can find better gear. I used to think it was hard. They have made it much easier. Most important is find a guild and some friend and work together.

Good Luck friend!
I'm with the OP on this. Dev needs to come up with a better way.
People that complain about rerolling one stat should have played when you could reroll no stats and every item sucked, period. Every single thing that dropped was godawful and you had to get any gear you wanted off the AH. The stuff sold on the AH was found by someone, but I never got anything worth selling or knew anyone that did.

Every item is at least usable now. It might not be the best or the item you want, but it is usable and most likely even has your mainstat on it. Used to have to craft 10,000 RARE weapons to find one that had your mainstat and a socket and even decent damage. Now you can make an ancient legendary weapon very close to perfect in 10 crafts and a couple million gold worth of rerolls. You people are spoiled.
KILLING... all it matters you must do whatever it takes to enjoy smooth runs remember that EXP is everything.

ty for announcing you departure now gtfo
01/26/2015 08:32 PMPosted by cesmode
L2take breaks my friend.

D3 is not meant to be played 10 hours a day 7 days a week for 2 + years. Its not an MMO, and doesn't have the depth of an MMO.

I play D3 in stints of 1-3 months, 1-3 hours per day 7 days a week. Thats enough time to get all the gear that I want...granted its not BiS and I dont have a magical 4k+ 2hander on any toon. But does it really matter?

Exactly this.

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