cow rift 2.1.2 cow princess and lord of bells. MOO!

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Hey guys this was my first time getting the secret cow rift thanks to my friend Avenged! This is just a short clip 5min long and I was recording with bandicam (sucks) it made me lag really bad. At one point I got frustrated so I stopped recording and got the ending clips from my boyfriend Stryker.
Thanks for watching!
Wow XD a whole 10 FPS?
Check out Fraps. Makes nice captures and doesn't completely kill a computer. Works best with multiple hard drives, so you can dedicate one to storing the capture.

Cost wasn't too high for the full version so you can record longer sessions.

Cool though and congrats. I have yet to see a cow rift. lol
Thanks DTMAce for the advice, Ill check that one out. I was very laggy :( but it was cool seeing something new!
01/18/2015 06:29 PMPosted by Haruna
Wow XD a whole 10 FPS?

lmao yes it was sucky!

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