Cluster Arrow item?

Demon Hunter
Love using Cluster Arrow, very expensive in the hatred department.

Even with Cindercoat, Pride's Fall (tried it out), and tons of resource cost reduction, you can't spam it for very long. Are there any items out there that reduce the cost even further? I know we have some quivers and Kridershot that turn our spenders into hatred generators, but is there anything specifically for cluster arrow? Might be too good to be true if there was.
Your missing cool down reduction to let you use bat and punishment timed out over time to maintain a feedback loop. Hence why I use gogok as my 3rd Gem dunno why people don't use cooldown reduction when it allows for more hatred through skills that have short cooldowns.
Check out my build. I haven't had much trouble and I just need to Evasive fire once to have another cluster normally. But Metatron is right. Change to bat companion and punishment and alternate between those two in emergencies.
With M6 (or M2 actually) it doesn't matter which rune you choose for companion. All runes are active at the same time.
You can use legacy SOJ and legacy Dead Man's Legacy each with -5 Cluster arrow hatred cost.

In T6 you can use both with Cindercoat and never run out of hatred casting CA

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